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Happy Thanksgiving

Realizing the worth of everything I have today: Great life, good health, Amit- my best friend and life partner, loving parents, my dear dear friends who bring in a cheer into my life, my motivating gym instructors of course. Makes my life truly rocking! Appreciate it whole heartedly. Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless you all!


26/11: 2 yrs since that horrifying unforgettable massacre. In memory of all the NSG forces-the heroes who made Mumbai see daylight after 3 days of horror and terror!

Jai Hind!


Well..what ideally should have been achieved in Fitness Centres, had to be attained via desperate measures of a surgery. Reason: An obese person is mocked and stared at wherever they go in order to achieve their goal. If only people learn to look at themselves instead of others,the world would be a better place-->

Those Carefree days

Feel your childhood - I want 2 go back to d time when "innocence" was "natural", when "getting high" meant "on a swing", when "drinking" meant "rasna", when "dad" was d only "hero", when "love" was "mom's hug", when the only thing that could "hurt" were "bleeding knees" n when "goodbyes" only ...meant "till tomorrow". Life has changed a lot!

Those were the carefree days of our life.

My comments on an article

This is an article appearing in the Crest edition of Times of India. An interesting one which talks about how people travel to pursue a hobby. I have given my comments on Scuba Diving. Posting the link below.

Happy Diwali

Its that time of the year one can give in to their sweet tooth withut having to worry about the calories. Wishing all a very Happy Diwali!! Have a prsoperous year ahead!! God Bless!!


God's blessing may come as a surprise. And how much you receive Depends on how much your Heart can believe. May you be blessed beyond what you expect.... Happy Dhanteras to all!!