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A grueling sun downer-The Kundalika river marathon experience

“It’s an evening marathon which means we don’t have to get up at wee hours in the morning feeling half droopy or sleep deprived” I said in all earnestness to convince my hubby Amit Sridharan to run the Kundalika River marathon. “Besides, it will be a novel experience and isn’t running all about the experience?” I persisted. It worked and we happily signed up for the event little realising what we will have in store during the race. This event was held at Kolad which is about 110 km from Mumbai, famous for river rafting and water sports. We decided to go and come back the same day since we were volunteering for the MRR run the next morning. We woke up at leisure on Saturday morning and after having an early lunch, we set off to pick up couple of our runner friends-Muffy Mufaddal Hararwala and Amit Kumar– on the way, who were also taking part in the race. The entire drive down was a fun filled one as we imagined the race to be like a war zone where Pakistan had occupied th…