Friday, September 25, 2009

Jai Mata Di

Once the world was filled with darkness making all its anxious inhabitants wonder if they would ever see daylight again. True to their earnest prayers, a power emerged with a sole purpose of attaining victory over evil after an arduous battle of 10 days. These 9 nights symbolize a ray of hope which exhibited the destruction of all the vile forces that were once present.

Though our life isn't devoid of any sins or wickedness, what matters is that we continue looking for that silver lining even when the dark clouds prevail. It signifies happiness and prosperity along with hope. Meanwhile it’s the time to chant Jai Mata Di all the way-a tribute to the beautiful and powerful Goddess who indeed did bestow daylight upon us.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On a Musical trip...

There are some evenings which are flamboyant and give you the peak of luxury. And there are others which exhibit such simplicity and tend to remind one of the saying that its simple things in life which bring you joy. Last evening was probably one of the best I’ve had in the recent times.

A friend had invited us over to view his magnificent screen at his place which had sound effects similar to that of a multiplex screening. Added to which his passion for music of all genres propelled him to exhibit his huge collection of Bollywood numbers over the years. Right from the 60s to the recent fast tracks, the musical trip indeed made us walk down memory lane. Playing some of the old songs led to a discussion of how music kept changing and reinventing itself every 10 years. The nuances of the yesteryears actresses’ beauty, grace and poise were greatly admired, not to mention the soulful tracks that evoked feelings of nostalgia. It sort of reminded me of going through old photos and reliving our days of innocence.

As we returned home in the darkness of the maximum city, I tuned on to the fm radio watching a few cabs whizz by on the way home. I couldn’t help but think that how listening to music proves to be one of the most soul satisfying moments. We all find a need to get away from our regular routines or the boredom syndrome. A flight from reality as Freud terms it or a sort of wishful thinking to get into a different world temporarily. However not at the cost of not wanting to get back to the real world. As this cerebration continued, I thought about some songs which I never get tired of listening to. As I make a list of it below, I cite reasons as to how each one is special in its own way. I love Bollywood, House, Trance, selective rock and pop/Hip Hop.

Starting from good old Bollywood:

Pyar kiya to darna kya-Mughal E azam: Madhubala was an eternal beauty and this song when viewed in colour mode brings out the golden era of the Mughal period. I always get goose bumps when I listen to this song, as it is embodiment of love, passion and yet with a lot of innocence attached to it.

O mere dil ke chain-Mere Jeevan Saathi- Heard this song innumerable times and saw this for the first time yesterday. Pancham was a thorough genius and his songs truly are soul stirring.

Inteha ho gayi Intezaar ki-Sharaabi: Amitabh was a legend in his times. This is one song which needs to be listened to with lights off and in a loud volume. The lyrics are phenomenal. It makes you relate to the song completely as one is always waiting for something or someone in life.

Songs of Qayamat se Qayamat tak: Each and every song is so melodious that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Hats off to Anand Milind for this.

Pehla Nasha-Jo Jeeta wohi sikhandar-Beautiful lyrics again accompanied with beautiful locales. Reminds me of those carefree days of my childhood.

Churake Dil mera-Main Khiladi tu anari: Akshay is one of my favourite actors plus this song is indeed mind blowing with great beats and a haunting melody.

Tu cheez badi hi mast mast-Mohra: This movie became a hit mainly for this song. A catchy number which stays with you. I can never ever get tired of listening to this song. Amazing choreography for those days.

Songs of DDLJ: Again catchy tunes plus the movie features in my favourites list as well. Not to forget the plush locales of the snow capped Alps.

Deewana-Kabhi haan kabhi naa- This song depicts a boy waiting for his lady love as he composes this song. Amazing number with beautiful lyrics and again a song I can completely relate to.

Songs of Gupt: Haunting and innovative, Viju Shah truly did a good job.

Woh Lamhe-Zeher: One of my favourite rain songs.

Bandiya-Khuda ke liye:The first Pakistani release and this song has an interesting blend of rock and sufi to it.

Maa da ladla and Shut up and bounce-Dostana: Peppy tracks which lift my spirits up immediately.

International tracks:

Part time lover-Stevie Wonder: Would have listened to this track so many times that my CD is bound to have scratches on it. Amazing number and I always felt people with some sort of disability have a wonderful talent to compensate for which makes millions swoon over their gift.

Boney-M and Abba: Grew up listening to these albums. Love their tracks and brings back fond memories.

Money for nothing-Dire Straits: Love the guitar twang and the words of the song. The video is great as well.

Nothing else matters-Metallica: Am not usually a rock or a heavy metal fan. But selective numbers seem to stay with me. And in that case, well nothing else matters.

Baya Baya-Safri Duo: Amazing how drums can create magic. Listen to this track and you’ll know what I mean. Especially when they are ‘played alive’.

Right Round-Flo Rida: Reminds me of the film ‘The Hangover’ and boy this one is pretty addictive. Couldn’t stop listening to it and drove my husband completely bonkers.

House Music: Got into the groove of House music when I was in Goa for Christmas and New Year last couple of years. A complete festive mode and keeps your foot tapping all the way.

Trance: Love this when I’m working out in the gym. It gives me an extra boost of energy and motivation to run faster on the treadmill.

It’s amazing how music can work wonders in several ways and evoke varied emotions. It’s one trip which is worth it even if it means swaying away from reality at times. After all it’s a mad mad world out there like the Cheshire cat put’s it!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Something to look forward to

Holidays are something which never fails to evoke excitement amongst all age groups for various reasons. Children get an off from their classroom lectures and the boring black boards; College kids from their droning lectures and working professionals from their corporate drones. A day off, probably sounds like a magic wand which promises to bestow its best and relieve one out boredom and routine. It’s even more of a treat when such days fall near a weekend which makes it into a delightful long one propelling one to make plans with immense zest. Thanks to festivals and birthdays of renowned leaders, we have been blessed with 3 continuous 3 day weekends. First one is eid, second Dussehra and the third Gandhi Jayanti.

These are days of relaxation, partying or just catching up with friends. With movies releasing in plenty, it proves to be a vacation of visual treats with the hope of such flicks being good ones or a laugh riot entertainment. Or it’s probably time for some to bag pack and do a weekend getaway by the sea or amidst the lush green plains of the Western Ghats.

Whatever said and done, one feels like a new person altogether after the three blissful days irrespective of any activity or none. What wouldn't one do to wish for more joyous occasions like these to celebrate more than one thing?? Meanwhile it’s certainly the time to disco as I'm already doing a jig here thinking of the treat awaiting us for the next 3 weeks. It makes my Dil Bole Haddipa!!! Speaking of which, I managed to catch the movie yesterday on big screen. A peppy entertainer with Rani stealing the show and it brings out the Cricket Mania in India.

Anyways wishing all Eid Mubarak, Happy Dussehra and a very Happy b'day to our beloved Bappu in advance.:-)


Monday, September 07, 2009

‘Gaali’: A sound message

-By Swetha Amit
What a 3 hour film manages to convey with immense melodrama, the same impact is created in 15 minutes leaving the viewers stunned. Not surprising as their attention span is retained all through with a question of “what next?” playing in their minds. It sort of reminds one of a T 20 game of Cricket which is nothing less than a fast paced thriller with the scales tilting on either side at any given point.

Kiran Motion Pictures and Indian Ocean pictures’ ‘Gaali’ is one such film that will evoke tremendous cerebration amongst the audience. The movie revolves around a chance encounter of two characters (G.K.Desai and Usha) on the streets of Mumbai after dark. An interesting conversation prevails between a man who has lost his love and a call girl. A flurry of abuses follows with the language depicting immense vulgarity which is typical of such class of individuals lurking around the streets of the maximum city at an odd hour. What turns out as accidental meeting results in changing the perception of the male protagonist with regard to life?

Interesting references can be drawn from the film. One is usually known to draw lessons from the flamboyant literary world of words. However this dares to defy such norms as the irony lies in deriving the same from a hurl of abuses and language exhibiting a lot of vulgarity. It also makes one realize that uncertainties in life is what propels unexpected array of events leading to change in one’s thinking. This especially can be identified by people in Mumbai, a city which never fails to surprise you at any given moment.

With movies like these, Gaali will open a new era to cinema altogether and precipitate interest in short films eventually. A daring film which can be termed as a path breaking one carves a niche for itself in the world of Cinema. Well directed by Dipk G.N.Nangalia, good performances, original, innovative and hard hitting, ‘Gaali’ deserves to be presented in the short film category in an event like Cannes film festival. With sub titles acting as a guiding force, language will not prove to be a barrier which is a blessing. It no doubt showcases one experimenting with the audio language of the film format in Indian Cinema. Especially since the film’s tagline states that “And you cannot get more vulgar than this”.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

An unfortunate tragedy

12 hours since the Chopper went missing, the alarm bells starting ringing furiously. The panic button was pressed as the mystery of the disappearing chopper along with the Andhra Chief Minister raised several pertinent questions. Was this on its way to become yet another Bermuda Triangle aspect? As the clock ticked away, the hopes faded along with the dim lights of the twilight zone. The 60 year old politician was declared no more this noon along with 4 other casualties.

What seemed unfortunate about the whole thing was the fact that the Chief Minister was apparently on a surprise visit to check drought relief in the villages. It’s sad that a person meets such a tragedy on his way to do a good deed. While others' who are on an evil mission to destroy cities through terror and bombings aren't met with such obstacles. Instead innocent lives are preyed upon with the former getting off the hook easily. Is this what one call's the irony of life?

Meanwhile hope his soul rest's in peace. God Bless.