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Parle G: A walk down memory lane

The evening started on a nice note when my hubby Amit said that he had a surprise for me. When he handed over his large packet of parle G biscuit packet that he purchased from an Indian grocery store in California, I was pleasantly surprised. 
It was just the previous day when we were discussing the sad plight of the company which was laying off employees. Holding this packet of biscuit in my hands, made me walk down memory lane. 
My first impression of the parle g biscuit was the face of the little girl on the packet cover. Something about her sweet expression caught my fancy when I was a little girl, so much that it became a favorite ever since. Parle G was my comfort food after Maggi perhaps. These crunchy bites became my  snack in between meals much to the chagrin of my mom. Sometimes they would become a meal by themselves if my mom's dishes turned out to be my least favorite that particular day. 
Midnight oil was burnt accompanied with Parle G biscuits dipped hot piping cup …

Conquering the Urban tri: The Oakland triathlon experience

Doing a triathlon in a proper urban area comes with its share of challenges. Yet there is a certain rustic charm about the place that draws participants year after year. Probably that’s the reason why Oakland triathlon festival is one of the most popular urban triathlons in the west coast. 
Doing the Oakland triathlon last year without previewing the course, helped me resurrect my confidence levels. To an extent where I dared to go attempt the Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, 3 weeks later. So, this year when I was asked to be one of the event ambassadors, I was happy to help spread the word. 

Preview:Attending the swim clinic 2 weeks before the event helped me gain better clarity of the course including the transition.  Sharon Barclay who was heading the clinic explained the nuances. Right from the swim start to exit, the really long swim to bike transition, the bike and the run course, I had a fair idea of what to expect and incorporate this year. 
Packet pick up: I had picked up my packet fro…

The tri with a personal best: The Tri Santa Cruz Olympic distance experience

Cowell beach holds a special place in my heart. It’s the same place where I tried out open water swimming for the first time when I landed in California in August 2017. I did my first sprint distance triathlon at Cowell beach on August 13th,2017. I also crossed the finish line of my Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz at Cowell Beach on September 9th,2018. 

This place is indeed lucky. And I say that because today I finished my 6thOlympic distance triathlon here and ended up with my personal best-3:30:46. 
Transition set up: Depot park was bustling with athletes. The places were assigned according to our bib numbers. I found mine and began to set up my things. On the towel, I placed my things in the order of swim-bike-run. Out came the wetsuit, the pink swim cap that was assigned to all the women, 2 pairs of goggles, body glide and ear plugs. After which I placed the helmet, biking shoes, gloves, fuel belt and my pair of Roka glasses. The race belt and running shoes followed suit. 
It was a rather fo…

The Friendship day bridge run: The Golden gate 10 km experience

I never miss an opportunity to run in San Francisco. Especially when the course is marked around the Golden gate bridge. There is something about the golden gate bridge that entices me every time I run past it or on it. Probably it is the engineering marvel that has helped it withstand nature’s fury numerous times.  Each time I see the bridge, it’s like seeing an old friend who gently reminds me of my ability to weather any storm that comes my way. 
When the opportunity presented itself in a form of a 10-km run on the first Sunday of August to see my 'golden' friend, I was only happy to do so. Incidentally it was friendship day and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than run with Amit-my life partner cum best friend. This was also a run which I was planning to dedicate to all my friends around the globe. Especially in India where a few cities have been hit by torrential rains. 

I was a little tired that Sunday morning when we drove to SFO. The previous day had been he…

Overcoming the open water woes: Oakland Swim clinic

It was a cloudy Saturday morning at Jack London aquatic center in Oakland. Around 8 of us at gathered around 7:30 am waiting for the concerned person to show up. It was a cheerful bunch who broke the ice with one another immediately. Most of them were attempting a triathlon for the first time and they were trying to overcome their inhibitions with regards to open water swimming. 
The swim clinic was scheduled to begin at 8. After 10 minutes, a lady walked up to us and introduced herself as Sharon. She was our coach for the day who would be taking us through the course preview, starting off with the swim. After a round of introductions, she made a note of who was new to open water swims and who wasn’t.

We gathered our stuff and headed towards the estuary. Sharon explained the nuances of getting into a wetsuit. She emphasized on the importance of a body glide which makes it easier for a person to get in and out of a wetsuit. Ear plugs were also essential especially while swimming in open …