Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The blind no longer behind

-By Swetha Amit
With the growing trend of numerous job opportunities in various fields, it’s indeed pleasant to see its extension even to the visually challenged.

Apparently a call centre aptly named ‘Dhrishti’ has been set up for the blind in Mumbai by the NAB (National Association for the blind) and Tata Indicom. Such employees are reported to indulge in the usage of two telephone instruments. One which enables them to talk to the clients and another to get voice based data on the customers. The operation has proved to be sucessful, where such individuals are acclaimed to be as punctual and efficient in their performance, as a normal being.

It is indeed a delight to see this novel expedition in the BPO sector which hopefully should catch up in other fields as well.

It not only provides scope but also enables such people to forget and overcome their shortcomings. Wavering feelings of being inadequate and helpless as they are often labeled by others will prove otherwise. The mere feeling of being able to render useful services with the added advantage of gaining economic independence will elevate their levels of self confidence and boost their esteem even more.

It is a joyous change for these ‘special’ people who were either ridiculed as being burdens in their respective neighborhood or were looked down with pity. It’s wonderful to see the specialty of such beings coming to light and overshadowing their darkness filled lives with the noble and thoughtful gestures by companies.

Unfortunately, their ‘faultless deficiency’ of being blind/deaf/mute is hurled against them like pelting stones. Constant reminders by even their kith and kin cause an immense amount of grief and miseries making their hearts bleed as they reason out their purpose of living.

This occurs despite of the existence of famous gifted personalities like Helen Keller and the singer Stevie Wonder. They chose to concentrate on highlighting their inherent talents rather then being doomed in their shortcomings. Such visually challenged individuals are also known for their expertise in creative activities like weaving and pottery.

However its a stupendous change for such people to be considered as suitable candidates in call centers. Gone are the days when they were given a pitiable or scornful glance. Time has arrived when the supposedly ‘disabled’ are turning able, secure and worthy.

There is a saying which tells us never to undermine others’ capabilities. One might never realize their potential unless given a chance. In fact here is a call to corporates: Why not take a stance to provide ‘suitable’ opportunities for such people? After all, one may come to realize the potential of their ‘distinctive feature’ which will perhaps determine their exclusive contribution to the society and give them all a new lease of life.

With the increasing possibility of such opportunities, the day will dawn when the blind will not be far behind in competing with the other able-bodied individuals.

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Blogger ArunZulu said...

Thats a very good news not only for the blinds but an eye opener for other as well!

So you visited this place Swetha? or heard of it and probed it over newspaper/net?

8:56 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Hey came across it in mumbai mirror last week.This place apparently is in Worli in mumbai...and got inaugurated on may 14th.:)

9:42 PM  

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