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“Jab we met”: Journey with sizzling chemistry

-By Swetha Amit Two strangers who couldn’t be more different from one another; an unexpected stumble; a train journey; cupid’s strike: such ingredients are not new for a Bollywood theme. In spite of its run on the mill components, 'Jab we met' depicts certain freshness and promises its viewers with a surety of fun on the run.
The film starts with a forlorn expression portrayed on Aditya Kashyap’s (Shahid Kapur) face, who is a rich industrialist nursing his wounds from a broken relationship and a troubled past. Little does he realize that a chance encounter with a stranger on a train would change his life forever? Geet (Kareena Kapoor) is a typical loud Punjabi girl who is on a mission to find her true love Anshuman. Chatting away to glory the effervescent Geet tries her level best to engage the surly Aditya into a conversation but in vain. The latter's initial feelings of annoyance …

Entwined in a grapevine

-By Swetha Amit,October 17th,2007

There are very few places in India that can boast of having vineyards in their backyards and Nashik is one amongst them. Nashik has the prestige of being one of India's biggest grape wine producers and hence has acquired a new nom de guerre — the grape city.
Tucked away within 5-6 km from the city is the popular brand of 'Sula Wines' with vineyards spread over 335-acre land. We transported ourselves to this serene place situated on Gangapur road by a local cab. A 45-minute drive gave us a preview of the oddly shaped hills and the picturesque beauty of nature on either side of the long winding roads.
Reaching this lavish locale during dusk, we couldn't help but gaze in admiration at the bountiful spread of lush green vines entwined in a unique fashion. The exquisite beauty of these evergreen contours was highlighted during twilight in the soft rays of the sinking sun. We also g…

Strawberries and more.....

-By Swetha Amit,October 17th,2007

In today's busy lives we all need a break to rejuvenate ourselves and relinquish the worries that haunt us. Mahabaleshwar is one such place that helps us rekindle our spirits. Nestled amidst the heights of the Sahyadri mountains, Mahabaleshwar is just a 5-6 hour drive from Mumbai via Pune and Panchgani. The enthralling beauty of the hill ranges and grasslands with rings of fog circling its mountaintops is a treat to ones eye. This picturesque locale also offers exciting trekking expeditions along with various points that provide a breath-taking view. However the most attractive spot that caught our already enchanted eye was the sight of fresh red strawberries bathing in the morning sun.
Mahabaleshwar has long been synonymous with strawberries. And that was the sole reason for us to set out in search of a strawberry farm. With the guidance from the locals there, we reached Archies'…

Victory over evil

-By Swetha Amit Celebrations have always generated tremendous zest and vivacious energy amongst many. This is especially with regard to festive season that briskly brings about a fervent touch in the air. Whether it is Ganesh Utsav or Gokulashtmi, all festivals are celebrated with a welcoming smile and an inherent sparkle in our eyes.
Grand preparations are gradually beginning as one gets ready for the upcoming nine nights and ten day festival called ‘Dusshera’ or ‘Navarathri’. This is celebrated with equal pomp and splendor throughout India though in their own special, unique way.
Down South, idols of Gods and Goddesses are kept on steps and are decorated with lights and a colorful rangoli beneath them. Sometimes themes are used such as the ten avatars of Vishnu or Krishna’s playful days in Vrindavan. Or episodes from the Ramayana or the Mahabharata also form a part of this splendid colorful ex…

A fiery ragging?

-By Swetha Amit Anything done within limits is acceptable and sometimes fun. However when boundaries are crossed, it tends to leave a scathing effect. This is especially relevant among the youth with specific reference to that of college goers.

The ragging incident at St.Stephen's college in Delhi invoked a repulsive reaction from millions. A fresher was sprayed with cologne by the seniors followed by a matchstick thrown at him by them. What was more shocking was the fact of it being dismissed by the principal as a 'minor' mishap. The fresher who is reported to have returned home must be nursing more than just mere physical scars. None would have expected such a terrifying occurrence from a prestigious college as St.Stephen's.

The first day in college usually tends to create a tinge of nervousness amongst the youngsters, who are fresh out of school. Like little lambs, they take an…

Happy Birthday Bapu

-Swetha Amit There are many national holidays every year, which are welcomed eagerly as a break from the tedious and routine work life. A day to unwind from the usual grind can indeed make one feel on top of the world. A moment’s thought and further insight behind the significance of this ‘break’ would probably make our spirits rise even higher making us feel proud to be an Indian eventually.
One such day is the 2nd of October and happens to be the birthday of one of the most revered human beings; a freedom fighter, known as the father of the nation, and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday is what is declared as Gandhi Jayanti.
Life about this noble soul is of no mystery to zillions across the country. He achieved something which many failed to do via the act of violence-freedom from the clutches of the British rule. He instilled his authority in a manner which was different and unique; by emph…