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Men in Blues?

-By Swetha Amit

Bollywood merging with cricket seems to have an adverse rub off effect. The onscreen drama of hard ‘hitting’ ordeals and tears has sadly manifested itself on field. The IPL saga unfortunately seems to have had repercussions amongst the uni-colored team causing them to literally dwell in blues. While nothing can justify the ‘slap’ stick episode that occurred post a tensioned filled match, it certainly tends to make one ponder about the dire consequences that prevail due to this glamorous merger.

The unpleasant incident of Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth has sadly made the Indian team a laughing stock for the world. Especially when not so long ago they were on back slapping terms. The ‘historical’ antics of the two players can be traced back to the earlier matches where they were pitted against the Australians. While it has caused exasperation for the BCCI none can eliminate the possi…

‘Atonement’: A tale of redemption

-By Swetha Amit A quick flash of lightning can often lead to a downpour of events characterized with deception and also to the destruction of several lives. Sometimes it even robs one out of their clear insight to an extent leaving them blinded by their first impressions forever. Such blemished thoughts lead to the imprisonment of their souls by a painful past in turn enticing the present and future of those affected by their marred thinking.

The literary piece of ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEvan is the story of one such instance which takes the readers into the lives of an upper class English family and their journey into a quest which remained unfulfilled.

The book starts off with the thirteen year old Briony who is immersed in her word of words which is depicted in her play called ‘trials of Arabella’. Her quick mind which portrayed the talent of a young budding writer proved to be her own downfall. …

Don't go up in smoke

-By Swetha Amit"I will huff and puff till I blow your house down”. These lines of a popular fable: ‘Three little pigs” that was narrated to us during our childhood are still embedded in our minds.
Going back to the narrative, it was the weak foundation of the stack of hay and the sticks that led to the entry of the wolf into the lives of the first two pigs. Unlike its former counterparts, the third managed to pose a tough exterior of a bundle of bricks that marred the entry and instead its strong will power and shrewdness ultimately lead to the destruction of the vily villain.
What seems like a mere fairy tale surprisingly draws parallels to the lives of millions and a monster that people are battling against. Unable to weather storms and pose a strong exterior like those of the bricks, many have succumbed to certain vices and weaknesses. This has unfortunately led to the seepage of a mons…