Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bookworm bytes

Reading not only rejuvenates the mind but also transports you into a different world on a temporary basis. At times the literary characters appear real that one tends to get involved in the same only to realize how much time has flown. These characters can create a sense of sympathy, like or dislike among the readers depending on their attributes. Different books give a varied perspective but nevertheless not without a learning experience from its work of fiction.

Keeping a track of books I've been reading off late. Not only does it calm my mind but also helps me forget my worries for a while.

The Palace of Illusions-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: It brings back the Mahabharath from Draupadi's characters which made me look at this Indian epic in different light.

One hundred shades of white-Preethi Nair: A complex story which exhibits a rather disturbing truth concealed to protect ones loved ones until its thrown back on to the same after years have passed. Nothing seems real as one struggles to deal with the world of deceit and betrayal until the actual truth is revealed.

The colour of love-Preethi Nair: This book portrays the character to lead a double life and also exhibits the constant battle between the head and the heart. It ultimately shows how the heart wins eventually yet not without the emotional upheaval of distress, turmoil and confusion.

Gently falls the Bakula-Sudha Murty:A story of a couple known to each other from childhood and grown up in a small town. Time takes them to the urban life and the material world where they battle against change in status and personality while the other remains constant. It’s a story which one can relate to easily yet the book leaves one with a wistful feeling.

More to come later.....


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Under the sea

Swimming deftly in schools, the colourful species seemed to exist in a world of their own. Yet they didn’t appear lost to an extent where they failed to recognize a masked stranger in their abode. They were probably used to seeing the cylinder hooked species with false fins occasionally haunting their aquatic town. However it still didn’t deter them from that initial reaction of being startled or wary.

Reassurance by merely admiring them from a safe distance through a series of bubbles gradually instilled the confidence in them to get used to us visitors. As we wandered about in the world of corals and vertebrates, it was indeed hard to break away from this enchanting spell cast upon us as the pressure gauge often nudged to us the time limit underwater. No sooner did we get to know the water folk than it was time to ascend to the surface. They were immersed in their own bustling activities not paying heed so much as we bid farewell to this mesmerizing marine world.

It almost felt like a dream making us wistful of the fact of having to return to our respective terrain which wasn’t half as enigmatic as this. On retrospection it felt like bubbles when formed leave us in a state of euphoria till they float only to burst in front of our eyes. Such is life and its strange encounters making it real and surreal at the same time.

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