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A Scar for life

-By Swetha Amit He looked at the bright red streak across his hand which was injured in a nail biting basketball match. It would be a while before he could resume his passion again. “It will heal in just a week’s time” said the doctor as the young lad winced in pain. The wound would soon subside into a mild scar only to fade away with time.
“You are good for nothing”. A statement that kept lingering in her mind like an annoying alarm clock that would shake her up from her beauty sleep. It was a haunting reminder, echoing inside her whenever she would attempt to take a step forward. It seemed like something was holding her back from reaching where she aspired to be. A scathing remark that left a perennial psychological scar that even 20 years couldn’t heal.
A visible contrast is exhibited between a superficial blemish which would be concealed effortlessly and an internal one that would inflict p…

A sea of change

-By Swetha Amit The tinkering droplets of water along with the drop in temperature are a welcome change from the scorching heat of May. The ‘downpour of events’ seem to have brought a startling contrast in the lifestyles.
The delay in the trains, sluggish traffic, cautious treading on the pavements are what the folks of the maximum city experiencing. Even the birds seem to huddle across window panes waiting patiently for one heavy spell to subside, to continue their flights. Cats are cushioned against walls, bored and tired of this wet syndrome.
The sudden stance of the rains adds charm as one observes the effect of this sparkling spell enhancing the mystic charm of the ocean. One certainly cannot help but stare in awe at the raging seas despite their busy schedules.
Adorned with raincoats and umbrellas they stand in an array, intrigued by the replacement of the placid sea into a tumultuous mas…

Slaughter over water?

-By Swetha Amit Disputes and differences are inevitable especially in a country like India with its unmistakable diversity. However it’s a shocking plight to see such issues take a fatal turn.

The recent incident of a woman in Bhopal being burnt alive by villagers over a water brawl is indeed a terrifying jolt to the ears. The sight of which her family members especially her daughter would have been even more traumatized.

According to the reports a heated argument prevailed while filling water at the village tap. However little did they realize that the sparks of the almost forgotten fiery bicker would go up in flames literally? It portrays the atrocity of such petty grudges and the barbaric stance of the villagers to indulge in such sanguineous tactics.

It is no mystery to millions about Madhya Pradesh facing a water shortage especially to the government bodies in particular. It is a shame to see…

The latchkey child

-By Swetha Amit She turned the lock of the door with the key held firmly in her hand. In she walked with her school satchel weighing on her delicate shoulders. There was no one except the door mat that boldly spelt the word ‘Welcome’. As she stepped inside her cozy home, the cold walls with a picture or two stared back at her. Just when about to call out to her mother, does she realize the latter is engrossed in the drilling corporate drone.
There was none to pour out her hard day’s woes to. None to vent her feelings oscillating between joy and sorrow. The lonely afternoon is often spent in completion of her home work or sometimes playing with the neighborhood kids. Yet again she walks back home, hopeful of seeing a smiling parent opening the door. Or sometimes it’s a return of the empty syndrome again. Engrossed in a book, logging on to the virtual world or hooking on to the television are the…