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Boredom and retrospection

It isn’t often that I end up getting bored, but when I do then God help me. In fact I ensure that I have something or the other to look forward to just to keep my spirits up and going. Be it a social gathering, outing, movies, sports, books or a weekend getaway. I just got back from an enthralling holiday and what made it special was the scuba diving experience.

Unfortunately my health factor took a toll and I ended up with a dreadful viral which stalled my routine completely. I couldn’t step out of the house and needed ample rest before I resumed any sort of normal regime. Thankfully the IPL provided a great deal of entertainment in more than one way. Watching Cricket is something that always cheers me up not to mention the great start Mumbai Indians were faced with. However the last few days proved to be a disaster with the wash outs due to the rains which I’m sure ended up as a disappointing fare for all of us here in India. Why couldn’t they have checked the weather forecast befor…

The TISS terror

-By Swetha Amit Grotesque is what one would describe this horrifying incident. No doubt the barbaric episode of a gang rape of the girl student has created immense disgust, distress and horror. To make matters worse, the accused were not mere road side miscreants but those belonging to the supposedly elite community of business families? And were students of prestige colleges to top it all.

It’s true that news about rape has always sent shudders amongst the viewers and readers. However this particular one seems to have a different connotation altogether leading to a lot of cerebration amongst many. College students are found lurking in fear and uncertainty as a question begins to form in their mind “whom do we trust?” While it may cease to argue that one cannot blame an entire community based on one incident, who could blame them entirely? Parents on the other hand would undoubtedly thicken thei…

Lakshadweep Islands

The last few weeks have been unbearable. The weather hasn’t been kind enough with its temperatures so high that it feels like Mercury has descended upon earth. Not to mention the monotony and the usual routine that makes you long for a good getaway. What could be more heavenly than that of being near the sea side?

Added to which this is one place not many seemed to have explored or visited. So looking forward to yet another travel expedition into these lovely islands. The pictures seem to indicate a promising venture into more than what meets the eye. A list of to do activities have been made and I sure hope that I don’t come away disappointed or accompanied with feelings of regret. The time factor is bound to be a hurdle of course. But like my other trips I hope to manage to make the most of my limited resources-time solely.

For some strange reason I have never been so excited about a holiday, considering the pre-vacation syndrome of my earlier travels. Guess the 26/11 incident increas…