Friday, July 27, 2007

The five people you meet in heaven:A heavenly encounter

-By Swetha Amit
All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at that time.” This book depicts the above saying.

Eddie felt it was the end of everything when he lost his life at the Ruby Pier while he was trying to save a girl. As he lands in heaven, surprises go beyond what he would have imagined. The five people he met in heaven taught him the lessons of life after he faced death, ironically.

There are some individuals whom you meet in life’s uncertain journey. It’s amazing to note what you learn from such beings irrespective of the time spent with them. The strange aspects of destiny take you through that phase of existence, unknown to the mortal and imbibe such teachings during your sole (soul) existence. This brings about a renowned realization of how learning is indeed a continuous process even after you leave the world behind you.

It has taught me that no matter what, there is no end to anything. We humans feel that one minor set back portrays the dead end. We fail to look upon it as an optimistic beginning of yet another experience. Death may be an end to one certain lifetime. But it’s just the beginning for the soul to take its course until it reaches its own destination carved for itself. After which it’s another beginning for its journey down earth only this time in another form.

Whether on earth or heaven, it has made me realize that the end of one phase is the beginning of another marvelous tryst with life/death. This book was written in a down to earth form yet left me with a heavenly feeling.
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