Saturday, March 17, 2012

Women's Marathon: Running for a cause

Last minute decisions at times gives one a satiated feeling of having done something worthwhile and making a difference to the society. Running the DNA Women's marathon last Sunday dated 11.3.12 was one such instance.
It was hardly a month since I ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Half marathon when my body was gradually recovering from the strenuous 21 km run. I had a few people coming up to me asking me if I was running in the Women's half marathon conducted by DNA. Not upto another 21 km stretch, I shrugged it off saying next year. However a chance browsing on the net made me learn of the other 2 categories in the marathon- the spirit run of 10 km and the fun run of 5 km. As I read about the causes asscociated, I was all geared up for the 10 km run.
Contacts did come in handy as my husband helped me to register for participation and my confirmation came within a couple of days. I had signed up to support Girl child education, being a counselor and a writer. I strongly believe that education is that tool which eradicates darkness and enables even a blind person to see the world through different perspectives.
Finally the D day arrived. The race was scheduled to begin around 7:30 and all the participants were asked to assemble 1 hour prior the race. The Sun had hardly come out when we reached Bandra Kurla complex. It was good to see a lot of women from all walks of life to come and run for a good cause. Housewives, working women, college goers, the young and old seem to form a bond that day. The day started with a few warm up sessions by Mickey Mehta-the renowned fitness Guru. After which we huddled at the starting line and the run commenced. I switched on my ipod and held a gatorade in one hand. I ran, hoping that my hard work and training dont go down the drain.
The spirit of running a marathon is something even words cannot describe. Running for a cause this time made it even special as somehow gave me the boost everytime my energy levels would drop low. My faithful companion-gatorade gave me a gentle push prodding silently that I could do it. The cheering crowd was another encouraging factor. Hearing and seeing them cheer for us seem to give me wings on my feet. On the way I saw a group marching in support of saving the girl child. The friendly waves and smiles keeps a runner jubilant and geared up throughout any run.
I soon reached the finish line and was asked to step aside stating my name and the cause I was supporting. To my surprise, I was told that I was 5th overall and had completed the run in 50 mins. I walked back to the grounds where my husband was waiting for me. He was thrilled and proud of my achievement. I saw down near the refreshment area and relaxed for a while. After freshning up, I took a picture with the banner, gave a short interview with Radio city and walked towards the stage. The crowd was eager to catch a glimpse of the celebrities who were present there. Deepika Padukone, Tara Sharma were amongst them.
After a while, we left. I was feeling the runners high, glad I could make a difference in a small way. It was a good initiative taken by DNA to support causes like Cervical cancer and public safety for women as well. The spirit of Mumbai that is often cited in the media can be undoubtedly seen here especially during such marathons. Hopefully next year we have more women coming together and making a difference!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy B'day Aamir

His down to earth stance elaborated that even Taare can be zameen par. He bowled the nation over by adopting a 'Lagaan'. He won several hearts which ensured that Dil ussi ko chahta hai.He emphasized the fact 'Jo Jeeta wohi sikhandar'.
Happy 48th B'day Mr. Aamir perfectionist Khan! May your films emerge as a box office winner always!


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Happy Holi

Rang Barse Bheege chunarwali rang barse! Happy Holi to all! Have a colourful day ahead!


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Aleph :A soul-searching journey

Reading a Paul Coelho book is always a welcome diversion because it takes
you away from mundane everyday things to an enlightening higher plane, says
Swetha Amit, who reviews his book Aleph
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: Rs 325
Classification: Fiction
What matters in life is the journey and
not the destination. The essence of this is captured in a vivid manner in Paulo
Coelho’s novel Aleph. Cited as one of his most personal works, Coelho takes the
readers on a transcendental journey.The protagonist, the author himself,
is faced with an unusual crisis of spiritual stagnation. An incomplete feeling
engulfs him, propelling him to seek guidance from his master referred to as ‘J’
in the book. J advises him to get hold of the Aleph which is a mystical space
and to make a commitment. Following his master’s instructions dutifully,
he embarks on a journey on the Trans-Siberian Express. He cruises through the
continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. During this journey, he meets a
woman named Hilal who he later discovers to be the love of his life in one of
his previous births. Conversations with her lead him further in the quest for a
deeper understanding of his self and soul. A series of events lead the
protagonist to redemption and inner peace. The book is written in
Coelho’s inimitable style and explores love, forgiveness and reincarnation.
Ardent fans who have enjoyed his previous works like ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Zahir’
would find this new narrative to be yet another enriching experience. Mystical
and engrossing, it enables one to discover the road to tranquillity and
salvation. Aleph is a read that will induce readers to believe in themselves and
look at life with a different perspective. This bestseller has rightly found its
place in leading bookstores and remains a top-seller.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

World Book Day

Books are our best friends, constant teachers and a window to the outside world. Reading enables one to meet different characters, gain a new perspective and revitalises ones mind. In honour of world book day today!


'The Artist': Silence is Golden afterall

Punch dialogues, song and dance sequences or shrilling drama are the usual ingredients of a movie that lingers in the viewer’s minds for a long period of time. It is of a rare occasion where a silent film manages to capture the hearts of millions. It takes immense talent to convey a lot through facial expressions alone. It deserves nothing less than a standing ovation if it has managed to sweep 5 Oscars to its credit. Michel Hazanavicius's film 'The Artist has exactly done that and more.

George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a successful silent movie star. On the eve of his premiere, he encounters a wide eyed fan namely Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo). She accidently drops her autograph book and Valentine graciously picks it up for her. The next day, she finds herself captured in photograph with the reigning star. As a struggling artist, Miller manages to catch the attention of Valentin and soon she becomes the next sensation with her trademark beauty spot drawn by George Valentin.

Two years later, the production house announces the end of silent films which Valentin dismisses as a passing phase. He attempts to produce his own silent film fails as he finds himself at the brink of bankruptcy. After auctioning his belongings, Valentin has only his faithful dog (Uggie) as his constant companion. Depression sets in as he sets fire to his film reels and almost falls prey to the flames. Uggie attracts help and Valentin is hospitalized and later helped by Miller.

Obliging to Miller's helping hand, Valentin soon finds himself casted in a musical with the former and the movie ends with a charming tap dance and the only 2 word dialogue.

The Artist boasts of brilliant direction, incredible performances and captures the emotions in a beautiful manner. A few scenes make the viewer’s lose their heart out to the film. The scene where Uggie runs for help is one such instance which dwells on the fact that Dogs are indeed man's most faithful companions. Jean Dujardin emphasizes the fact that silence speaks more than words could say. It’s a rarity to see such quality of films grace the movie halls. Possessing an old world charm of silence and black and white images, The Artist proves to be a must watch for those seeking something out of the ordinary.