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My friend Ganesha: Friendship with God

-By Swetha Amit
Loneliness often propels one to longingly seek a friend. Times like these often push us into a solitary stance or we find our solace in the road to spirituality striking an unspoken friendship with God.

My friend Ganesha is one such film which depicts this divine friendship between a child and the elephant faced God and takes you down the mythological lane.

The movie revolves around a family consisting of Ashu, his parents, aunt and the maid Gangubhai who places her sincere devotion in Lord Ganapathy. Ashu is a lonely child devoid of any friends and to top it all he is bullied by his counterparts at every given opportunity. To make matters worse, his parents who are caught up with the corporate lifestyles hardly spend time with him.

One day he ends up saving a little mouse from the harsh rains. On sharing this with the maid, leaves her enthralled enough to tell him of being the savior of Lord Ganesha’s ‘Mushakaraj’. On probing further Gangubhai narrates the enchanting mythological story behind this which brings the animated part of the film and portrays Ganesha to be the destroyer of any hurdles.

Ashu, recognizing a prospective friend immediately, asks Gangubhai if Ganesha would be one to which she replies’ saying his friendship is universal. Bringing him home would steer clear of any lurking problem in the air. This fascinates the young lad so much that he demands Ganapathy to be brought home only to be resisted by his father.

However the occurrence of an unpleasant turn in events impels the family to bring the lord home. Ashu finds a new friend who brings in eternal smiles. He not only wipes away the darkness of his solitude but also solves the issues prevailing in his household. Whether it is hurling his father from a false allegation; restoring his mothers lost job; saving his aunt from an unspeakable disgrace; to making himself a hero overnight, Ganesha ensures happiness Hamesha in the family who begin to realize his significance.

The time comes when Ashu has to bid farewell to his divine friend. With a heavy heart and overflowing tears he does his ‘visarjan’. He is promised to not only be revisited every year but also ensured of his friend’s omnipresence always with closed eyes.

My friend Ganesha is a sweet film which will appeal to kids and overall a wholesome family entertainer. It is also an attempt at constant improvisation of animation in Indian cinema. It portrays the zest and splendor with which Mumbai celebrates their favorite God’s 10 day festival of Ganesh Chathurthi.

In today’s scenario, children rarely get an opportunity to hear tales of mythology from elders due to the erratic nuclear family lifestyles. Films like these provide an opportunity to emphasize and communicate the divinely significance. It is sure to instill faith in us to believe in the supreme power above. It is amazing to note the miraculous changeover in things followed by just a simple belief and trust that we place in the Almighty.

Even when we are faced with isolation and feel the absence of people around us, it will make us realize the existence of the divinity who is our eternal friend, as the saying in Hindi goes’Jiska koi nahin uska Bhagwan hota hai’. It will certainly make one realize that when there is faith why have fear?
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