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The Bhagalpur brutality

-By Swetha Amit The horrifying incident in Bhagalpur has left millions shell shocked at the cruel manhandling by the mobs and cops.
It was reported that Salim who was caught snatching a chain was preyed upon by the hungry and angry mass who gave him more than what he deserved. One couldn’t help drawing parallels to a group of blood thirsty hounds attacking their underdog. Beating him black and blue, they managed to bruise him in more than one way and probably caused scars that even time cannot heal.
It is true that this petty theft act by the victim was wrong and needed a lawful bid. The accused of any crime irrespective of its degree deserves to be reformed and meted out a disciplinary action in order to make him realize his misdeed.
However, on no account does it call for barbaric punitive measures where he was dragged around in a motor cycle like some sacrificial animal being taken for its ex…

Heyy Baby: Baby’s movie out and out

-By Swetha Amit Sometimes a return to innocence can shoulder us with immense responsibilities which tend to make us laugh or cry in exasperation.
Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heyy Baby is one such film which sails us through a whirlwind of emotions of three men along with an adorable baby and a strange twist.
The movie, set in Sydney, starts with the peppy number of the title track. This instantly portrays the flamboyant and flirtatious stance of the three men Aroush (Akshay Kumar), Al (Fardeen Khan) and Tanmay (Riteish Deshmukh), shaking a leg literally with blossoming beauties in a happening night club. The Casanova trio enjoy their carefree bachelor lifestyles of wooing and charming women. Little do they realize that a charming minute form would cause them woes in the near future!
The triple shock syndrome stuns them as an angelic faced baby lands up at their door step one day. Desperate measures to trac…

Black and Buck(ed)?

-By Swetha Amit There have been numerous instances posing a threat to the existence of the animal kingdom.

Excessive poaching of the tigers, turtles or rhinos in the recent past has instigated several animal lovers to protest against such disgraceful acts. Those certain sections of the human clan have apparently taken it upon themselves to be determinant for the continuance of these creatures.

The reasons cited for the above actions are that of satisfying one’s selfish needs for commercial purposes. Or the element of enjoyment that depicts the sadistic pleasure derived from killing these mute fauna species.

Hunting expeditions can be traced back to the time of the Maharaja as a royal sport. This legacy has been carried forward by certain ‘Nawabs’even today, followed by ‘c(Kh)andid’ behaviour accompanied by a ‘shooting’ in more than one way. The worst part is that such practices leave them buck(ed

In (sight) site into Social Networking

-By Swetha Amit The recent trend of socializing has extended even up to the virtual world.
Catching up with long lost friends, sharing one's interests, passions, photo albums and expressing themselves innovatively has become an ‘in thing’ with sites like hi5,orkut and face book. From sending emails to scrapping, technology has certainly progressed in terms of connecting the globe.
It seems exhilarating for most people to merely check out profiles randomly in order to determine either a common ground with others or discover the uniqueness and diversity amongst the human clan in several areas. Joining various communities; networking for a specific purpose or to enlarge the circumference of their social circle has swarmed millions to these sites like bees to honey. What starts out as mere curiosity initially, ultimately results in an addictive behavior for many over a period of time.
An insight …

‘The blue umbrella’: Shelters one from the blues

-By Swetha Amit
Sometimes simplicity often portrays a strong message with tremendous conviction. Reminiscing our childhood evokes a wistful memory of having been attached to a small thing which was our constant and inseparable companion.
The blue umbrella is one such story of a little girl and her exquisite umbrella -a tale which sails one through an emotion-filled trip of the village folk. The movie is an adaptation of a novel for children, in the same name by Ruskin Bond.
The story is set in a quiet hamlet amidst the lush evergreen hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh. Amongst them is the tea stall owner Nandikishore Khatri (Pankaj Kapur). Though being old, he manages to retain his child-at-heart stance. He often indulges in fancying and yearning for tiny possessions of children.
One fine day his attention is drawn towards a pretty little thing that adds a vivid charm to the grassy contours. Bini…

Chak De India:Scores a goal

-By Swetha Amit Many films have portrayed the theme of cricket. However Chak de India dares to be different from the clichéd rest. It manages to awaken the spirit of our almost forgotten national game-Hockey and revive it in the memories of millions.
The movie is inspired from the life of Mir Ranjan Negi. He was a goal keeper during the Asian games who was stripped off his dignity and grace by being hurled with an accusation of bribery. And this film gave him an opportunity to rekindle nostalgic memories of the game by training King Khan for his on screen personified role.
The film starts with a nail biting Hockey match between India and Pakistan. India led by Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) misses the all important penalty stroke and is then blamed for purposive defeat and stigmatized as being a traitor to his nation. Disowned by his own neighbourhood, he walks away with his held high silently vowin…

Chained humans?

-By Swetha Amit A news channel yesterday had reported an appalling condition of chained humans in a famous dargah in Hyderabad. This horrifying treatment continued in spite of the supreme court’s orders of prohibiting such homes to be shut down after a fire incident five years ago. This catastrophe had caused chained beings to lose their lives due to their pitiable condition.
Violating the human rights, it was sickening to see the inhuman treatment meted out to humans. Many of those mentally ill people were chained because they were reported to be under the influence of Satan and that there was a possibility of harming themselves. Apparently supernatural beliefs and superstitions do not make these ‘deciding authorities’’ Super humans, do they?
Such people are deprived of the luxury of leading a ‘normal’ life in the society due to their mental conditions. Their faultless state of mind causes immen…

Unconventional companions

-By Swetha Amit Companionship is one delightful aspect which can be extended even beyond the world of humans. Many have found their uncanny solace and support with their unspoken bond with the domesticated animal kingdom.

Loneliness is an increasing factor in the present scenario. Being hard pressed for time, different priorities and commitments of others lead to millions often being by themselves. This unbearable solitude leaves such companionless souls in pangs of misery. They grope in search for an alternative which ultimately becomes their best friend in due course of time.

In moments of melancholy, we often long for a lending ear to pour out our suppressed feelings to. We long for that comforting embrace which provides a soothing balm to our wrecked nerves. We need those understanding and non judgmental eyes which would reassure us saying all will be well. With the current busy and turbulent…


-By Swetha Amit A walk down the memory lane brings back the nostalgic moments of the exhilarating experiences with some important people in different stages of our lives-Friends.

They have managed to evoke various emotions which have helped in shaping our raw personalities right from our childhood to our adult years till eternity. These are the individuals who have been met at various moments during this lifetime. Some are still around while others have chosen a different pathway. Yet they have managed to instill the worldly wise knowledge in us in their own unique manner which has been the essential lifetime lessons.

Today’s fast paced lives leave us with very little time. So little that we hardly have any for our near and dear ones. The journey in life progresses to that phase which scatters us in different parts of the globe.

The distance factor has been minimized with the technological advanc…

Gandhi my father:Father of the nation

-By Swetha Amit Some noble deeds come at a cost of a stupendous sacrifice. The one of Mahatma Gandhi’s was a prime example.
“One family’s tragedy was the price of a nation’s freedom” as the tagline of the film says.
Fighting for the country’s freedom earned him adulation of millions and the title “Father of the nation”. Yet he had to pay a big price for it in the form of his elder son Harilal. The whole nation was showered with the revered person’s affection and yet the irony lay in the fact that his son never felt his father's love.
Gandhi my father revolves around the family of M.K.Gandhi and the difference in ideologies between the father and son.
The film starts with a drunken and haggard Harilal (Akshaye Khanna) in a hospital trying to revive his flashback which takes you through a series of revolutionary events and flurry of emotions.
A walk down the memory lane portrays the life of Barr…

“For one more day”: A Haunting expedition

-By Swetha Amit There are many in this world who would do anything to get just that one chance to make amends for their past misgivings. Yet very few get this golden opportunity while the majority is saddled with that nostalgic remorse and regret.

Mitch Albom’s new edition titled “For one more day” takes one through a wistful journey which encounters a strange and enigmatic tryst with the ghost of the past. The story unfolds the main character Charley Benetto (Chick) whose life is in ruins. Being unwanted at his own daughter’ wedding was the last straw of having lost everything and he is ready to give up his life. As he takes a midnight ride to his hometown, he encounters his dead mother much to his amazement and everything seemed as normal as ever.

Instances from his life are brought to light with a quick flashback through the book. Being with his mother for that one day makes him realize the la…

An appetite-we can do without

Image -By Swetha Amit Lakshmi’s article on non vegetarian dated 31.7.07 was a very touching one and brought tears to my eyes as I could almost feel the pain of the animals through her write up.
Being a non -vegetarian in the past due to my initial upbringing abroad, I have now become a vegetarian of which I have no regrets about. It was that one particular day when I pointed out an adorable looking chicken to my mother who replied saying that ‘"it was what you had consumed". These words were more than enough to change my mind instantly.
I was horrified at the thought of having been heartless enough to eat a tiny little helpless creature like that. The worse thing lay in the fact that I was indirectly contributing to its merciless slaughtering. From there on I made a vow never to lay hands on non vege…

Munnabhai barred?

-By Swetha Amit When I wrote a post wishing Sanjay Dutt for his anxiety-filled birthday, little did I know my line” And we hope to see more of him on screen for a minimum of at least ‘Dus’ years in the film industry “ would be countered with the unexpected verdict today.

The most awaited tensioned filled day had arrived with millions waiting to hear the decision with bated breaths. This adjudication of a six year imprisonment has stunned many especially the Indian film industry and his fans.

Sanjay Dutt was known for his past misdeeds. He had paid his penalty by spending 16 months in jail. And he has been a changed man all this while. Was there any point in sentencing him for six years? This rather harsh decision has upset his family and well wishers to the core.

Every human is known to commit mistakes and crimes. After a reprimanding punishment every being is given a chance to reform and begin li…