Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monsters in law

-By Swetha Amit
Time has metamorphised itself into a progressive stage in comparison to several years ago. However, it is sad to realize that this advancement has not yet progressed in certain sections of the society.

Dowry is one such issue that prevailed as a social evil and unfortunately continues to do so in several parts of the country even today. Despite the ‘Development’ that has supposedly taken place, it certainly has not extended into the narrow minds of people.

The recent incident of Pooja Chauhan in the conservative state of Gujarat has stirred a lot of commotion. Taking a bold stance, she just walked in her bare minimum on the streets protesting against the injustice towards her.

It must have been a horrifying sight for the onlookers to watch an unusually semi clad woman. Apparently her in laws have been harassing her for dowry on a continuous basis. Many may dispute this atrocity exhibited by her. However further introspection provides an insight into the distressed mental condition as a result of the repeated torment. Unable to withstand the psychological torture anymore, she was instigated to resort to an extreme desperate measure to gain justice.

There have been numerous instances of women being silent victims of harassment for dowry by their in laws. At times it has even resulted in the shocking plight of bride burning due to the non fulfillment of the greedy demands.
It makes one to ponder about such horrifying misdeeds which draw parallels to acts of terror. Isn’t this a form of fanaticism?

Imagine the helpless plight of the girl’s parents. They, who have struggled to make ends meet, humbly give away their daughter and are anxious to see her in safe hands. All they want is for her to be cared for and her eternal happiness. Is this all they get in return?

It is clearly a case where greed manifests itself by bringing out the devil in the person. The quest for more leads to such uncivilized behaviour. It is horrifying to find that education and modernization have failed to eradicate such incorrigible incidents in our society.
On one hand there are international terrors in the form of blasts and terrorizing the innocent, by masked faces. On the other, domestic terrors are on the rise only this time the faces are unmasked. Is it leading to a black out of humanity overall?

Undergoing physical, psychological and emotional agony especially by parent figures that are a personification of love and nurture, is just unbelievable. A new entrant should be made to feel like a queen and not as an unpaid servant who is probably treated a shade better. Why not look at her as an object of affection instead of as a means of monetary gains for the family? Forget the girl being a daughter- in- law, should any human being be inflicted by this merciless treatment?

Is it an arduous task for parents (in law) to shower abundant love as they would do so to their own daughter?

Should cases like Pooja Chauhan’s keep recurring time and again? Can’t all these vicious acts be eliminated?

In other words why can't parents-in-law become parents instead of terrifying monsters in law?
Written for www.msn.co.in

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Anonymous Zilan said...

You are right.In laws are a pain.Well written.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Well...at least in this case..they are monsters....I wouldnt exactly generalise.:)

12:35 PM  
Blogger Pushkar said...

well, this was lil one but well done. nice to know that u found my blog sensible. but one thing that strikes me, how come we have almost the similar signature names on our blog boss?

6:55 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Lol.Coincidence I guess.Or rather great minds think alike.:)

9:16 AM  

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