Thursday, November 30, 2006

Roar of the Bengal Tiger

It is time for India to celebrate and cheer valiantly.Back into the Indian squad test team are none another than our own aggressive Bengal tiger.....Sourav Ganguly and the new vice captain of the SA squad...VVS Laxman.

Everybody knows that the Indian team seems to be crumbling. It’s an irony in spite of having a wall like captain. Can such a wall let its children fall apart?

The recent performance of the men in blue has raised several voices of the critics demanding a change in the batting order. The morale and spirit with which the team has been playing has certainly made the saffron, white and green heads bow in shame, in turn bringing the wheel in between to a halt.

The recent South African tour has embarked the most pathetic form of the squad which has precipitated the selectors to finally take action to save the sinking ship from further drown. A buoy in the form of Dada with a never say die attitude, the most successful captain India’s had so far., the skipper who brought the Indian team to the world cup finals in the 2003 , has certainly made his mark which has left imprints on the mass.

It is a shame to see the way such a captain was treated and removed due to certain petty politics.Ranatunga says” How can such a good player be kept out of the team? There can be petty issues within the side, but the country comes first and all these petty things are immaterial."Couldnt help agreeing with the former Srilankan captain. Sourav was removed due to his lack of performance and not being in form. But there are certain ways of handling issues and not the way India’s successful captain was dealt with. The current players are not in form either, but they aren’t subjected to the shabby treatment, dada was given.

However its sunny days again and a reason for us Indians to see a ray of hope. It’s also time for Greg Chappell to set aside his ego and arrogance to welcome back Sourav into the team.Ganguly and Laxman are experienced players and a mantra of experience is what is needed to spice up Indian cricket. He knows the Indian team well and knows the right tactic to motivate them. The morale boost of the team is most certainly needed, especially with the World cup around the corner.

Lets all hope that Laxman and Sourav turn tables by succumbing to the pressure and expectations, and bounce back into the ODI team. Wishing them success of a great innings, that will make our heads rise with pride and shout "OO AA India."


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dhoom machale Doom

Sequels don't work and Dhoom-2 unlike its other part-2 counterparts proves this theory.

This Yashraj films blockbuster started with a coke ad, portraying a Hrithik jigging to the title track. The television media yet again generated its usual hype, making the expectations of the audience soar high.

Film starts with the robbery of the Queens crown from a train running in the middle of a vast droughstricken desert.Hrithik makes his entry as he swoops down on his parachute like an Eagle gliding down to catch its unguarded prey. Making his mark is the master of disguises, unseen, smart and sexy Mr. A. Several of his acts abroad leave the police force spellbound. Expertise analysis discover his next destination to be the maximum city and the cops maximize their actions to unmask this stranger.Enter, Aby baby as the no-nonsense Jai Dixit, with his half broken English speaking, mummys darling humorous sub inspector Ali played by Uday Chopra.A new member to this duo is introduced in the form of the hot and smart Bipasha Basu, who looks stunning.

They try and hunt down this lurking criminal who goes as far as stealing a sword from an ancient fort. An entry of Suneri (Aishwariya Rai) who’s a petty thief is appointed by Jai to try and nab Mr.A.Miss A meets Mr. A and continuous persistence of the former, manages to win the latter’s trust who reveals his true self and name as Aryan. It’s a mark of a hefty partnership from there on.

A cat and mouse game begins from Mumbai to the sandy beaches of Brazil to nab Aryan. Indeed love is in the air as cupid strikes Uday Chopra with a localite named Monali(Bipasha in a double role) who’s in charge of their stay. While Ali is seen romancing his new found love, Jai is on a trail with Suneri to tap on Aryans whereabouts. Love hits Suneri too as she exhibits her deceit to Inspector Jai.She strikes a different kind of partnership as well with Aryan and put the cops on a wild goose chase. In the end, it seemed that the hard and no nonsensical heart of Jai dixit is actually melted by seeing such deep love between the two As.Doesnt make any sense.

Story is seen with a lot of loopholes and the climax seems rather disappointing and unconvincing. A drastic different from its first part where the story is gripping on the audience. It seemed that the director didn’t know in which direction to take the film and the plot sure doesn’t say a lot. Songs are not catchy and are introduced at irrelevant times.Abhishek Bachchan underplays his role compared to the first part.Bipasha though looks good is wasted in a double role for her underdeveloped character.Uday chopra contributes in his comic style but it gets monotonous after a point.Aishwariya Rai who has lost a lot of weight to fit in this role, is average.The only positive aspect of this movie is Hrithik who clearly shines and stands out. Apparently a lot of effort is taken on him as he’s seen in various masterpiece disguises and stunts. Excellent action sequences by him and clearly steals the show from his costars.

One can watch this film for Hrithik Roshan who is sure to win another millions of hearts as the sexy Aryan. Otherwise this film doesn’t meet the hype generated and certainly not the expectations and this could make one go in DOOM.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Victory after the storm

Nov 5.Mumbai: After a foursful (forceful) start by the openers, West Indies were geared to blow another Gayle. The numerous sixes and fours left the Australian bowlers spellbound, which drove them to change their strategy. And the success of their new formula worked as wickets kept falling.It turned out to be a case of calm after the storm,for the world champions.The turning point was Chris Gayle being bowled, which left the cheering crowd with dashed hopes.

Nathan Brackens bowling went beyond expectations as he took the top order wickets. The stadium with the initial yelling at top of their voices crowd was filled with stunned silence as the twist in turn of the game happened from 80-2 to 138 all out. As the second innings started, prayers to the almighty were done with clasped hands hoping for miracle that would bring the cup to the Windies Skipper.

The audience bounced back to the game as the wicket of Adam Gilchrist was taken by Bradshaw, bringing back some hope and life into the almost dead match. It gave another opportunity for the sea of faces to gear up as Ricky Ponting's wicket, cleverly taken by Taylor, to applaud for the Windies.In contrast the Australian Skipper was booed so badly, that his head hung in shame as he left the grounds.

As the game halted for lunch break, rains had their own cynical contribution, acting as a cooler to the heated and tensed atmosphere of the Mumbai Stadium. It left a certain uncertainty about the resume of the match as more spells of shower poured on the evergreen grounds. After a prolonged three hours, the game began and ended with the Kangaroos defeating the “former champion’s trophy” winners and ascertaining the cup in their hands. They created history of winning this trophy for the first time.

This was a live encounter for me and indeed a pleasure to see a good smashing game by the Windies initially and a great performance by the Australians. A sport watched live with the enthusiastic crowd of Mumbai is far better than watching it on television in the corner of ones homes. Whether it is a match of 80 all out by West Indies or 138 all out, a game watched live still has its own charm. It was a pleasure to see Mumbaiites cheering for the Windies and not Chennai's favorite Australians who were probably happy to see the opponent team lose.

Watching it on field gives you more insight to view the on goings behind the camera that one does not get to see on Set Max.It was great to see players like Mike Hussey who would come and practice his batting during breaks and other players indulging in a game of Rugby while the Umpires were debating on a decision due to the rain.

Other instances of waving to the players like Glenn McGrath and Ramaresh Sarwan as they were fielding, is unforgettable. The crowd had fun by calling Sachin’s name out as McGrath looked up and smiled sportingly. Also it was nice to see the large heartedness of the mighty Australians to lend a helping hand in clearing the ground out of excessive moisture due to the rain, before the match resumed.

Even though West Indies lost, it was amazing to watch Chris Gayle win “the man of the series” award. This made up for the disappointed feeling in me of seeing the Kangaroos victory.

One thing however remains that West Indies prove to be a much better team than the Indians under the so called great wall which is diminishing by the day. At least Windies and other teams do not indulge in such desperation to involve Hollywood stars to shout”: OO AA Australia" or "OO AA West Indies" or "OO AA New Zealand” as marketing gimmicks. It’s indeed pathetic to see the stars like the aging Shahrukh Khan Wail "OO AA India" and killing the spirit of cricket (Doesn’t look bad when Dada does the same).

Hope that more matches take place in amchi Mumbai and gives us juntas more lively encounters with the game. It would give us numerous more chances to cheer and encourage our favorite teams to perform their best.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Windies blew a Gayle

It was indeed one of the most crucial matches, a do or die situation for both the teams as they entered the great game.

It was a positive beginning for the South African skipper who elected to bat after winning the toss. Top order batsmen failed to give a roaring start which could have rattled the West indies.However, they managed to put up a decent score of 258 which did give the Caribbeans a slight squeeze on the run rate.

The South Africans were hit by a tornado in the form of Chris Gayle who opened the second innings to spectacular start with a ravishing finish that made the Carribeans reach the pinnacle of victory. A man of few words as he was known as, ironically, let his bat do the vigorous talking till the end. A solid, aggressive and backbone of the team played his role as an amazing opening batsman to a Foursful (forceful) finish!

This man of the match stood rock steady and was unaffected by any kind of fast paced attack by the African bowlers. This player remained as a wall which was not to be demolished under any circumstance. Whether it was the end of his partnership with Chanderpaul due to the latter's hurt retirement or whether it was wickets falling in between during an exciting stage, Gayle didn’t blink an eyelid.

A marvelous win that deserves a standing ovation and applaud as it can be ascertained that indeed Windies blew a Gayle as the dejected South Africans look on. Let’s hope the Gayle continues in order to sweep off the Australians from their expected win.


Man on the the Moon

Akshay kumar aka Agasthya Rao has gotten a lot of rave reviews for his nerdy bespectacled performance in his latest film Janneman.

Another brilliant score that has proved him a versatile actor.Someone whos proved his capability despite the fact of not being backed up by Dharma productions(Karan Johar) or Yash Raj films.

The sweet next to door guy image and his character being Einsteins follower,created by the khiladi kumar has won him another millions of hearts.Not to mention his geeky goofy laugh that has brought in a upward curve of the lips in form of a smile amongst many.

He has certainly come a long way in this Khan dominated industry and will soon reach the uno position which hes not far away from.Just goes to prove that one doesnt need to be a khan to deliver hits.

An applause for this man on the moon(Akki plays an astronaut in the film) whos truly a jaaneman for his fans!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kiwis vs Kangaroos

What began as a not so good start of this tension filled match, ended up as a victory for the kangaroos. A total of 241 seemed not such a great score for the Aussies, showing a ray of hope for the kiwi clan to come out as a victorious team.

As New Zealand began to bat in the second innings, it seemed like no hope as wickets kept falling like pelting stones from an old building in ruins. A 47-6 seemed like they were heading for a disastrous lose in this crucial tournament.

A twist in tale, in this case, a twist in the game in the form of Daniel Vettori turned tables which made the kiwis raise their shameful heads to pride. Hammering away the round object by the fast paced bowlers to the boundaries and sixes brought the score to a decent level converting the impossible into the possible.

An aggressive game which ended up with the kiwis losing, was a clear case of not giving up without a fight. An admirable killer instinct and fighting spirit against the world champions is indeed worth a big applause.