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Mixing Cricket and Political Terror?

-By Swetha Amit It is said that the true essence of anything is snatched away when diluted with some other flavour. While it is seen in the case of perishable goods, one cannot ignore this aspect with regard to current affairs as well, especially when it comes to areas like Sports, Politics or Art.

It is no mystery to millions that Pakistan has been subjected to dire straits on a constant basis. What with the terror activities resurging at an alarming rate, this neighbour of India no doubt has received a lot of flak. To an extent where hatred has developed in the minds of many and quite a few have shown their disdain towards Pakistan with respect to Cricket. The beginning of the T 20 World cup exhibited several individuals writing off Pakistan, be it as an underdog team or one which didn’t deserve to win.

Yesterday’s victory after 17 years undoubtedly has brought in a cheer for a country which h…

Streaks of immaturity

-By Swetha Amit What began as a casual conversation ended up as one that instigated thought provoking questions within me. After the exchange of the usual pleasantries and polite inquiries, the topic somehow took a turn that delved deep into the human psyche. Being a Psychologist, human behaviour, thoughts, actions, words uttered never fail to evoke fascination and curiosity. A few experiences narrated by those conversationalists made me realize how common such instances were and probably occurred in most people’s lives including mine.

One of them chose to narrate an incident in a social set up. Apparently amidst a group of friends, discussions taking place range from tongue in cheek remarks to intense ones which give rise to pertinent points of heated arguments. And if it is not ended amicably, it could result in a lot of resentment and bad blood, especially when unwarranted labelling happens.…

'The Color of Paradise':An eye-opener

-By Swetha Amit Life comes in varied colours. How humans perceive them in different shades is what makes it interesting and mystifying at the same time. Some view it as a spectrum of the rainbow. While others view it in black and white interspersed with shades of grey. It’s surprising to note certain not so privileged individuals’ ability to view it as a reflection of paradise even if fate did not seem fair to them. These are ironies which make one marvel at such optimism and pity those possessing the grey shades of bitterness and pessimism.

Majid Majidi's‘The Color of Paradise’ is a simple yet endearing story of a visually challenged motherless boy and how destiny unites him with his father. The film starts off with 8 year old Mohammad waiting for his father eagerly to go home for summer vacation. As the boy reaches the village, he is received with immense affection by his grandmother and h…