Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Machan-the perfect technology detox

The hustle bustle of the city life can tap your nerves to an extent that it makes one want to seek refuge in the hills. The Machan gave us a chance to exactly do that and much more.

Tucked away amidst the formidable western ghats in Lonavala-a remote hill station just 2 hours away from Mumbai, this tree house destination cropped up like a fresh morning dew out of a leaf. It was an interesting concept of being an eco friendly resort to an extent where electricity was generated from solar and wind power, the rooms were perched on tree tops supported with some sturdy ropes and completely cut off from technological evils like the television and  internet.

It was our first weekend getaway with our 9 month old daughter which was challenging yet fun. The little one seemed to enjoy herself from the word go. Right from the drive to The Machan, our stay and back to Mumbai, she seemed to bask in the spirit of adventure. The resort was child friendly, providing us with a separate cot for the infant and the necessary essentials.  It was spread over 25 acres and consisted of 13 rooms which included the forest cabins and the canopies. 

We reached there by late afternoon just post lunch. After being escorted to our rooms and settling down, we decided to explore a bit. The nature trail scheduled in the evening gave us an opportunity to do that as we walked into the woods enjoying the chilly winter breeze and the sunset. Our guide gave us some insights into the flora pertaining to that place. It lasted for about an hour after which we headed out to dinner.

The charm about the 3 buffet meals was the fact that it was served in 3 different places in the open air. While dinner was served with candle-lights, lunch was served deep into the woods and breakfast in a place which overlooked the forests and greenery. The menu comprised of Indian cuisine inclusive of both vegetarian and non vegetarian which was freshly prepared by the kitchen staff right from chopping the vegetables.

This hideaway also consisted of a spa facility which was to be booked in advance from your respective rooms. One could even avail of the room service which included a head, shoulder and a foot massage. Being in the lap of nature sans the constant fiddling of our smart phones, mail boxes and television sets, The Machan was the perfect technology detox.