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Fitness-key to life

Its amazing as to what fitness does to improve the quality of life. What starts off as a mere goal to lose weight becomes more than just bringing down your fat percentage or inches. It enhances your other aspects of life as well.

Few weeks ago, post my illness, I joined a boot camp which focuses a lot on flexibility, strength training and the core. Started by our trainer who is an ex army person and national level athlete, it was a wonderful opportunity to take our fitness levels to a notch higher. It was time to build our endurance beyond the closed environment of gym sessions. Conducted thrice a week, each day, our workout gets interesting and challenging, surprising us to the limits of what we can push. 

As time progressed, not only did we build our stamina levels, but it made us more energetic and competent to handle our work lives s well. Working out early morning in the fresh open air, is a cure by itself. It brushes those blues carried from the previous day's stress, rejuvena…