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My tryst with awe inspiring Personalities

As a correspondent of a business website, my job enables me to interview personalities across several forums. Be it authors or corporate honchos, meeting each one of them ends up as an inspiring lesson by itself. As I recollect my first tryst with this job profile, it was on October 11th 2012 in the prestigious  Bombay House which housed the whos who of the Tata group.
 R.Gopalakrishnan was coming out with a new book 'What a CEO really wants' and I was to base my questions around the upcoming best seller. Being my first interview with such a renowned person, it was natural to feel the spell of nervousness finding its way into my system. However being the person that he was, I was put to an  instant ease as the question and answer session began. That 1 hour proved to be a wonderful learning experience about the intricacies of leadership, corporate world, picking up analogies from the animal kingdom and the common man's life. No wonder,I already felt like a wiser person post t…