Friday, July 27, 2007

Bidding farewell to Dr.Kalam

-By Swetha Amit
Dear Dr.Kalam

I would like to take this opportunity to express my little token of appreciation.
Our country is indeed proud to have had one of the finest presidents in you. Your concern for people, society and their considerable well being is much admired. There are very few who show compassion towards humanity in today’s world. You being the epitome of humility and intellectual power inspires each one of us learn these magnificent qualities from a revered person like you.

You have made our nation shine with immense pride by setting an excellent example for the next generation and your vision for India 2020. Your ‘wings of fire’ has ‘ignited minds’ of millions. As you bid farewell to all of us from your office, I would like to say that you will always be remembered fondly by us humble folks who are drawing inspirations from a noble soul like you.

We look forward to continue to enrich our lives through your teachings in various educational institutions across the country. Lastly, being an ardent fan of your written works, I look forward to reading more of your literary pieces in the near future.
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