Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boredom and retrospection

It isn’t often that I end up getting bored, but when I do then God help me. In fact I ensure that I have something or the other to look forward to just to keep my spirits up and going. Be it a social gathering, outing, movies, sports, books or a weekend getaway. I just got back from an enthralling holiday and what made it special was the scuba diving experience.

Unfortunately my health factor took a toll and I ended up with a dreadful viral which stalled my routine completely. I couldn’t step out of the house and needed ample rest before I resumed any sort of normal regime. Thankfully the IPL provided a great deal of entertainment in more than one way. Watching Cricket is something that always cheers me up not to mention the great start Mumbai Indians were faced with. However the last few days proved to be a disaster with the wash outs due to the rains which I’m sure ended up as a disappointing fare for all of us here in India. Why couldn’t they have checked the weather forecast before shifting the venue?

To make matters worse the multiplex issue with the film industry with regard to revenue sharing has stalled most releases. So no new movies till the problem is resolved which I’m hoping is soon. Being a movie buff, life without it seems unimaginable. Unless I resort to DVDs on a temporary basis. Still nothing can beat the thrill of watching it on big screen. Now there seems to be an uncertainty in the IPL games as well.

Somehow I was looking forward to the break from school. Counselling is draining on the mind added to the distance commuted which is almost an hour. This break was actually what I was looking for to catch up on a lot of things. Guess I must start looking for alternatives to keep boredom at bay. Made a list of books to read already. Added to that is a lot of articles, columnists views which get a skip due to my hectic schedules. This gives me ample opportunity to concentrate on my pending write ups for this website. Plus started hitting the gym vigorously now that my health is back to normal. Maybe I could plan a couple of quick getaways in and around Mumbai amidst nature. My creativity needs to be awakened to work on ideas for my Dad’s 60th birthday and fast as I have just about 2 weeks.

As I pondered for a while, I realized there was something else I could do which is sure to beat the heat as well. My enthralling under water experience left me so spell bound that I vowed to come back and get certified as a diver so that I could venture out on my own during my next vacation by the sea. I discovered such an institution in this city which offered such courses and I am all geared up to find out more and enrol myself into it. Hopefully I end up as a certified diver which I’m sure is not going to be a piece of cake. Yet the challenging aspect to it is bound to drive me to do my best. So praying that everything works well. Well things seem to be looking better already!!!

Another thing I vow to do is to practise my keyboard which I haven’t done in ages. Just a month till work resumes after which it’s back to the grind. Till then I’m going to start gearing up for some recreational activities and quality time for myself. After all I do believe that solitary confinement on a temporary basis is an essential contrivance to revitalise the soul!! Only temporary as I’m looking forward to catching up with friends in the meanwhile!!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The TISS terror

-By Swetha Amit
Grotesque is what one would describe this horrifying incident. No doubt the barbaric episode of a gang rape of the girl student has created immense disgust, distress and horror. To make matters worse, the accused were not mere road side miscreants but those belonging to the supposedly elite community of business families? And were students of prestige colleges to top it all.

It’s true that news about rape has always sent shudders amongst the viewers and readers. However this particular one seems to have a different connotation altogether leading to a lot of cerebration amongst many. College students are found lurking in fear and uncertainty as a question begins to form in their mind “whom do we trust?” While it may cease to argue that one cannot blame an entire community based on one incident, who could blame them entirely? Parents on the other hand would undoubtedly thicken their security blankets and their overprotective stance around their kith and kin. Friends would hereafter be looked upon with a suspicious glance and even after a few meetings of getting ‘familiar’,the aorta of doubt would fail to be let loose completely.

It’s a shame to see such gruesome behaviour over something based on trust and friendship. Who would have thought friends of friends would cause such psychological scars just on one meeting. It’s true that one isn’t to be trusted purely based on one meeting. And yet this seems to surpass all norms of humanity altogether, forget being acquainted altogether.

While the obvious remains who is to blame, what actually causes one to indulge in such disgraceful behaviour? Can one blame substance abuse wholly? The act happened after a few doses of drugs and alcohol according to the reports. Is it raging hormones working overtime during the young adulthood phase? Is it a misconception about a woman from abroad shores being ‘loose and immoral’? And that they are ‘casual’ about anything and everything? Is family background to blame? The affluence which instigates arrogance of being let loose with power, prestige and contacts? The sheer attitude and lack of fear of being able to ‘get away with anything’? Too much freedom? Or is it just a psychological makeup of an individual? In that case it warrants numerous psychiatry wards to be inaugurated to spare the society out of such dastardly escapades. Lastly can one point fingers at the law and government for being ‘soft’ on such criminals?

While the city of Mumbai expressed rage on the 26/11 stating enough is enough. This seems to be yet another episode to start those hue and cries towards the murky elements of the society. So who is to blame? Isn’t it a million dollar question? And it’s those same million dollars bailing those very criminals out of their deserving reprimands. Sad, but the bitter truth in our country.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lakshadweep Islands

The last few weeks have been unbearable. The weather hasn’t been kind enough with its temperatures so high that it feels like Mercury has descended upon earth. Not to mention the monotony and the usual routine that makes you long for a good getaway. What could be more heavenly than that of being near the sea side?

Added to which this is one place not many seemed to have explored or visited. So looking forward to yet another travel expedition into these lovely islands. The pictures seem to indicate a promising venture into more than what meets the eye. A list of to do activities have been made and I sure hope that I don’t come away disappointed or accompanied with feelings of regret. The time factor is bound to be a hurdle of course. But like my other trips I hope to manage to make the most of my limited resources-time solely.

For some strange reason I have never been so excited about a holiday, considering the pre-vacation syndrome of my earlier travels. Guess the 26/11 incident increase my morbidity aspect. The compulsion to live life and do things at once has increased double fold. Realization has dawned in even further about how things can turn topsy turvy in a minute’s time. Especially when one wouldn’t have anticipated such flurry of events when things were serene just a moment back. Call it the calm before storm. Speaking of which, I’m praying that there are no such ones that are bound to occur in Lakshadweep. The weather forecast indicates warm and sunny conditions. So praying earnestly that nothing comes in the way. So far so good and God is indeed great.

Looking forward to doing a proper travelogue saddled with adventures of the sun, sea and sand when I log in next.

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