Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/11:A tribute

-By Swetha Amit
July 11, 2006, Mumbai: It was like any other normal evening bustling with a crowd of folks waiting to rush back home to their near and dear ones, especially after a tiring day at work. Little did they realize that the friendly train whistles would be followed by a fatal explosion that echoes like death bells even today?

Who would have thought that they may never return again only to leave sinking hearts behind along with the sinking sun? The prime time between 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm. was mercilessly targeted as the death zone. The series of blasts that occurred in Mumbai’s most sought after commutable transport flabbergasted millions.

Panic, commotion, running helter-skelter, helplessness, and shock accompanied the people. The smiling faces a little while ago were converted into a barely recognizable state of being as death ruthlessly tore them away. After 26/7,2005, this was yet another unpleasant addition to a terror- stricken day.

The sudden occurrence jolted the numerous forlorn faces. Grief, anguish, misery over the eternal loss of friends and family; anger; and rage towards the culprits; Mumbai experienced a whirl of emotions that dreadful evening.

Today marks one completed year since that unforgettable incident. The saying goes that time is the best healer. However no matter how many minutes tick away, nothing can compensate for the untimely, unfortunate loss of loved ones. Many have and still are nursing the psychological scars from this horrifying episode. While some are continuing their routine with an unspoken insecurity of danger lurking around anytime, there are others who remain no longer with us.

This is a tribute to those who have left us with heavy hearts behind and we pray that their souls rest in peace. This is a condolence to those families who have faced a justifiable amount of anguish and are pining away for their beloved.

Let us pray that humans do not get enticed away by man -made terrors and disasters, any further. Let us hope that one fine day, love replaces hatred and affection surpasses avengement. Anger and revenge are our own enemies. Only when we overcome these internal foes will it enable us to retain our near and dear ones until nature takes its own course.

Let’s also hope that day is not far off.
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