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Dazzling Dussehra

Times have changed to an extent that its a rare circumstance to see too many people aware of why festivals are celebrated or even devoting few minutes to God due to erratic lifestyles which result in ever increasing stress levels and leave them hard pressed for time for anything else. This mythological tribute is done from the bottom of my heart as over the past few years I have started to believe that the almighty walks with me in every step I take in life. This faith has done wonders for me personally and brought about a serene feeling. A celebration all over the country has inspired me to do this tribute to the mighty Goddess whom I believe in has brought in that inner strength and spirituality. Just wanted to share this feeling with all and include everyone in my prayers.

Dussehra or Navarathri....Is a ten day celebration of victory over the evil forces that engulfed our mother earth centuries ago ".Dus" means ten and depicts the 10 evil faces of the villain of Ramayana c…


The below article is definitely something to think about. It is actually very true. As a psychologist cum counselor strongly believe that a person is solely responsible for how he or she reacts or feels. It is a fact that others don’t cause our feelings of happiness, sadness, hurt etc.Its we who choose to feel that way.

It should be realized that no matter what others do or don’t do, it is their problem not ours. If they say something or do something, we are not the losers but they. If people behave in a wrong manner even if it pricks us like a pin, its is they who suffer the consequences of their actions, not us. In short, this is the much talked about LAW OF KARMA.

What goes around comes around. If we do well, we get good, and if we do badly, we get bad. So let’s remember that if someone does something or says something which is against us, instead of feeling bad for ourselves, we should feel sorry for them as they end up with a liability of the bad deed with a huge sum of interest.

A …

Munnabhai meets Gandhi

This is a writeup on how Munnabhai meets Gandhi and the incidents that have preceded this encounter. This is not a review or story of the whole film. However, instances have been quoted on how Munnabhai meets the Mahatma and the twist in tale of Dadagiri vs. Gandhigiri.What turns out to be a laugh riot entertainer, also precipitates the social message coming across to the contemporary youth and civilization. It’s also the case of history meets present, by bringing to life, the yesteryears father figure into the current scenario. The mode of reviving back the memories of the great personality, is indeed an excellent thought to present to us, that not everything is achieved through war and bloodshed. As a famous quote states” The pen is a mightier weapon than the sword”, this film states that Ahimsa is a mightier combat than physical force and abuse.

Lage raho munnabhai bole tho Sequel alla re.Yes,back on screen are the troublesome duo Munna and his reliable buddy circuit to sizzle the s…