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Lage raho birthday bhai

-By Swetha Amit Yesterday (July 29th) was the birthday of our very own Munnabhai of Bollywood-Sanjay Dutt.

He had a ‘Rocky’(ing) start to his career which achieved him ‘Naam’ and fame. The journey in Bollywood has indeed been a roller coaster ride for this musafir which exhibited several ‘Kaante’ in his ‘Sadak’ to success. He is one of the few actors whose contrast image of being both a ‘Saajan’ and ‘Khal Nayak’ won him the hearts of millions. This was enough to put the masses on a ‘Daud’ behind him. However his extensive popularity has managed to keep him grounded to ‘Vaastav: The reality’ which explains his admirable humility.

His passion filled performances set the screen on fire keeping him ‘Zinda’ in several minds. He emerged truly as a hero who introduced the ‘Jaadu ki chappi’ therapy bringing smiles on the faces of even the most disgruntled. This novel method made many realize its signific…

Croak croak: A lesson learnt?

-By Swetha Amit

It may be surprising to note the unique sources of learning that we humans can acquire lessons from. A keen observation of certain species of the animal kingdom can inspire us to draw morals which will help us emerge as wiser beings.

One such living being is a frog.

Frogs are those creatures which do not get noticed or cared for by humans due to their unattractive appearance. They are often found doing a little jig on their own or hopping around happily in the lush green gardens or fields. And they render their useful services to the hard working farmers by clearing the unwarranted pests away from the flourishing plantations.

Their presence is especially felt as the spell of showers descends from above. With the pitter patter musical rain drops one can hear their eager croaks trying to contribute to nature’s orchestra. At the same time they try to gain a competitive edge over the n…

The five people you meet in heaven:A heavenly encounter

-By Swetha Amit All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at that time.” This book depicts the above saying.

Eddie felt it was the end of everything when he lost his life at the Ruby Pier while he was trying to save a girl. As he lands in heaven, surprises go beyond what he would have imagined. The five people he met in heaven taught him the lessons of life after he faced death, ironically.

There are some individuals whom you meet in life’s uncertain journey. It’s amazing to note what you learn from such beings irrespective of the time spent with them. The strange aspects of destiny take you through that phase of existence, unknown to the mortal and imbibe such teachings during your sole (soul) existence. This brings about a renowned realization of how learning is indeed a continuous process even after you leave the world behind you.

It has taught me that no matter what, there is no …

Bidding farewell to Dr.Kalam

-By Swetha Amit Dear Dr.Kalam

I would like to take this opportunity to express my little token of appreciation.
Our country is indeed proud to have had one of the finest presidents in you. Your concern for people, society and their considerable well being is much admired. There are very few who show compassion towards humanity in today’s world. You being the epitome of humility and intellectual power inspires each one of us learn these magnificent qualities from a revered person like you.

You have made our nation shine with immense pride by setting an excellent example for the next generation and your vision for India 2020. Your ‘wings of fire’ has ‘ignited minds’ of millions. As you bid farewell to all of us from your office, I would like to say that you will always be remembered fondly by us humble folks who are drawing inspirations from a noble soul like you.

We look forward to continue to enri…

The Witch of Portobello:Bewitched

-By Swetha Amit Paulo Coelho of 'The Alchemist' fame has come up with yet another intriguing novel namely 'The witch of Portobello' which is on its way to become another best seller.

It’s about a woman who lived in the 21st century yet her forward looking thoughts belonged to that of the 22nd century. Many people she encountered portrayed her to be unconventional, mysterious and interesting. Athena or Sherine as she was called was that and much more.

Her illusionary ways of regenerating oneself is indeed mezmerising.Whether it was creating a newfound enthusiasm level amongst bank employees much to the managers amazement, it certainly propelled one to definitely not ignore this enigmatic lady. She dared to do what no one else would have ever done in the wildest of their imaginations. The dance therapy which elated these individuals popularized itself as a group therapy technique.

Organizational ogres

-By Swetha Amit “Work place stress” is a common phenomenon in today’s tension-filled world.

Employees hurry and scurry about, with hassled expressions on their faces. Adrenalin levels rise with the approach of deadlines. A tense atmosphere stifles productivity, shrinking the required psychological space out of responsible individuals, leading them to a ‘distressed zone’, causing sleepless nights. A suave corporate office is gradually transformed into an air-conditioned devil’s abode.

Rather than be fulfilling, the professional lives instead takes a toll on these people, eventually manifesting itself into a never-ending nightmare interspersed with changes in the levels of daylight.

So, what exactly are these demons that change an organization’s working environment into a living hell? A look at Ajay’s case would provide valuable insight into these ‘organizational ogres’.

Ajay (name changed), a 29-ye…

Partner:A hitched partnership

-By Swetha Amit are some films which cruise you through reality leaving you with a heavy feeling. There are a few meaningful ones with a strong message. And there are others which have no logic yet manage to tickle your funny bone to the core.

Partner falls in the last category. It propels you to leave your brains behind and prepare yourself for an edge of the seat entertainer, providing comic relief for a good three hours. Supposedly inspired from the Hollywood flick Hitch, the film takes you through a series of laugh riot sessions.

Prem (Salman Khan) a very apt name for the popular love Guru as he is known in the film manages to play the human cupid to perfection. Being the most sought after by all provides him an encounter with the nerdy bespectacled Bhaskar (Govinda).The latter expresses his crazy- in- love state over the suave and wealthy Priya (Katrina Kaif) who is his boss and the on…

The blind no longer behind

-By Swetha Amit With the growing trend of numerous job opportunities in various fields, it’s indeed pleasant to see its extension even to the visually challenged.

Apparently a call centre aptly named ‘Dhrishti’ has been set up for the blind in Mumbai by the NAB (National Association for the blind) and Tata Indicom. Such employees are reported to indulge in the usage of two telephone instruments. One which enables them to talk to the clients and another to get voice based data on the customers. The operation has proved to be sucessful, where such individuals are acclaimed to be as punctual and efficient in their performance, as a normal being.

It is indeed a delight to see this novel expedition in the BPO sector which hopefully should catch up in other fields as well.

It not only provides scope but also enables such people to forget and overcome their shortcomings. Wavering feelings of being inade…

7/11:A tribute

-By Swetha Amit July 11, 2006, Mumbai: It was like any other normal evening bustling with a crowd of folks waiting to rush back home to their near and dear ones, especially after a tiring day at work. Little did they realize that the friendly train whistles would be followed by a fatal explosion that echoes like death bells even today?
Who would have thought that they may never return again only to leave sinking hearts behind along with the sinking sun? The prime time between 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm. was mercilessly targeted as the death zone. The series of blasts that occurred in Mumbai’s most sought after commutable transport flabbergasted millions.
Panic, commotion, running helter-skelter, helplessness, and shock accompanied the people. The smiling faces a little while ago were converted into a barely recognizable state of being as death ruthlessly tore them away. After 26/7,2005, this was yet anot…

Monsters in law

-By Swetha Amit Time has metamorphised itself into a progressive stage in comparison to several years ago. However, it is sad to realize that this advancement has not yet progressed in certain sections of the society.

Dowry is one such issue that prevailed as a social evil and unfortunately continues to do so in several parts of the country even today. Despite the ‘Development’ that has supposedly taken place, it certainly has not extended into the narrow minds of people.

The recent incident of Pooja Chauhan in the conservative state of Gujarat has stirred a lot of commotion. Taking a bold stance, she just walked in her bare minimum on the streets protesting against the injustice towards her.

It must have been a horrifying sight for the onlookers to watch an unusually semi clad woman. Apparently her in laws have been harassing her for dowry on a continuous basis. Many may dispute this atrocity exh…

My friend Ganesha: Friendship with God

-By Swetha Amit Loneliness often propels one to longingly seek a friend. Times like these often push us into a solitary stance or we find our solace in the road to spirituality striking an unspoken friendship with God.

My friend Ganesha is one such film which depicts this divine friendship between a child and the elephant faced God and takes you down the mythological lane.

The movie revolves around a family consisting of Ashu, his parents, aunt and the maid Gangubhai who places her sincere devotion in Lord Ganapathy. Ashu is a lonely child devoid of any friends and to top it all he is bullied by his counterparts at every given opportunity. To make matters worse, his parents who are caught up with the corporate lifestyles hardly spend time with him.

One day he ends up saving a little mouse from the harsh rains. On sharing this with the maid, leaves her enthralled enough to tell him of being the sav…