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Happiness at work: A positive outlook

-By Swetha Amit The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes along their way.’ The essence of this famous quote is highlighted in Srikumar S Rao’s book on how to be resilient, motivated and successful — no matter what. We all come across problems in our professional lives. However, this can sometimes have an adverse bearing on the health, family life and spiritual growth of many professionals. This book aims to enlighten such individuals about the presence of a valuable element within them. It is that core element which holds the key to all their woes.

The book is divided into 35 chapters, each of which stresses on a golden rule to be followed in life. Each one of them enables the readers to introspect, evaluate and rethink on their lives. The exercises given after each chapter serves to further highlight the effectiveness of these golden rules. The philo…

Happy Thanksgiving

Realizing the worth of everything I have today: Great life, good health, Amit- my best friend and life partner, loving parents, my dear dear friends who bring in a cheer into my life, my motivating gym instructors of course. Makes my life truly rocking! Appreciate it whole heartedly. Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless you all!


26/11: 2 yrs since that horrifying unforgettable massacre. In memory of all the NSG forces-the heroes who made Mumbai see daylight after 3 days of horror and terror!

Jai Hind!


Well..what ideally should have been achieved in Fitness Centres, had to be attained via desperate measures of a surgery. Reason: An obese person is mocked and stared at wherever they go in order to achieve their goal. If only people learn to look at themselves instead of others,the world would be a better place-->

Those Carefree days

Feel your childhood - I want 2 go back to d time when "innocence" was "natural", when "getting high" meant "on a swing", when "drinking" meant "rasna", when "dad" was d only "hero", when "love" was "mom's hug", when the only thing that could "hurt" were "bleeding knees" n when "goodbyes" only ...meant "till tomorrow". Life has changed a lot!

Those were the carefree days of our life.

My comments on an article

This is an article appearing in the Crest edition of Times of India. An interesting one which talks about how people travel to pursue a hobby. I have given my comments on Scuba Diving. Posting the link below.

Happy Diwali

Its that time of the year one can give in to their sweet tooth withut having to worry about the calories. Wishing all a very Happy Diwali!! Have a prsoperous year ahead!! God Bless!!


God's blessing may come as a surprise. And how much you receive Depends on how much your Heart can believe. May you be blessed beyond what you expect.... Happy Dhanteras to all!!

Splendours of the Sahara news

-By Swetha Amit When one thinks of Egypt, mummies and pyramids are what come to the mind. Pyramids cover only about 5 per cent of the country while the remaining 95 per cent is covered with sand dunes. Going by this logic, one really hasn’t experienced Egypt until one has visited its vast and spectacular desert.

Possessing an adventurous streak, we decided to take a tour right into one of nature’s wonders, Egypt's desert. We had an early start to the day from Cairo and boarded the 4x4 SUV which was laden with our tents and the essentials needed to camp in the desert. We set off on our expedition accompanied by our driver and guide. As we drove down listening to informative inputs from our tour guide, we saw signs of civilization slowly giving way to scanty vegetation and piles of sand. We trusted our skilful driver who, we were told, knew his way around like a fox. After stopping for lunch on the way, we ventured further and r…

Stars Shine Down

It was a star studded show last evening at PVR Cinemas, Juhu! It was a private screening of Robot and we were thrilled to have been given an invite. As we entered the cinemas, we were one of the few to have arrived early. We waited inside the lounge eager to get a glimpse of the stars. One by one they finally walked in in their own stylish manner.

Isha Koppikar arrived rather subdued. Kunal Kapoor looked ridiculous with a hat on for some reason. Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra walked in rather confidently and was found engaging in some conversation with a few others. Karan Johar came in a poised manner. Dev Anand and Prem Chopra came in and headed straight towards the giant looking Sofas. Hema Malini came in and greeted Latha Rajnikanth in a warm manner. While Tabu looked rather lost and forlorn. Shriya Saran no doubt looked pretty but seemed to appeared rather whiny for some reason. Reema Sen gracefully posed for photographs with a few fans. The show was about to commence when Amitabh walked…

Mr Oliver’s Diary: Takes one back to school

-By Swetha Amit Certain books evoke feelings of nostalgia, propelling one on a walk down memory lane. Thoughts about our school days always brings back fond memories of our friends and teachers and the numerous happy moments shared with them. Ruskin Bond’s latest book ‘Mr Oliver’s Diary’ is a record of the many memorable moments of the students and teachers of a prep school. It creates a sense of longing in the reader for the good old times when he / she was a child and life was stress-free.

The story unfolds in the backdrop of Simla, similar to the setting in several of Ruskin Bond's earlier works. The narrative starts off by describing the train journey of a teacher — Mr Oliver — in the company of hungry and mischievous boys. Back at school, there never is a boring moment, and Mr Oliver records the hilarious events taking place on an everyday basis in his diary. Right from the notes on his pet parrot, sleepwalking stude…

Goodbye Ganpati Bappa

So long farewell its time to say Goodbye! The ten day festival of Ganpati comes to an end as we get ready to bid our favourite God a heartwarming farewell. The last ten days have not been easy on me with regards to work and health. But having immense faith in the adorable elephant faced God helped me pull through this and emerge as a stronger person. Thanking him for having been there and looking forward to yet another ten day festival of pomp and vigor next year. Good bye Ganpati Bappa. See you next year.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

It’s that time of the year when the Lord visits everybody's homes for ten whole days. Delicacies are prepared to pamper their favourite God and make his stay as memorable as possible.

The entire city of Mumbai is in a festive mode with giant Ganpati pandals, dhols and lighting. Not to mention the loud enchanted cries of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' which can even turn an atheist into a God fearing person.

The remover of obstacles and destroyer of evil: Our Favourite Ganpati Bappa never lets us down. Happy B'day dear elephant faced God and welcome to our abode.

Finding a purpose in life: Pilgrimage to the soul news

-By Swetha Amit It’s not the journey but the destination that matters. Life is one such never-ending journey where many often get lost trying to reach their destination. Giving up the expedition, they go astray, seeking refuge in drugs and alcohol. Few are however determined to continue the endeavour and arrive at the destination of their choice. Others aspire to achieve spiritual awakening, which spiritual leaders down the ages have said is the ultimate purpose of human existence.

RM Lala’s new book titled ‘Finding a purpose in life’ takes the readers on a journey of awakening, enabling them to reflect, retrospect and rethink on their lives. The book is divided into six parts describing 26 powerful people who have contributed to society in various remarkable ways. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Schweitzer, Jamsetji Tata, Ratan Tata, Nelson Mandela, Sudha Murthy and APJ Abdul Kalam are some of the personalities whose experiences wi…

Teacher's Day

Knowledge is that flame which ignites the minds of the young and old. It is that light which eradicates the darkness called ignorance. Today is that special day where the rays of wisdom lit up the globe making it stand out in pride. 5th September is the birthday of the late Dr. Radhakrishnan which is celebrated as Teachers day. We fondly remember him as the great educationist and his love for teaching.

Teachers are those souls who act as a guiding force throughout our journey of life. School is a home away from home where one is taught to be disciplined, honest and humble human beings. Right from teaching our basics in education, life’s lessons are also learnt in due course of time. They help us to differentiate between the right and wrong, influencing our lives to a large extent. They provide an anchor which helps in shaping our personalities in the right direction. They are those noble individuals who enable and encourage students to develop their talents, confidence levels and live …

Happy Birthday Lord Krishna

The adorable lad of Vrindavan whose pranks became the spectacular tales in Mythology. One who won over the folks of the same despite his mischievous streak. Be it troubling the Gopis, or stealing butter with his friends, Lord Krishna always came to the rescue of his near and dear ones. From a naughty young lad he soon went on to become the ruler of Dwaraka and a Philosopher, friend and guide to the Pandavas. A true Hero of Mahabharat whose conversations with Arjun led to what comprises our Holy book today. Teachings of the Bhagawat Gita have indeed inspired many to incorporate such lessons into their different spheres of lives. Wishing this adorable God a very Happy Birthday. A day which is celebrated by millions in the form of breaking 'matkas' filled with delicious butter milk.

Independence Day speech

In 1947, at the stroke of midnight, when the world was asleep, India saw a new daylight. It was a day when the British were shown the exit gate. And we experienced a feeling of new found joy. The word freedom had developed a new meaning altogether since then. Its value is cherished even after 63 years and will continue to be in the following eras to come.

It took many wars and lives to achieve this magical moment. National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi held several marches and brave soldiers fought hard to strive for this day. So what does freedom mean to all of us? It means the ability to love one and all equally without any bias. It means being free from evils like anger, hatred and violence which destroy humanity. It involves giving respect to our fellow citizens, country and most importantly our National Flag which stands proud for millions to see.

Today is that golden day in History where we pay a tribute to our National leaders and heroes who have attained this joyous moment. It i…

Therapy for the soul

Received this via email.

Intelligence without love makes you perverse
Fairness without love makes you inflexible and stern
Diplomacy and tact without love makes you a hypocrite
Success without love makes you arrogant
Wealth without love makes you mean and tight fisted
Poverty without love turns you into a radical
Beauty without love makes you capricious
Authority and power without love lead to tyranny
Labour without love turns you into a slave
Naivety without love turns deprives you of values
Prayer and worship without love turns you into an egotist
Faith without loves turns you into a fanatic
Bearing your cross in life without love becomes a terrible burden.
Life without love loses it meaning.

Tadoba: Call of the wild

-By Swetha Amit A feeling of child-like glee bubbles up when one tends to spot something that one has only read or heard about, or seen on television. Sighting a magnificent striped beast, a tiger, in the dense forests of Tadoba was no exception.

Our quest for a weekend getaway made us stumble upon the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, not far from Mumbai. Situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, this hidden jewel of a place proved to be a treat for us wildlife lovers. After a flight to Nagpur and a three-hour drive to Tadoba, we arrived at the MTDC resort. On arrival, we set off on an afternoon game drive in an open jeep, accompanied by our driver and a guide.

Forest fascination: Driving through the dense cover of trees in the scorching heat, we stumbled upon a family of langurs perched on the branches of a tree. Half-curious and half-fearful at our attempt to click pictures of them in their natural habitat, the whole group …

The post birthday phase

Whoever said growing a year older meant doomsday? In fact, progression with each stage means an opening of a whole new world altogether. It means reflecting on your past experiences with feelings of nostalgia and a wistful smile, gearing up for newer experiences that life has to offer. It even gets better just like a bottle of wine.

Every year sure does signify the ability to know yourself even better, come to terms with who you are and what you want out of life. It means more surety, more confidence and a certain amount of grace that adorns your persona like a piece of velvet clothing. That symbolizes a certain amount of soul searching that one tends to do and needs to stay in tune with your inner self. So here is the million dollar question: Who am I?

5 Years ago, my answer would have been that of an impish 24 year old who had hardly seen the world. However today I can proudly say, I am someone born to make the most out of life. I am someone born to bring about a difference in other p…

Conversation with God

A transcript I received has some useful reminders & insights

God: Hello. Did you call me?

Me : Called you? No.
Who is this?

God: This is GOD.
I heard your prayers.
So I thought I will chat.

Me: I do pray.
Just makes me feel good.
I am actually busy now.
I am in the midst of something.

God: What are you busy at?
Ants are busy too.

Me: Don't know, but I can't find free time.
Life has become like rush hour all the time.

God: Sure.
Activity gets you busy.
But productivity gets you results.
Activity consumes time.
Productivity frees it.

Me:I understand, but I still can't figure out.
By the way, I was not expecting YOU would call.

God: Well, I wanted to resolve your fight for time.
Give you some clarity.

Me: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

God: Stop analyzing life. Just lives it.
Analysis is what makes it complicated.

Me: Why are we then constantly unhapp…

The Wonder called Gonzalo Higuain

A slow and steady start is what eventually gives way to an explosion. It was a rather stale beginning for an otherwise an impressive team like Argentina against Nigeria of a 1-0 score. It seemed there was smoke yet no fire as they managed to just scrape through a meek win.

However their second game against South Korea proved the world that they were on the way to become the hot favourites in this tournament. Coach Maradona had more than a reason to be beaming with pride. History takes one back to the 1986 opening game in Mexico where they faced the same team with Huh (present coach of Korea) sent to stop Maradona. The latter faced an injury which seemed to have been imprinted in his memory, going to an extent of accusing his rivals of having played taekwondo. However this powerful win against the opponent team emphasised a sweet revenge against his old foe whom he finally seems to have settled scores with.

The star of the evening Gonzalo Higuain did do his team proud with a massive hat …

Back into the world of words

They say breaks are rejuvenating!! It sure does feel good to be back after a two month hiatus. The last couple of months have been pretty eventful. Travelled to Egypt and had quite an educational and adventurous trip. After which the IPL tournament got me hooked on being the cricket buff that I am. Being a staunch supporter of Mumbai Indians propelled me to go to every game of them and enjoy the stadium atmosphere. They played really well and it was disappointing to watch them lose in the finals.

After which the Mumbai heat took a toll on me making it impossible to even think, leave alone write about something. Now that the monsoons are here, the weather has finally bestowed its kindness upon us. It feels like a station out here and my School has started. So its back to work again. Also I had visited this Tiger reserve last weekend called Tadoba which is in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. It was a wonderful experience spotting a tiger.

So have a lot of travel write ups to work on. L…

The power within


There are some lines which you read, comprehend and move on due to its inability to make a lasting impact. There are others which have the power to attract your intellectual mode of stream and make you introspect in a deep manner making you almost forget your existence.

This was one such line that caught my attention instantly. Profound and thought provoking were the words that were attributed to this statement above. Being a Psychologist, I firmly believe the power of the inner strength that helps an individual combat the evil forces that prevail around them. Problems, issues and hurdles escape no mortal being. While some indulge in breakdowns others rely on some form of tenacity. Few put on a brave front while the core part of them is nothing less than a shattered four year old who's misplaced her toy. Shaky, uncertainty, apprehensi…

Bookworm bytes

Reading not only rejuvenates the mind but also transports you into a different world on a temporary basis. At times the literary characters appear real that one tends to get involved in the same only to realize how much time has flown. These characters can create a sense of sympathy, like or dislike among the readers depending on their attributes. Different books give a varied perspective but nevertheless not without a learning experience from its work of fiction.

Keeping a track of books I've been reading off late. Not only does it calm my mind but also helps me forget my worries for a while.

The Palace of Illusions-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: It brings back the Mahabharath from Draupadi's characters which made me look at this Indian epic in different light.

One hundred shades of white-Preethi Nair: A complex story which exhibits a rather disturbing truth concealed to protect ones loved ones until its thrown back on to the same after years have passed. Nothing seems real as one …

Under the sea

Swimming deftly in schools, the colourful species seemed to exist in a world of their own. Yet they didn’t appear lost to an extent where they failed to recognize a masked stranger in their abode. They were probably used to seeing the cylinder hooked species with false fins occasionally haunting their aquatic town. However it still didn’t deter them from that initial reaction of being startled or wary.

Reassurance by merely admiring them from a safe distance through a series of bubbles gradually instilled the confidence in them to get used to us visitors. As we wandered about in the world of corals and vertebrates, it was indeed hard to break away from this enchanting spell cast upon us as the pressure gauge often nudged to us the time limit underwater. No sooner did we get to know the water folk than it was time to ascend to the surface. They were immersed in their own bustling activities not paying heed so much as we bid farewell to this mesmerizing marine world.

It almost felt like a…

Drinking to others’ death

-By Swetha Amit Several cases of drunken driving have come and gone. This propelled stringent measures to come into play and bar anyone who even remotely smelt of alcohol mercilessly. A moment occurred where the need to pass the breathe test for drunken driving sent shivers down the spine of many night riders. After all this was a real life and death situation.

In spite these laws, it was horrifying to hear about a ghastly incident on Marine drive during the wee hours of Saturday morning. A 27 year old woman rammed her car into a jeep which cost the life of a Police officer and a biker due to her uncontrollable ‘intoxicated’ state. The reports described the incident as a result of a frantic call from her domestic abode in the midst of her party hopping which propelled her to act hastily. Residing in a posh locality of South Mumbai, it was no doubt that the affordability factor posed no problem. …

Republic Day

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai!! Jai Hind!!