Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simplicity drives away insanity

'It's the simple things in life that keeps us from going crazy'! Came across this while going through one of Ruskin Bond's books who happens to be one of my favourite authors. His descriptive style of writing is indeed appealing to the readers, transporting them back to the lush green planes of Dehradun where most of the authors' works are based on.

Coming back to the thought provoking statement above, I couldn't help but think that how true and pertinent it was. With external issues existing in abundance in several aspects of our lives, resorting to the simplest things acts as a stress buster not to mention the immense solace that it provides. Since my professional life consists of a great deal of cerebration, resorting to simple things becomes a necessity. Here are a few things which work wonders for me and makes me feel like a magic wand has just cast a spell on me.

Catching up on a movie: This is usually a must do every weekend/week day at times either on big screen preferably or a DVD if there’s nothing good being screened. Depending on my mood, I watch anything from Comedy, Romance, Drama or Animations.

Gym: Workout does wonders for me especially a good cardio session with upbeat music in the background. Being a daily routine, I ensure to make the most of it to ensure my happiness levels beyond a certain limit.

Listening to music: Blaring music on my speakers, no doubt lift's your spirits up. Sometimes its house music and at times it’s the latest Bollywood track playing. Sometimes I walk down the memory lane to listen to certain tracks which evoke nostalgic feelings and reminding me of the pleasant past.

Reading: No doubt they say books are man's best friend. Though I enjoy serious reading, times like these make me resort to light ones with humour or what one would call Chick flicks. Also dissolving myself in the characters makes me forget my temporary worries for a while.

Chocolate Shake: This is a last resort due to my fitness consciousness but one indulgence which enhances the feel good factor. Especially the one you get at Bachelors' in Chow patty is indeed therapeutic.

Playing with the Cats: The six cats in my building are quite a playful lot. Just being midst them and letting their furry paws brush against your hands is a beautiful feeling altogether. Makes you feel understood in a 'purrrr'fect way.:-)

A walk by the Sea: Living in the island city, there is no way you can escape the sea no matter how hard you try. Being a sea lover, I just have to take a walk down marine drive and stare at the massive waves which magically resolve my troubled mind.

A visit to Siddhivinayak: Visit the temple once a week. I definitely feel a sense of inner peace when I come out of the temple. It’s as though a transcendental wave has engulfed me with a voice reassuring me of unnecessary devils penetrating into my serene state of mind.

No doubt while complexity can be interesting and challenging at times, it leaves a mark of exhaustion and burn out eventually. It is simplicity which wins the battle at the end in a slow and steady manner. It sort of reminds me of the hare and the tortoise story here. And also the saying by the Cheshire cat in the Alice in Wonderland tale "It’s a mad, mad world and we are all mad here!!" This is more than one reason why simplicity needs to knock on our window panes more often.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ganpati Bappa Morya

It’s that time of the year again when many prepare their homes for the arrival of the elephant faced God!! In Maharashtra, it’s a ten day festival where the lord is treated as a revered guest, pampering him with his favourite delicacies and a royal treatment.

One of my favourite Gods, he has always come to my rescue even in the most trying times. During my bouts of low especially my weekly visit to Siddhivinayak temple never fails to lift my spirits. It enables me to look at things with a positive outlook and makes me realize everything’s just going to be alright!! Though I thank him for whatever he has given me in my life, I look forward to tomorrow to show my immense gratitude for having stood by me always. Truly the one who removes obstacles; his blessings have ensured a smooth ride especially with regard to my travel plans.

Thank You Ganpati Bappa for everything. 2009 has been good so far. I am praying that you always stand by me through thick and thin.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Travel list

Just back from an amazing vacation which enabled me to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Learnt a lot about several species of fauna present in the jungles of Africa which was overall an intriguing expedition altogether. This trip has only propelled me to explore the world further and indulge in adventurous activities. Penning down the 2nd list of places I would really want to visit someday below.

Starting with Domestic travel and around:

Leh and Ladakh: Been hearing several people heading there on a trekking expedition and the whole prospect sounds exciting enough to go explore the Himalayas.

Andamans: Havelock Island indeed has received rave reviews and it boasts of having one of the best sites to dive. Having gotten into Scuba diving recently, I would love to explore the underwater world out here. Who knows I might even bump into a shark.:-)

International Travel:

Nepal: Another trekkers' paradise. Who wouldn’t want to explore this side of the great Himalayas?

Sri Lanka: Was here on a transit to Maldives. Though never actually ventured out. Would love to visit the country someday especially since the beaches there are supposed to be very beautiful.

China: Heard the place is quite intriguing and very culturally oriented. Love Chinese food but haven’t visited the place yet.:-) And not to mention the Great Wall of China certainly beckons.

Langkawi: Not so far and seems to be a good economical deal. A beach destination again, so being a sea lover, this place is definitely on my to-see list.

Bali: The Island of the Gods have been on my wish list for quite some time. But there seems to be trouble in that paradise on a continuous basis. There is something mystic about the place as I browse through the pictures online. Read the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' recently where the author embarks her spiritual journey in the same place.

Seychelles: Pristine blue waters, pearl white sands and exotic beaches with its uninhabited islands would definitely make me want to explore this destination.

Egypt: Land of the pharaohs-well I've read so much about Egyptian civilization back in school in History. Sounds mysterious and enchanting. Not to mention the largest river and the pyramids. There seems to be a thrilling expedition of even going on a jeep safari and diving in the Red Sea.

South Africa: Been hearing a lot about Kruger national park off late. Visited Kenya recently and must say the place definitely has its magnetic attraction enough to make you want to visit it again. There seems to be no dearth for wildlife here so will definitely want to visit this place.

Kenya again: Will definitely visit Masai Mara in 2-3 years time. It’s probably the most beautiful place ever with its bountiful savannah grasslands. And would cover Mombassa, Aberdares- known for its tree top lodges, Amboseli and Tsavo national park this time.

Bahamas: Would love to go on a cruise and combine it with a visit to Florida as well.

Arctic: Hope there is something left of the arctic whenever I visit considering the issue of global warming. Would definitely want to see polar bears in plenty and explore it from all ends.

USA: Not that this place hasn’t been exploited nor do I intend on living there. But would certainly visit it to see what the hype is all about and I'm sure it’s got some beautiful places to see.

Istaanbul: It’s been added to the recent favourites amongst the travellers' list. Hoping to visit and discover what the place has to offer.

Europe again: Visited about 5 years back with my parents. Would want to return with my hubby and do some sport activities like cycling around the country side in Holland and go on the ice flyer ride in Switzerland. More adventure for me this time. The place is indeed a treat for the eyes, a painters’ delight and an eye candy for sure.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Spirituality with a bit of a thrill

By Swetha Amit
Published by: Harper Collins
Price: Rs 325
Classification: Fiction
The popular author of The Alchemist comes up with yet another bestseller, in the same genre as his usual fiction-with-a-moral. With the Cannes Film Festival as a backdrop, in The Winner Stands Alone Paul Coelho weaves together the lives of four individuals who are each driven by passion, obsession, greed and ambition.

Igo Malev is on a quest to bring back his errant wife who left him for a wealthy designer. Unable to come to terms with her desertion, he is intent on winning her back -- even if it means destroying the world around him. Simultaneously, the book also delves into the parallel stories of three other individuals, equally fiercely determined to prove something to themselves and to society.

The author’s focus is on the shallowness and superficiality of the glamorous and glitzy world of showbiz. He delves deep into the human psyche and lays bare its complexities in an interesting manner. It makes one introspect and realise the subjective nature of moral values: what one person considers right and proper may well be considered extremely wrong and immoral by others.

This novel is bound to appeal to all readers whose interests extend beyond the material to the spiritual. Its eccentric portrayal of relationships and human behaviour and the thriller style of narration are also likely to evoke interest since this is a bit different from Coelho’s usual style.
At the same time, one cannot eliminate the possibility of a few raised eyebrows or frowns from the ‘super class’ that the author mentions in this book with a tinge of sarcasm. That this does not deter the masses from buying The Winner Stands Alone is evident from the fact that the book has been topping the charts at most booksellers in India.
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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wildlife Safari

Vacations are always rejuvenating and make you feel like a new person altogether. The unexpected travel always leaves you with an exhilarating feeling. It was always on my wish list to visit Kenya and its famous wildlife safari. Something I had only heard about or seen on Discovery channels. Now that I'm actually leaving tonight for the next ten days it still hasn’t sunk in yet.

I am really looking forward from the monotony and regular routine that past few months have been offering. Hopefully I come back to update my blog about the exciting escapades and adventures of having ventured into the wild!!


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Friends indeed

So many quotes on friendship come to my mind on this day.

Years have passed and so many things have changed. However it’s not to an extent that I don’t remember my pals-old and new ones who have influenced my life in some way or the other. Despite the differences, they did make a mark.

So heres wishing most of them a very Happy friendship day!!!