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Kargil War

‎26th July 1999 was the day when the brave-hearts of the Indian Armed Forces fought and won the Kargil War. This is to commemorate the valor of those who laid down their lives and also those who fought with grit to serve and defend this nation! Jai Hind!

Terrorism has no religion

'After Norway, do we need to rethink the labelling of ‘Islamic’ terror?' - a question posed by NDTV.

It’s really sad to see and hear many people blame a particular community for some bloody mishap that occurs around the world. It may be surprising to know that such individuals call themselves forward looking and progressive. And yet such narrow minded thinking. They just want to make a scapegoat of one community or religion and brand them all as black sheep. Is this what education teaches us? Is this what humanity teaches us? It’s no point going to yatras and God's abode when they fail to realize that humanity and compassion are the basic essence of ANY religion.

When a person falls sick one doesn’t generalize him/her to any particular
caste/community/religion. Similarly terrorism should be considered as a disease.
A deadly disease for which one needs to find a cure immediately. Blaming or pointing fingers at any religion or community shows insensitivity and lack of education…

Zindagi na milegi dobara: A soul searching journey

Often road journeys and travel to exotic locations makes one discover a part of their personality which was probably oblivious to them till that moment. It takes probably one of many moments for that realization to dawn.

Zindagi na milegi dobara is one such film which takes you through that soul stirring journey. The story begins with three friends from College deciding to go on a trip as a Bachelor party as one of them is tying the knot soon. The entire adventure in Spain brings out the inner demons one is fighting with and how they conquer it by the end of the trip. The movie cruises through its fine moments and embarks some thrilling adventures. Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean Sea makes Hrithik discover a whole different world altogether which enables him to feel the magic in his life. Sky Diving sends a whoop of delight amidst the viewer’s tempting them to indulge in the same. The tomato festival in Spain is highlighted in a vibrant manner as well. Lastly, the traditional bull fi…

Terror raises its ugly head again

It was just about another normal day where mumbaikars were winding up and getting ready to go home. Around 7 pm, a ghastly news spread like wildfire about 3 blasts that occurred in South and Central Mumbai. Panic and fear struck the city as frantic calls were made to assure that people were safe.

Its been 5 years since the 7/11 blasts where victims are still nursing their scars. 2 and a half years since the nightmarish 26/11 incident. Justwhen we were about to resign to a peaceful year, today's blast has ruffled some feathers. Terror seems to have raised its ugly head again.

It just makes one wonder: Are we really safe at all? Life has become so uncertain. One hand there are natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunamis. And on another side, we have man made disasters in the form on terrorism.

Why kill innocent lives to fulfill a selfish motto?Why target the common man? It seems to be a disease for which one is yet to find a cure. Such is the death spell of terrorism. Sad but tr…

Kalka Express Mishap

This has unfortunately been one of the worst Railway mishaps in recent times. Several have been struck by this horror only to lose their lives or succumb to injuries. It makes one question about the responsibility of the government. After Didi resigned as the Railway minister to concentrate on West Bengal politics, why did the government neglect the railway ministry?

It makes one wonder who will take accountability for this terrible accident. It’s disheartening to see our fellow humans struck by this tragedy. One can only hope that the government wakes up and smells the coffee before it’s too late.

My sincere prayers to those families who have been affected by this dreadful mishap. May the Almighty give them strength and courage.

'Chillar Party': Every Dog has its day

Themes like comedy and action have always ruled the roost. Crime and thrillers seem to be making their own mark along with a few artistic films which are categorised under 'Intelligent' Cinema. It is a rarity among Indian film makers to make a Children's movie linked to that of a social cause revolving around an animal. This is something many Hollywood filmmakers have explored.

UTV productions' Chillar Party is a film centred on a group of kids in a colony and how they fight against the municipality to save a stray dog. The film starts off with an introduction to the several characters present in Chandan Nagar Society. Funny nicknames accompany the kids and the adults too are presented in a quirky manner. Calling themselves ‘Chillar Party’ their mischief would cause exasperation among the grown-ups. One fine day a young orphaned lad enters the colony along with his dog Biddu. After the initial bullying and apologies, Chillar Party and the dog become thick friends.

One fi…

Happy 30th B'day Dhoni

His conventional decisions have worked in his favour.

He is known for his midas touch.

The man who brought back the Cup home after 28 years. Heres to the best Captain of India who has attained a new milestone today:

Happy 30th Birthday Dhoni! You rock!

Battling the emperor of all maladies

The word Cancer elicits fear and terror amongst many. The Pulitzer award winning book by Siddhartha Mukherjee traces back to the journey of this dreaded malady. Just finished reading it and found it really endearing. A cancer patient just has one wish-to live.

One cant imagine what they go through. It only makes us realize that health is the absolute wealth and prevention is better than cure.

This is in support and prayers of all those battling this emperor of all maladies.