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Money for nothing

- By Swetha Amit He screeched his brakes to a final halt and jingled his keys as he got out. Entering his lavish residence, he was greeted by his housekeeper who had laid his tea. Munching on the gooey macaroon, he was soon lost in deep thought over the day’s events which had consisted of continuous teasing by his gang in college. The same old label of a ‘spoilt rich kid’ was tagged repeatedly accompanied by remarks of not knowing the real world/ having it too easy in life.

Driving his car had been the last straw. Such remarks seemed to be the latest fad that was doing its rounds. It was similar to that of the torn jeans that were once a rage and which nobody wanted to tame. It was a pity he realized that he of all people proved to be a guinea pig for tickling others’ funny bone. True that he possessed unlimited resources, latest gadgets, exotic vacations including his cool demeanour; things th…

Honored at the Oscars

-By Swetha Amit
There has been many a heart stopping moment. Bated breaths with pounding hearts and fervent prayers to the almighty hoping for a remarkable victory rarely have fallen on deaf ears. And this time it was no exception only difference being that it was a change from the fields of a perspiring sport to that of a glamorous red carpet scenario here.

Yes it is truly a ‘moment’ many wouldn’t like to let it slip out of their hands. It was a joyous one for the subcontinent when the most expectant name ‘A.R.Rahman’ was read out forgiving the mispronunciation in the state of euphoria. It doubled up the elation literally at the twin Oscar win, this time being shared with none other than ‘Gulzar’. Not to forget the sound mixing award won by Rasul Pookutty. Having won the most prestigious award, it is indeed celebration time for the country and its ecstatic folks. Especially since the words spo…

Home Sweet Home

-By Swetha Amit Often I found myself wondering what a real home would feel like. I often encountered fatigue as I roamed about aimlessly on the crowded streets of the busy city. My mother’s face felt like a distant image making me ruminate whether it had all existed in reality. I was mercilessly estranged from her for no fault of mine and immersed in solitude.

Homeless, helpless and hungry I prayed earnestly hoping that my begging eyes would touch a kind soul to spare me a few crumbs. However all I encountered were a few grumpy shopkeepers who found me to be nothing but a nuisance. It was those big bins; I recall which provided a scarce meal of remains thrown in by the neighborhood folks. Nights were spent in lonely barns, with the hoot of a hunting owl startling me out of my wits. I missed the cozy warmth especially when the fleeting winds pounded furiously in an eerie manner.

I strolled on the …

Where do I belong?

-By Swetha Amit

“So where are you from?” Payal looked up startled from her contemplation mode which she usually indulged in while watching waves crash ashore. It was her friendly new neighbor out on her evening walk who paused on seeing her. It was a question she had been asked several times. Where did she actually belong?

It had been three years in this city and yet she felt she had lived all her life here. She had learnt the street smart ways of getting her way around, well settled in her career with a decent social life. Never once did she feel the pangs of the infamous ‘homesickness’ that she had seen innumerable times amidst her fellow migrants from various parts. There was more than one reason for this. She cringed as she often did on thinking back to her past experiences which often stifled her like a plant trapped in a box room.

All through her life mountains seemed to have been created …

Gold's own country

I received this via email. It stated that 'The financial crisis has not affected in Kerala yet!!!'

What a contrast. On one hand the world is bearing the brunt of economic meltdown with retrenchment in furious numbers. Millions are thrown out of their jobs. Pinch in the pockets are getting severe leaving many depressed and desperate. Consulting a shrink has become inevitable to overcome their loss in more than one way.

While the other side has ecstatic faces adorned and drenched with gold such that it makes one wonder about the almighty playing favoritism. One isn’t sure whether to feel happy on seeing such glitter while the other half portrays nothing less than jitters. Or to feel indignant about the unfair means life tends to offer many a time. Is it a cynical view or a realistic one?? Makes me ponder and wonder.

Meanwhile all this emphasizes the fact even more that it’s truly 'God's own country' or should it be rechristened as 'Gold's own country?'