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New year New beginnings

Time flies is a cliched saying. 2012 flew by before one could say 'Jack Robinson. '  It has nevertheless been an eventful and a sporty year. As I walk down the memory lane, I get a glimpse of how every month has been unique in its own way.

January 2012 started off with a bang. Went Scuba Diving on New Years eve in Oman which was a beautiful experience. 15th Jan was my first half marathon experience. Completed 21 km in good timing. From there on it was no looking back as I went on to improve my fitness levels.

February 2012 was spent in training for the DNA Women marathon scheduled on March 11th. 

March 2012: Ran 1o km in the DNA Women's marathon and came 5th overall. Felt great running for a cause-Girl child education. Honestly felt that I had actually made a difference.

April 2012: Visited my dream destination, New Zealand. It was the hub of adventure sports where I tried out Zorbing., Paragliding, jet safari, jungle trekking, vising the sets where Peter Jackson's Lord o…

Heart Touching Letter from Sachin

Heart Touching Letter from Sachin . :'( . . Must Read

Letter from Sachin Tendulkar to all his fans through out the World:

Dear fans,

I am saddened as I write this letter. I know I have disappointed you with the series loss against England and my performance isn’t what you have always expected of me. I have always given my best for the team, but the results are not in my favour this time around. People are clamouring for my retirement and I can’t agree more with them. I have not been living up to the standards that I have set for myself through the years and I am indeed answerable to the fans.

I apologize to you for my dismal performances, and for failing you time and again. It is a general misconception among people that I have grown complacent and taking things for granted. But I can assure you that I am the same person who made his debut at the age of 16 as an excited teenager. I have been following my routine right from the day I made my debut till today. Nothing has…