Saturday, May 26, 2007

Render the royalty

-By Swetha Amit

Time traces back to when man overthrew the monarchy rule to enjoy democracy.
History seems to be repeating itself with the same objective being extended into the fauna world.

It is no mystery to millions about the recent drastic reduction in the number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. According to the expert sources, the big cats have diminished by an alarming 50-60%.

So what is it that is leading to these elite creatures to becoming the most endangered species? There seems to be more to it than what meets the eye.

It appears that humans have been invaded by a new found demon in the form of commercialization. Business and money making through products made out of tigers' skin has expanded on a large scale. The quest for more has engulfed man into the web of greed, propelling him to increase his hunting expeditions of these royal species. Poaching, which started out as a mere hobby in the olden days has gradually increased excessively and has resulted in becoming an obsession amongst mankind.

Life’s lesson teaches us the fact that anything taking a turn into the obsessive curve will result in a destructive disaster.

In this case poaching seems to have resulted in a tragic tale for the big cats. The lush green forest reserves have been invaded mercilessly by these scheming poachers hungry for more. It is sad to see the unwarranted attack on these magnificent creatures in their own homes. It makes one to ponder about the safety and security aspects in their abodes.

Is it fair to invade upon living beings which are content in their own worlds, only to fulfill our monetary needs? Especially when they are far from posing a threat or interference to us of any sort? Are they entering our homes to prey on us to satisfy their hunger pangs? It’s a different story altogether, if we retaliate to their attack on us.

Can we imagine ourselves relenting to continuous feeling of fear and terror? What if we were plundered ruthlessly to satisfy someone else’s greedy desires? Reminds one of Ghazni who came back again and again to loot. Will it not result in eliminating our peace of minds in our daily living? Why should we instill that uncomfortable feeling within them of living amidst constant insecurity and threat?

Why is man taking it in his rights to be the deciding authority of their existence? Do these creatures not have a right to live in peace as we do?

Similar occurrences of events in the human world are retaliated with protests. It’s unfortunate that the silent and suave tendency of the big cat is unable to stand up to the relentless plunder. Shouldn’t we act as spokespersons to these majestic cats and voice out their Stan against injustice done to them?

India shone with pride as it exhibited its evergreen wild habitats with a healthy population of wild life. But with the increasing rate of poaching, these creatures are gradually declining. Should man be held responsible for extinction of these species at a later date?

It is high time the philosophy of live and let live is installed in the minds of these individuals. It is important for the government and wild life conservationists to take serious measures to resolve this problem. It is essential that poaching should be eradicated and be dealt with severe acts of punishment. Steps to tighten security around the forest reserves and keeping a check on crime need to be implemented. It is high time that we as dutiful warriors bravely fight this battle instead of meekly surrendering to the enemy -the poachers.

Is it not our duty to protect our sub continent from being deprived of something that made the world proud? In other words, isn’t it high time we humbly bow and render to the royalty?

So let’s go ahead and save the tigers!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

A WILD sadistic pleasure?

-By Swetha Amit
Going wild seems to have different connotations. It appears that humans are attempting to seek pleasure from more than just rave parties and alcohol.

It is a shocking state to see the occurrence of numerous murders, shoot outs and bomb blasts that have almost eclipsed the feelings of compassion in humanity. It is even more appalling to see the sadistic tinge of humans going as far as to feed live creatures to please the royalty of the animal kingdom.

The news channels have covered a horrifying sight of such instances which portray the barbaric side of tourism. Apparently, a new scheme has been introduced to see the wilder side of the wild in order to attract a larger number of tourists. A bull was mercilessly let out of a van only to be preyed ruthlessly by ravenously hungry tigers. One could almost empathize with the otherwise strong bull to be put in a helpless and pitiable situation.

Imagine facing a group of ferocious enemies all by yourself without anyone coming to your aid? It almost draws parallels to the grim slaughter of Abimanyu in the "chakaravyu" of the Mahabharata war.

To make matters worse, all this is done to provide entertainment to a large crowd? Is it fair? Will they allow a man to be thrown amidst the beasts? Hue and cry would have followed such events. Are animals being taken advantage of, only because of their mute and voiceless demeanor?

It is a different story altogether when such fierce creatures hunt down other animals on their own in the wild forest habitats. But such deliberate acts of cruelty, done in order to increase revenue and amusement?

It makes one wonder the difference between human beings and the savage creatures. We, who are known for our sensitivity and kindness, have proved the world wrong. This horrendous incident is sure to enrage animal lovers across the world. It is high time that the government takes action against the brutal treatment meted out to these creatures. Such acts of cruelty certainly require handing out reprimanding punishments to those behind such Hannibal behaviour.

With terrorism, bomb blasts, plundering innocent lives, kidnappings and cold blooded murders; one ceases to wonder about the inexplicable goings on in the world. What is it that has led to such delinquent behaviour? At the rate of which such incidents are happening, is it depicting the diminishing levels of benevolence and humaneness?

In other words, is the sadistic wild pleasure of humans embarking the beginning of a gradual decline of the domesticated zone on planet earth?

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Friday, May 18, 2007

In pursuit of happiness

-By Swetha Amit
Happiness: A simple word yet not so common in today’s scenario. The rarity of this psychological well being has emphasized its eternal quest for it. Several connotations have been attached to this term. So what is it that defines this magical state of being?

Humans attribute different meanings to 'happiness’. Some denote material comforts and wealth as factors contributing to immense satisfaction. Others go on to equate it to power, fame and affiliation. Despite achieving everything, one still tends to remain in melancholy. This depicts the strange aspect of human nature.

A further insight into this mysterious phenomenon brings to light the complexity of the cognitive aspect of individuals.

Is it because:
They have attached false notions to happiness?

Greed engulfs them into aspiring for more that they fail to realize the value of what they have?

A mere case of dependence on external factors?

A lack of acknowledgement of this elated feeling?

Success due to fame and wealth can leave one feeling to yearn for more as they go on climbing the ladder to the top. Such individuals refuse to pay heed to their inner voice which states that there is more to life than these superficial elements. Eager to know the result of reaching above often leads to disappointment and the ironical twist in tale. What should have brought them joy has made them feel miserable. Was all this worth it?

There are some who live for others' opinions. Appreciative acceptance shown by society is what apparently determines their ecstatic existence. Lack of it portrays them as lifeless beings deprived of oxygen. It is high time to realize that dependence on other people does not determine our jubilant feeling.

At times people choose to reside in grief land, in spite of experiencing the reverse emotion. Such thrive on insecurity of their little castle crashing anytime. They fear that their new found joy will be enticed away leaving them to feel like a child whose toy has been grabbed mercilessly. This portrays the unwarranted retrospection about future unpleasant occurrences.

It is a fact that life is a bumpy roller coaster ride. Highs and lows draw parallels to the tides of the ocean waves. Is it fair to meekly surrender to downfalls without an assertive battle against these obstacles?

Happiness is something which is within us and in our hands. We choose our feelings and not let anyone or anything influence it. People, money, fame are temporary illusions which fade away like diminishing light. What remains is the continuous radiance within us, illuminating our minds to connect to our inner selves. We are the masters of our mind. We should steer it like buoyancy that anchors the ship through even a stormy weather. It should sail with determination on the waves instead of sinking in that pool of misery.

Focusing in the present is the key here. Being futuristic will deprive us out of happiness forever. If we are in an elevated phase, treasuring such moments is of utmost importance. Else we are forever saddled with unhappiness.

Hitting rock bottom is bound to be accompanied with anxiety and stress. However, we can still feel happy with the confidence of overcoming this hurdle in no time, and back to positivism.

The saying goes that “Our greatest glory lies in not never falling, but in rising every time we fall’. Therefore let us remain in eternal euphoria when we are hovering above as well as when we sink below. Let us rise with every fall. We are assured of surpassing any set back only to be faced with the merry colorful rainbow.

As a poet has said: "If winter comes can spring be far behind?"

This realization will indeed make our journey in pursuit to happiness easier.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Marvels of a mom

-By Swetha Amit
Mothers are those souls whose bond with us begins even before we grace our entry into the outside world. Entwined in the warmth of her delicate womb, marks the beginning of her never-ending nature of nurture.

These irreplaceable beings emerge from a protective demeanor and go on to become our friend, guide and philosopher carrying with them an unconditional bundle of love.
My mom is no different, yet she stands apart from the rest, emphasizing her inherent special stance. Reminiscence brings back the marvelous memoirs with mom whom I consider my best friend.

Being the only child, gave me the privilege of being her sole object of affection and attention. My restless nature and my continuous mischief often exasperated her. Yet, her continued portrayal of tolerance and patience on her sweet face would often make me feel like a little devil being smiled down upon by the goodness of an angel.

I recall the bawling experiences of my first encounters with the real world. It made me tremble at the thought of having to leave those protective arms and stand on my own feet. However the incentives of looking forward to her greeting me with the mouth watering cooked dishes motivated me slowly to emerge as an outgoing person.

From the word go, I was encouraged to read which made me strike a strong friendship with the world of words. Books and I became inseparable. This new found friendship was what kept me company, when my mom began to pursue her career. I did her proud with my consistent good performances.

As I grew in my academic stature and age, so did my relationship with mom. From a no nonsense disciplinarian who would frown upon my slackness in studies, she turned out to become more of a friend as realization dawned upon her that I was no longer her little girl anymore. Taking efforts to increase the comfort zones, assured me of the ease with which I could ask her anything under the sun without being met with any resistance on her part or any inhibitions or embarrassments for me.

Complications increased with age and stage, whether it was adjusting with people, relationships, or dealing with my insecurities. Yet her constant advices as an agony aunt would act as a coolant to my blazing temperament. My oscillating mood swings and tantrums would never wither her solid personality. She remained like a rock withstanding any adverse situation.

Taking her for granted I never realized her value until one incident. Her crucial operation made me stumble as I struggled to watch her go through pain and fight the battle. It was then I realized the submerged subconscious independent person I was due to her long working hours away from home. Admiring her for her grit, strength and determination I go on to emulate her.

Quitting her job later gave us the golden opportunity to spend quality time that we had lost out during those years. We discovered our common interests in movies, dining out and travel. Her fun loving nature and free spirit was no less than a young adult which made her more like my pal. The spiritual streak in her and admirable belief in God depicted the remarkable maturity in her. Her numerous teachings restored me into taking the holy pathway which marked the growth in me as a newer person.

She gave me the space and freedom to choose my future prospects. When I turn to her even today, she remains an ardent listener to my flurry of frustrations.

That unspoken understanding and inexplicable telepathy strengthened our bond even further despite residing in separate cities and will continue to do so eternally.

Portraying the perfect flexible parenting style, I look back with gratitude at her for standing by me as a needy friend, worst critic, and a spiritual teacher. Spending time with mom has taught me the simplicity of things with a complex tinge and to keep my head firmly on my shoulders at all times. It has imbibed the values in me which I look forward to proudly impart to my kith and kin in the future.

Many say that words can never truly denote the meaning of a mother. Some may dispute the concept of expressing the exhilarating factor of motherhood only on one particular day.

Yes, their specialty deserves dedication rightly not just on one day but every minute, hour of the day as the calendar ticks away the countless weeks and milestones. After all moms are the best aren’t they?
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Maternal instincts

-By Swetha Amit
The charming factor of motherhood lies in the fact of it not being restricted to the world of humans alone. It is universal. While people exhibit the motherly bond, one can certainly not ignore the maternal instincts prevalent largely in the animal kingdom.

It gives immense pleasure to see the different strokes for different folks and the same principle applied amongst these varied creatures.

Just like we shield our young ones from danger, the fauna species are no different. This special link exists; from the shrewd monkeys to the gracious royal family of the jungles. Even the flighty birds portray care and nurture as they run from pillar to post in search of food and building their cozy nests.

It starts from, the litter of puppies fighting amongst themselves to bask in their mothers love. Kittens lazily curl themselves with occasional playful jibes at one another to grab the mother cat’s attention. It gives one a pleasing sight to see an innocent wide eyed calf snuggle against the warmth of the gentle cow and struggling to find its feet on the new soil. A kid in any country side dutifully follows the goat in its daily routine. A colt being nuzzled by the mare and galloping by its side in an open field can delight any passer by.

This domesticated feeling even extends up to the wild abode of the forests. It is surprising to see the sensitive side of these untamed and seemingly ruthless specimens. The mighty elephant which appears relentless astounds one as it wails on seeing its young one in trouble. Similarly the manner in which the baby monkeys wrap themselves in their mother’s physique is an adorable sight. The beautiful eyed doe looks in pride at the little deer slowly opening its eyes to the colorful world.

The duck swims leading its little ducklings to master the art of swimming in the early stages itself. Even the owl which portrays a scowl on everyone chooses it to make it an exception with its children. She tenderly smiles as she watches her little ones emerge into adults on a hunting expedition for their food. The little squirrels and birds scurry about finding food for their eagerly waiting hungry ones back home.

It would amaze many to realize the sensitivity of a lioness tucked away deep inside beneath its ferocious and aggressive demeanor. She is known to be fiercely protective about her meek little cubs. The queen of the jungle certainly shows no hesitation in expressing her wrath against any danger to her kith and kin.

Her flamboyance surfaces as she flaunts her unmistakable affection on the young heirs to the throne. She tenderly grips her little ones steering them away from any threat, particularly in the form of mankind.It’s an irony to see the staunch state of motherhood playing a vital role. Humans protect their babies from the wild whom they perceive as danger. While the latter do the same viewing man as a threatening factor.

The animals and birds unlike the humans do not restrict their families to just one or two children but extend it to a large number. Elephants live in herds truly exhibiting the spirit of a clan. In their own manner, they impart the importance of sharing and living together as one big happy family.

Their affection is distributed equally to all and no favoritism is encouraged. This prevents sibling rivalry and any form of insecurity or jealousy creeping in the minds of their little ones! It depicts the admirable trait in them for inculcating the right values from an early age and the trend is continued forever.

Though these species are unable to converse any particular language, yet they have a unique manner of being a friend, philosopher and guide to their children. They have their own way of expressing emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger and ensure a protective stance for their little ones.

Words speak a lot but in the case of the fauna world, it’s the autocratic role of their maternal instinct which establishes their unmistakable motherhood demeanor. They display motherhood and weave their emotions into one bundle of eternal joy.

A big tribute to those mothers as well on this very special day!
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kiss and Aid(s)

-By Swetha Amit
It’s a pity how celebrities tend to hog the limelight for the wrong reasons even during the promotion of sensitive issues like AIDS awareness. The Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty incident is one such case .

Richard Gere’s unexpected peck has apparently ‘pecked’ the minds of many Indians, who were appalled by his ‘non-Indian’ act. The leggy beauty was taken aback by his gesture. However her repeated claims of being unaffected by the Hollywood Star’s act have fallen on deaf ears. Their enragement and unmistakable disapproval have resulted in continuous protests to the extent of burning effigies.

A vexed Shilpa has expressed her displeasure by her statement of the media blowing the trivial issue out of proportion. Even the repeated apologies of the gracious actor for unknowingly hurting the ‘Indian sentiments’ have chosen to be ignored.

Public displays of affection are still not accepted in our seemingly ‘conservative’ society. It is viewed as violating our culture and traditions. However when we still are willing to accept premarital sex, live-in relationships and infidelity prevailing in our society a kiss can be overlooked upon isn’t it? If such sexual overtones are frowned upon with such staunchness, where are these protests when several acts of rape are reported in the news? A case of selective storming? Or does it depict the hibernation of such souls during those cold brutal acts?

However, a new twist can be thought of to this episode. An illuminating reasoning could propel many to rationalize calmly without wrecking their nerves.

Perhaps, the distinguished Hollywood actor chose to resort to the unconventional method of how to unlearn something. AIDS is caused due to any unprotected physical act ,losing self control and giving way to instincts The ignorance of this has in turn precipitated millions to fall prey to this deadly disease.

There lies a possibility in Richard Gere displaying an ‘overstepping the boundaries’ act which can lead to dire consequences. Teaching people what not to do is also one method of making individuals to learn something.

The actor who is known to be passionate about AIDS awareness campaigns has indeed taken a different stance to convey this intense message. It’s a sad plight to realize people can turn a blind eye to the main theme. Perhaps the star presence made them ignore the main propaganda.

This ‘Kiss and Aid’ technique which ideally should have aided people in the right direction and applauded has instead been condemned with vehement gestures.

It makes one gape in amazement at the population contradicting themselves or defining acts that fall into the ‘Indian’ category. Its indeed surprising considering the number of couples that have been spotted locking lips either on the dance floors or coffee shops,parks, beaches and other public places. So are all these acceptable? It appears that confusion and indecisiveness has formed a mist clouding the conscience of ‘Indians’. In order to promote social causes, one needs to concentrate on the crux of the issue and not just the surface.

Instead of focusing on a serious problem prevailing and rapidly spreading in our country, one sadly chooses not to the ‘miss’ the ‘kiss’.
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