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The new Wizards of Oz

-By Swetha Amit It was just a few days ago that the Australian Skipper made an emphatic statement stirring a feeling of indignation amongst millions. Predicting a breezy win for his team in just two matches depicted his unmistakable arrogance and cockiness. Little did he realize that these magical words would come true, only to have a spectacular turn around of events resulting in a victory for the opposition? The enchanting performance by the men in blue managed to cast a spell and mesmerized their fans by emerging as the new Wizards of Oz.

It is indeed a special moment for the Indian team as this win being their first one after 23 years in the finals on Australian grounds. It certainly is a case of history repeating itself and the stance of ‘champions of champions’ emerge yet again. And followed by great pomp and celebrations all over.

Drama, action, tempers flaring, ego clashes, hurling of pet…