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Lost and found: Confessions of a sweeping soul

Why is it that one always has to lose one thing in order to find another? Is it synonymous of the saying “you win some, you lose some’? Or is it the fact that in order to gain something one must realize the significance of loss and wonder if it turns out to be insignificant after all.

I cannot help but ponder about these thoughts that usually find their entry into my cognitive space as the year begins to gradually bid farewell to its beloved folks. Reminiscence is often a key thing for an individual just like an annual report of an organization.

2008 started out with a bang as January 1st had a breaking dawn on the sandy beaches of Goa. The sight of the glistening sand by the rays of the sun for some reason gave me a ray of hope that ’08 would indeed turn out to be a new year in more than one way. It signified hope, change and enthralling discoveries that would make me gape in wonderment. Nevertheless it did but not without the usual bumpy roller coaster ride that one undergoes, this y…

The caretaker cats

-By Swetha Amit It’s not every time that one gets to read a piece in the newspaper that jolts them out of their sleepy Sunday syndrome. Especially for animal lovers and those gestures by the fauna clan that could even put humans to shame. It was the title ‘Cats keep toddler alive’ that made me read the passage intently. It reminds one of the popular Disney productions ‘The Jungle Book’ where the sound of a wailing baby instantly stops a snooty panther on his tracks. Paternal instincts take over as the basket is gently gripped by the big cat as he leaves the lost one to the care of the wolves pack which bring him up as their own cub.
A similar scenario took place in Argentina, where a one year old baby boy was tended to by a gang of wild cats near a canal. It was a surprised police officer who managed to get past the fiercely protective cats and take the infant to the hospital immediately. The d…

The missing slice of the cheese

-By Swetha Amit It was her first day at work. Nervousness and excitement both surged into her otherwise confident persona seemingly battling for their upmanship within her. Wanting to do well like any other career-oriented woman; she prepared herself for a rather long day ahead. She finally reached the elite building which was soon to become her second home away from home. Many seem to be spend longer hours at work than at their residence anyway. And if she needs to climb up the competitive ladder, competence needs to be on a high alert. Even if it meant leaving your domestic side dormant for a while.

Approaching the top floor, she took a deep breath and entered the plush interiors of her work place. After a brief meeting with her superior, she was given an orientation for a while. Her team consisted of about 7 members whom she had to coordinate and work with. Her mind took note of the fact of …

Sand dunes in the wild

-By Swetha Amit

We had heard a lot about the land of camels and sand dunes and this created an enchanting vision of Jaisalmer.

When we reached Jaisalmer, the view was breathtaking as sand dunes unfolded before us almost like a live encounter with the tales of the Arabian Nights.
Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer has its own share of sightseeing spots.
Not to be outdone with its counterpart regions in Rajasthan, the Havelis, fort and Gadi Sagar Lake add charm to this sandstone city. Added to which, the story behind every monument made it even more intriguing. Starting with the first glimpse of the famous lake, o ur journey began from a learning experience and ended with an adventurous streak.
Lake and boat rides
The glistening waters of Gadi Sagar Lake in the morning gave it a mystic look. A chirpy narration by the locals gave us knowledge of it not only being a popular tourist attraction but also the only source of …