Saturday, July 28, 2007

Croak croak: A lesson learnt?

-By Swetha Amit

It may be surprising to note the unique sources of learning that we humans can acquire lessons from. A keen observation of certain species of the animal kingdom can inspire us to draw morals which will help us emerge as wiser beings.

One such living being is a frog.

Frogs are those creatures which do not get noticed or cared for by humans due to their unattractive appearance. They are often found doing a little jig on their own or hopping around happily in the lush green gardens or fields. And they render their useful services to the hard working farmers by clearing the unwarranted pests away from the flourishing plantations.

Their presence is especially felt as the spell of showers descends from above. With the pitter patter musical rain drops one can hear their eager croaks trying to contribute to nature’s orchestra. At the same time they try to gain a competitive edge over the naturally blessed voice of the melodious nightingale. Instead of carrying on their existence in peace, they choose to display their competitive streaks of their personalities by croaking their lungs out.

Unfortunately, little do they realize that their zest for this musical trip can cost them their lives? Caught up in this orchestral oscillation, they fail to sense the ‘silent’ danger lurking around the corner.

The watchful snake silently slithers around by following the vibration and glides towards these croaking frogs. Their effortless hunt results in the merciless preying of these tiny creatures. This unfortunate and unrealized invitation by the frogs brings an end to their dear lives in an abrupt fashion.

We people can draw certain morals from the above instance and apply it in our own lives.

Lesson no 1. Sometimes without our knowledge our zest to speak out loud and let out information works against our favor. Talking less by measuring our words will earn more respect and most importantly safeguard our rights and safety.

Lesson no 2. Don’t send out an invitation to trouble. See how to ward it off. We must always sense danger; see how to wriggle out of it rather than getting to a point of no return. The frog has no recourse. It’s the end of it.

Lesson no 3. Let’s be happy accepting ourselves the way we are. Sometimes in order to prove it to the world, we indulge in petty competitive streaks. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Each one of us is blessed with a unique talent which should make us hold our heads in pride. Loving ourselves, will earn respect and admiration, instead of blindly trying to outdo or emulate others. This will only end up making us look like fools. In this case, the frog went on to imitate the nightingale without recognizing its worth of being the farmer's friend which the nightingale was not.

After all we do not want to end up like the loud-mouthed frogs, do we?
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Blogger Lakshmi Prabha M said...

heya.. what happ to sanjayz bday post.. its actually heartening that the court has stuck to its stand on "nobody is above the law".. will miss munnabhai :(

5:42 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Hey munnabhais b'day post is very much there.:)

I think the courts verdict has stunned lots of people esp the film industry. Well all I can say is that we(all his fans)will miss seeing him on screen and that we hope God gives him the needed strength and support.Hes as it is been through a lot.:(

6:32 AM  

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