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The Bookworms musings

As I child, I was labelled as a bookworm. Not surprising as these objects were my constant companions everywhere which extended up to the dining table. There were times that I would toy around my plate much to the elders annoyance as my fancy would unfold itself more into the enchanting tales of Enid Blyton. Though this old habit has managed to find the exit door, books certainly have remained steadfast in the journey of my life. 
My job as a correspondent involves a lot of reading as I interview several authors and business personalities. Due to this, my reading ranges from a wide spectrum of topics from marketing, leadership to mythology and best sellers.  Some of them of course, are not a part of my job and fall in what I term as the 'recreational reading' department. During this course, I have managed to come across some books which have left some lasting impressions or taught me a lesson or two. 
'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak: World war 2 has always captured m…