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Render the royalty

-By Swetha Amit traces back to when man overthrew the monarchy rule to enjoy democracy.
History seems to be repeating itself with the same objective being extended into the fauna world.

It is no mystery to millions about the recent drastic reduction in the number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. According to the expert sources, the big cats have diminished by an alarming 50-60%.

So what is it that is leading to these elite creatures to becoming the most endangered species? There seems to be more to it than what meets the eye.

It appears that humans have been invaded by a new found demon in the form of commercialization. Business and money making through products made out of tigers' skin has expanded on a large scale. The quest for more has engulfed man into the web of greed, propelling him to increase his hunting expeditions of these royal species. Poaching, which started out as a m…

A WILD sadistic pleasure?

-By Swetha Amit Going wild seems to have different connotations. It appears that humans are attempting to seek pleasure from more than just rave parties and alcohol.

It is a shocking state to see the occurrence of numerous murders, shoot outs and bomb blasts that have almost eclipsed the feelings of compassion in humanity. It is even more appalling to see the sadistic tinge of humans going as far as to feed live creatures to please the royalty of the animal kingdom.

The news channels have covered a horrifying sight of such instances which portray the barbaric side of tourism. Apparently, a new scheme has been introduced to see the wilder side of the wild in order to attract a larger number of tourists. A bull was mercilessly let out of a van only to be preyed ruthlessly by ravenously hungry tigers. One could almost empathize with the otherwise strong bull to be put in a helpless and pitiable situ…

In pursuit of happiness

-By Swetha Amit Happiness: A simple word yet not so common in today’s scenario. The rarity of this psychological well being has emphasized its eternal quest for it. Several connotations have been attached to this term. So what is it that defines this magical state of being?

Humans attribute different meanings to 'happiness’. Some denote material comforts and wealth as factors contributing to immense satisfaction. Others go on to equate it to power, fame and affiliation. Despite achieving everything, one still tends to remain in melancholy. This depicts the strange aspect of human nature.

A further insight into this mysterious phenomenon brings to light the complexity of the cognitive aspect of individuals.

Is it because:
They have attached false notions to happiness?

Greed engulfs them into aspiring for more that they fail to realize the value of what they have?

A mere case of dependence on exter…

Marvels of a mom

-By Swetha Amit Mothers are those souls whose bond with us begins even before we grace our entry into the outside world. Entwined in the warmth of her delicate womb, marks the beginning of her never-ending nature of nurture.
These irreplaceable beings emerge from a protective demeanor and go on to become our friend, guide and philosopher carrying with them an unconditional bundle of love.
My mom is no different, yet she stands apart from the rest, emphasizing her inherent special stance. Reminiscence brings back the marvelous memoirs with mom whom I consider my best friend.
Being the only child, gave me the privilege of being her sole object of affection and attention. My restless nature and my continuous mischief often exasperated her. Yet, her continued portrayal of tolerance and patience on her sweet face would often make me feel like a little devil being smiled down upon by the goodness of a…

Maternal instincts

-By Swetha Amit The charming factor of motherhood lies in the fact of it not being restricted to the world of humans alone. It is universal. While people exhibit the motherly bond, one can certainly not ignore the maternal instincts prevalent largely in the animal kingdom.

It gives immense pleasure to see the different strokes for different folks and the same principle applied amongst these varied creatures.

Just like we shield our young ones from danger, the fauna species are no different. This special link exists; from the shrewd monkeys to the gracious royal family of the jungles. Even the flighty birds portray care and nurture as they run from pillar to post in search of food and building their cozy nests.

It starts from, the litter of puppies fighting amongst themselves to bask in their mothers love. Kittens lazily curl themselves with occasional playful jibes at one another to grab the mothe…

Kiss and Aid(s)

-By Swetha Amit It’s a pity how celebrities tend to hog the limelight for the wrong reasons even during the promotion of sensitive issues like AIDS awareness. The Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty incident is one such case .

Richard Gere’s unexpected peck has apparently ‘pecked’ the minds of many Indians, who were appalled by his ‘non-Indian’ act. The leggy beauty was taken aback by his gesture. However her repeated claims of being unaffected by the Hollywood Star’s act have fallen on deaf ears. Their enragement and unmistakable disapproval have resulted in continuous protests to the extent of burning effigies.

A vexed Shilpa has expressed her displeasure by her statement of the media blowing the trivial issue out of proportion. Even the repeated apologies of the gracious actor for unknowingly hurting the ‘Indian sentiments’ have chosen to be ignored.

Public displays of affection are still not accepted i…