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An appalling assassination

-By Swetha Amit The brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto has generated shock waves across the world. This sadistic method of having a ‘blast’ in the horrifying form of terror has cost yet another life.
It was a moment of disbelief and bewilderment for many as the news of her death was announced. The breaking news led to the ‘break’ down of her near and dear ones especially. A cry of anguish lingered after this deadly declaration by the Rawalpindi general hospital. It was also horrifying to see other innocent lives being targeted mercilessly.
Speculations are being made furiously and a million dollar question continues to linger in the minds of all. ‘Who did it’?
Extending beyond this is a cognitive concern about the extent to which violence takes a fatal turn. Being entwined in the web of greed, selfishness and power has sadly led to the elimination of mankind gradually. Petty mindedness and th…

‘Taare Zameen par’: A colorful learning

-By Swetha Amit

There are many who see the world in a matter of fact manner. However there are a few who delve deeper and view a different universe altogether which is a cut above the rest. The latter set of individuals are in turn perceived ‘different’ from the rest due to their unconventional mode of cognition. Noticing nature’s miniscule details tend to bring in a sparkle of joy causing their eyes to twinkle like starlets. Their gestures indulge in painting their novel existence into different shades of emotions. And eventually emerge as a star with a special talent despite their other shortcomings.
Taare zameen par is the story of one such boy whose ‘specialty’ lay in teaching others a colorful lesson about people, society and the world.
The film starts by showcasing images of dancing numbers, blurry images and jumbling up alphabets as seen by the delicate nine year old Ishaan (Darsheel Safa…

On a tree top

-By Swetha Amit The Sajan Nature Club situated on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway is an ideal holiday getaway. Spread over 20 acres, the camp offers various adventure sports such as valley crossing, rappelling, mountain biking and kayaking and makes a perfect setting for corporate group training and workshops.

When was the last time you climbed a tree and relaxed on its broad branches? As adults, we tend to move further and further away from the simple joys of childhood. Our stressful lives in crowded, dusty metropolises do not help either. Experts vouch for the rejuvenating benefits of short breaks from the predictable routines of our everyday life.

Yet, our quest for a retreat is filled with contradictions. We yearn wistfully for the serenity of nature, but find it impossible to live without the conveniences of modern life. We want it to be easily accessible, yet shy away from the obvious tourist centers. It is almost impossible…

Juvenile Delinquency

-By Swetha Amit Educational institutions were once considered as homes away from home. The secure atmosphere then proved to be a comforting factor to both parents and their children like a warm blanket on a frosty winter night. The contents of a school bag consisted of simple stationary items and books. Who would have thought that times would change so drastically that pencils and pens would be replaced by revolvers instead?
The atrocious incident at Gurgaon has flabbergasted many. A 14 year old met his end at the hands of his two school mates who shot him furiously. Apparently the victim was reported to have been bullying them to an extent of threatening to take their lives. The boys’ complaints to the school authorities fell on deaf ears as the matter was refused to be dealt with in the appropriate manner. This unfortunate stance instigated the young ones to indulge in a horrifying crime caus…

Special day for special people

-Swetha Amit Children are always considered special to parents. Yet there are those ‘special’ ones who fail to be treated in the same manner due to their faultless distinct features and abilities or rather ‘disabilities’ in this case.
There are some kids who move at a rapid pace in their physical, social and intellectual aspects. However there are few who fail to do so causing havoc and dismay to their parents whose dreams are shattered like a glass window which has been stoned.
Such is the case of children with Autism, Mental retardation, Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, learning disability etc.
Many are horror stricken on hearing their kid’s plight and even reluctant to accept it as the final diagnosis. They often live in denial hoping that some day their little ones prove them and the world wrong. Parents fear of being under societal mixture of pity and scorn. Such pressure propels them…

AID(s) your life

-By Swetha Amit
“Ignorance is bliss” is a popular saying which prevents one of unnecessary burden of facts that are irrelevant and cause an unwarranted baggage of strain. However there occurs many a moment when one can advocate a statement emphasizing that “Awareness is indeed a blessing”.
Acquiring knowledge certainly bears its fruit and comes in handy in several instances especially in those involving a life and death factor. Possessing vital information strengthens and empowers an individual and prevents them from attaining a ‘weak’ stance in more than one way.
Such is the case of the deadly disease called AID(s) which is of no mystery to the current population. Yet it’s ironical to see the vast ignorance of its pivotal aspects that has instigated this condition to a large extent and spread like wild fire. Tracing back to the yesteryears this virus was prominent among the sex workers clan whi…