Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Bandra to NCPA-19 km- A runners musings

This is my second month with the energetic Mumbai road runners group. In such a short time they have begun to feel like family so much so that I look forward to the first Sunday of every month where a distance of 19 km is covered starting from Bandra to NCPA. The fact that I woke up with a mild throat pain and flu didn’t deter this contagious spirit of wanting to run with fellow runners. Just thinking about the cheerful volunteers who were waiting at every 5 km halt with water stations, Enerzal drinks and bananas was enough incentive to take those strides. The run began from Otters club Bandra, where we were asked to pair up with another buddy runner in order to motivate and keep ourselves motivated. Considering the harsh heat and the unbearable humid conditions of May, one certainly needed all the encouragement they could get. As we began our rather arduous journey at 5:30 am, the initial friendly chatter amongst the runners soon turned into focus in completing this task. 

The route took us through Mahim Church, Sivaji Park, the powerful Siddi Vinayak temple which was instrumental in blessing us with some renewed vigour, the break of dawn at Worli sea face, the religious shrine of Haji Ali, the hilly terrains of Peddar road, the Babulnath Temple and the last phase included Marine drive up to NCPA. Along the course, the halt at every water station included some words of encouragement with fellow runners and a smile at the other early morning joggers and walkers. Just a simple gesture of a thumbs up or a pat by our buddy or other runner worked wonders and the energy levels spiked up probably more than what a Gatorade drink would do. Nevertheless it was enough to keep us going every time we would feel like giving up. It was a feeling of euphoria when we reached NCPA, partially thankful that we had made it and happy to stretch our legs and bask in the glory. It was a well-organized run and I must compliment Mumbai Road Runners for giving us a great opportunity to meet and acquaint ourselves with other running enthusiasts through this initiative. The best aspect about this group is that it is welcome to all and holds no barriers in recruiting new people who are equally made to feel welcome. They say that the journey matters more the the destination and this saying holds true for the 19 km run from Bandra to NCPA. Thank you Mumbai Road Runners and hope to see you keep up this momentum!