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Rain rash

-By Swetha Amit Nature is known to have its dark side as well. The recent spells of showers in the maximum city has provided a stage which has proved the enactment of the monsoon melodrama in a negative role.

This is no mystery to millions that it’s been raining cats and dogs for the past one week. The harshness of these stormy spells has extended up to places like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, apart from Maharashtra.

The low lying areas are reported to have submerged under water. The fast- paced city is forcibly coming to a sluggish movement. It has once again managed to bring a standstill to the bustling activities, affecting the road, rail and air traffic in the process. The lashings have ruthlessly plundered innocent lives and the baffled individuals are helplessly trapped between the devil and the deep sea situation on a literal basis.

These alarming conditions in Mumbai have begun to ring a war…

Andha kanoon

-By Swetha Amit Love is blind’ the famous saying goes. However off late, the law is turning blind too.

The softness of the legal system seems to be increasing with the hardness of the alcoholic beverages. Several cases of drunken driving have surpassed negligence due to the lack of appropriate disciplinary action. Numerous instances have been reported in the past. It’s shocking to note the occurrence of 4200 such cases last year in Delhi alone, besides indefinite incidents in other places as well.

The latest episode in Delhi reported by the media has stirred a lot of indignant minds. A 22 year old was caught in such an act only to be let Scot free in spite of having taken two innocent lives. While the parents are psychologically bruised and devastated, the young lad seems to have escaped the necessary punishment needed as a corrective measure.

Many have lost their beloved due to these rash unfort…

Father figure

-By Swetha Amit While mothers are those who nurture the tree, fathers form the strong roots which bind the little flowers, fruits and tiny branches into one big family tree.

Father figure is that unmistakable soul providing the rock solid support for his kith and kin on an eternal basis in every possible way. They stand apart with their inherent charismatic aura around them embarking them to be the evident leader of the pack.

My dad is truly one in every aspect. A self -made successful businessman who I look up to, with immense pride. As I trace back memories of his perseverance and innumerable sacrifices, my feelings portray an inexplicable mixture of joy, sadness and admiration. Joy- as I share a vital part of his triumph. Sadness as his profession demanded considerable amount of his precious time away from me. Admiration-as I cannot help but gape in wonder at his strong, confident demeanor acc…

The Yuvi war

-By Swetha Amit This is in reference to the incident that took place in Yuvraj's Singh's party in December. The yuvi war seemed to be flashing all over the news channels.

Apparently the "Yuvraj" name wasn't the only common thing between the warring men. According to the reports, Yuvraj Mahajan's girlfriend was snatched away by the cricketer which resulted in a brawl between the two. This verbal and physical combat caused a police complaint to be lodged, only to be withdrawn later by both their respective mothers who seemed to VOICE their cries a little loud to the media. This has gone as far as the infamous cricketer being summoned to the court.

It was reported that our mid-order batsmen hit his namesake very hard. It’s a pity that such force and aggression is absent in his batting in the most crucial one day internationals. If only his bat did the hitting, the men in bl…

The reign of the rain

-By Swetha Amit It is that time of the year again. Darkened clouds begin to form groups wiping away the smile on the sun's face. The great battle begins, as these united forces combat the glare of the fierce sun, coming to the rescue of the living beings affected by this eternal furnace. Relenting to retire for a while, the rather reluctant sun finally agrees to crown the new form of nature which will shower and pour its affection on us who are eagerly beckoning it.

Yes the reign of the rain has indeed begun.

The first spell of showers greets us pleasantly by going pitter patter on our window panes .Waking up to their friendly wake up call, our morning drowsiness gets dispelled as we view this mystic beauty of the rains. A sense of freshness engulfs us as our nostrils pick up the fragrance of the just-wet soil.

It is indeed a treat to the eyes to see the teary link between the sky and earth wi…