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A black out of humanity?

-By Swetha Amit “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.” A saying by Mahatma Gandhi which is nothing less than reality. The movie Black Friday advocates the above statement. A shocking truth about the Mumbai 1993 blasts reveals it all.

Tracing back into this not so pleasant memory lane, brings back the nightmares of the horrifying incidents that still remain fresh in the human minds. That sunny afternoon on March 9th seemed to portray the normality in the functioning of the busy Mumbai city. A group of office goers grabbing a bite of the roadside chaat; a sweeper exchanging a cheerful greeting with his fellow mate. A vendor calling out loudly to the passers and other people bustling about to get back to their busy schedules. Not a soul realized that the next minute of a normal peaceful day could change events to a tragic ending.

The sudden loud explosive sound in the BSE continues to echo in…

Be positive

-By Swetha Amit Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS is the most DEADLY dreaded word which is tagged with a social stigma. People want to run a mile away from such infected patients who are not only shunned but also looked down upon. It is estimated that there will be about 9-10 million individuals afflicted with this condition.

It is true that some people contract it because of multiple partners and many others are innocent victims due to ignorance. Women and children fall under this category. It is disheartening to see them being treated as outcasts; they suffer from ignominy and shame for no fault on their part.

A clinical definition is that its collection of symptoms and infections in humans resulting from the specific damage to the immune system caused by the human immune deficiency virus (HIV).This transmission can come in the form of anal, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusion, co…

Being Yourself

-By Swetha Amit “Be yourself”; is a common expression by millions to others, in several occasions as a confidence boosting factor.

However this notion is gradually turning alien with the present generation. It ultimately leads to what psychologists call as “identity crisis” at a much later stage. The current youth seem to emphasize the importance of "fitting in" with the “cool” crowd. The craze of being seen at the “right” hangouts with the “right” people has engulfed these not so innocent minds. This “right” fever has spread like wildfire across these freshers. The constant need for a sense of belonging seems to have surpassed even the primary and basic requirements of the youngsters. The new era of obsessed networking has precipitated in robbing them of their vibrant spirit. Wanting to be a part of the supposedly trend setting gang, has lead to false beliefs of only activities such a…

A MAJOR set back?:Jai Jawan

-By Swetha Amit In this era, entertainment seems to dominate the media coverage. It’s a shame to see real news taking a back seat. The bravery of Major Manish Pitambre is one such instance.

He is the one who lost his life in a terrorist encounter. Major Manish H Pitambare got information from his sources about the terrorists' whereabouts. Taking immediate steps, he attacked the camp. His valiant act of killing Hisbul Mujahidin's most wanted terrorist 'Sohel Faisal’ in Anantnag, cost him his life.

Such a man indeed deserves a noble farewell, by performing the due rites needed of such an honorary individual. India and the news channels seem to be forgetting, that they and the 'celebrities' are leading their page 3 lives thanks to the soldiers who are fighting across the borders. While such people are enjoying the ‘cool’ comforts sitting inside their air conditioned homes, there …

Mesmerizing Maldives

-By Swetha Amit Its six months since I got married. As clich├ęd as it sounds, time flies. Tracing into the memory lane of this half yearly period, brings back pleasant encounters with the sun and sand, not to mention my soul mate on a romantic island. My honey moon in Maldives was indeed an unforgettable experience.I had heard lots about this exotic location haunted by foreigners all through the year and was looking forward to this trip.

As I reached this mesmerizing destination, my expectations were far from being dashed. It was love at first sight as I rode on the waves in a speed boat to the resort tucked away deep into the ocean. The massive lagoons of different depths and varied shades of blue and the exploration into the underwater coral garden made it an ideal tropical destination. However these islands had more to it than what meets the eye.

Situated to the South West of Sri Lanka, Maldive…

Bride in her new home

-By Swetha Amit

An Indian bride is a theme that has popularized several television soap operas. The conflict in the minds of these coy beauties and its causes has been portrayed to a large audience,who lap it all up with fervour.

Most women have undergone this phase or yet to experience this novel feeling of being a newly married. An insight into the emotions that flow like currents in the mind of the "girl turned woman”, provides a useful tool for us individuals to empathize with the feminine gender. Fear, apprehension, nervousness and pressure of living up to people's expectations, understanding her husband and others exhibit the normalcy of such feelings. Also the fact that one is no longer the carefree lass as she was in her own home; sudden shouldering of responsibilities, adjusting to a new place and people are the common thoughts, running through the newly wed. At the same time, …

Lo(ve) Behold!

-By Swetha Amit Spring has arrived. Birds looking at one another coyly chirp their flighty duets. Trees seem to bloom with colorful flowers and evergreen leaves. It’s bright, sunny and devoid of any tears from the usually moody clouds. The skies seem to celebrate this lovely season as well, with the sun giving its brightest smile.

Heart shaped balloons waving out to the crowd below, mushy cards, lovable little soft toys, and red roses glowing all over; love is certainly in the air. It’s a pleasant sight to see couples of all age groups hushed up in their own rosy world. Whispering sweet nothings, small romantic gestures of presenting a small card or a gift has caught up like a viral fever amongst these twosomes.
Cakes, candies and candles seem to lighten up the whole environment. The energetic, vibrant red color seems like a carpet of passion that has embraced these souls into one. Cupid’s arrow…

Koffee without sugar?

-By Swetha Amit Time for yet another cup of coffee, in this case cups.

Back on air is the lively tete talk with Karan Johar, ‘koffee with Karan’. The show is very popular for its laugh riot and witty talks with the celebrities. It is an appealing program which is popular among the youngsters. Bringing together the several Bollywood personalities indeed provides an action packed drama on small screen. The second part promises some even more sizzling star pairs which is awaited eagerly by all.

It started off by bringing in Kjo’s favorite people who go way back to his debut film and his first hit. The famous trio coffee beans in the form of Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerjee were all set to add flavor and their own aroma to the show. It seemed like the host was with his family as he considers them to be. It began as a discussion about the media created cousin rivalry which was denied by both the…

Backwater charm

-By Swetha Amit Pitter-patter raindrops of the seasonal monsoons welcomed me into their divine abode. As I set foot into this paradise, my feelings were no less than being on seventh heaven. Pearl like water droplets spread out in abundance on this evergreen plain carpet. Driving down the smooth roads from Cochin to Kumarakom, I could see the coconut trees waving out a cheerful hello with their long leaves. Wanting their “new guest” to feel at home, they gestured me to quench my thirst with their hard fruit coolant.

Little did I know, I would encounter more enchanting experiences from this magical endeavour.I eagerly awaited the famous backwater cruise from Kumarakom to Allepey.I reached this beautiful retreat tucked away behind the green cascade of grassy curtains. The water sparkled with a purity portraying its inherent glow. I seated myself on the boat, which sailed across this channel accomp…

Cracked up

In this superficial world,people are out to criticise each other with respect to physical appearance and mental make up.Extends upto ones credentials and the inherent talents posessed.The important aspect of invividuals having a golden heart or hale and healthy life doesnt seem of any significance to either the young or the old.The below forward should dawn a realisation amongst many that, nobody is inferior or superior to others.Maybe matrimonial columns especially can learn from this short story.The worth of an individual is measured by what he/she is and not by their culinary skills/nightingale voices,coloured or blemished skin/crooked nose or their designation/profession.In short,though all of us are cracked,we are also backed by our own positives.Sooner this is learnt,the better the progression of the society.

A water bearer in China had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it, while the other pot was per…

Cling till divorce do 'em apart?

-By Swetha Amit Marriages are made in heaven, but broken on earth; and it is perceived as a claustrophobic living hell by most youngsters today. Is it really a devil's abode as many portray it to be?

A further insight is given to this alarmingly growing 'marital phobia’. The twenty something adults are apprehensive about their independence being enticed away with a lifetime commitment. Space and privacy are the two most common connotations uttered by the contemporary youth, in relation to marital ties.

Many may find the concept of a marriage, an exciting prospect of walking down life’s journey with their soul mate. However its the term "wedding "that acts as a block of iceberg in this warm and cozy institution.Inlaws and par aphelia of relatives, adjusting to the new family and meeting each ones demands is enough to frighten these singletons away all their lives. In the recent t…

B'day(Aby) Baby

-By Swetha Amit Today(Feb 5th) is the birthday of the new Guru of bollywood.His success proves that hes not failed to Miss (the) world in more than one way.His never say die attitude in his new role is an extension of his personal life.The initial string of flops faced by junior B never made him think Bas, itna sa khwab hai?

Harsh statements made by the media for not matching up to his legendary dad has been taken in his stride,telling himself,"Abhi kuch na kaho".Dismissing a lot of flaks and critics,his will power made him take Refuge(e) in chanting Om jai jagdish hare.

His boon was granted in the form of Yuva,after which Aby baby has been on the Run.His flooding offers kept him on his toes, which made him do a Naach on the Zameen.

His bespectacled look in Dhoom,made his fans applaud and say Tera jadoo cha(l) gaya.Popularly known for his Shararat on the sets, has in turn made this Bunty…

Master of the game:Tribute

-By Swetha Amit Sidney Sheldon has been one of the popular authors who has created a rage in the world of books. His bestsellers took the readers on a flight from reality. A trip to the figment of his imagination delighted several book lovers. A novelist whose write-ups were most sought after by all, especially the women segment.

It is a sad plight to hear that this 89 year old writer breathe his last on Tuesday. This mishap occurred due to complications from Pneumonia at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. May his soul rest in peace. His fans will always remember him for his wonderful works.

A tribute to this revered distinguished man.

This well renowned author was indeed a master of the game in his field. He had the ability to grip the reader by his novels. He has invoked the memories of midnight with the saying” Tell me your dreams."

His belief in the Sky is falling had brought the

Hunger pangs

-By Swetha Amit Can we imagine a day without those mouthwatering cereals, aaloo parathas or a buttered toast? Can we visualize the absence of dal-roti, sabzi-chawal, samosas, piping hot jalebis and the gallons of milk? Can we foresee a life without these delicacies that cater to our taste buds, for even a single moment?

Skipping one meal a day leaves us feeling irritable and cranky. Complaints about headaches and low energy levels are often voiced out by us. The human body nudges us for its regular supply of vitamins and minerals to regulate its daily functioning. Not a single day can go by without such nutrients, can it? Enhancement of a healthy living has emphasized the concept of eating the right food from our birth. Importance of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner has been recognized, in order to stay healthy. This knowledge has precipitated the duo- parental roles of being bread winners in …