Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life after child birth

Its just been 3 weeks since Samara-my daughter entered our lives and its been like a lifetime already. Each day is a learning experience as we watch her every move. Trying to figure her out can either be fun or stress you out. Like many CEOs have mentioned, its how you face each challenge that comes your way.

Life certainly has changed as your routine for the day is solely dependent on the baby's sleeping hours. You cannot afford to miss a second as every minute becomes precious. By God's grace I have been juggling between working out of home, going to the gym and feeding her. Thats all thanks to the support system I have here.

As every day goes by, I look forward to seeing her grow. It is surreal when I hold her in my arms and while I read out stories to her. Thanks to the IPL and the football world cup next month, I have something to look forward to. While its fun being a mom, I strongly believe one shouldn't lose their identity. So its just a matter of time, when I can get out of the house more often and start my road running to its full potential.

More to come later.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fit pregnancy

If I have to summarize my journey through those 9 months- it would spell fit pregnancy.  When I discovered I was pregnant,  my first concern was not to add on those extra pounds and bulges and end up looking like a whale. Since I was a marathon runner and my body was used to a vigorous workout regime, my doctor gave me a green signal to go ahead with my regime but with lowered intensity.

The first trimester rushed by and to my relief I had gained only 2 kilos. I continued my normal activities like my work,  going to the gym, my boot-camp which takes place 3 times a week during the wee hours of morning. We would make it a point to socialize with friends, travel and have a good time. The second trimester was a breeze as I increased my intensity and even did some road running. The workouts helped in battling those pregnancy mood swings and irritability which raised its ugly head many a time. This usually cropped up when people would dole out advices on how I shouldn't be exerting myself not realizing that fitness was an important factor in my life and the doctor had given me the green signal. I had none of the cravings that I would hear stories of.  Fortunately for my husband, he had none of the midnight trips to make to those ice-cream parlors or road side vendors to buy those high calorie goodies. I stuck to my simple home cooked food of veggies, fruits, eggs and pulses. My will power stayed with me which was my oar while battling the waves of this tumultuous journey. In fact we had even visited Amritsar during my 7th month. However the 8th month proved to be a nightmare.

While we were shifting residences,  I got an attack of the dreaded ulcerative colitis which made me weak as I lost a lot if blood. During this tenure, my fitness trainer reassured me that my strength would come back within no time. Those encouraging words kept me going. My mother came down to help me out which was a blessing in disguise.  I recovered slowly and gained back my strength. Soon I was able to  do my squats and lunges which  were crucial considering the fact that my doctor and I were aiming for a normal delivery. As the 9th month progressed I was a mixed bag of feelings.  Nervousness, excitement and apprehension prevailed as the date grew closer. On April 24th morning I was experiencing pain despite which I went for my boot-camp in the morning. I came home and called my doctor as the pain still persisted. When I visited him he said I was in labor and asked me to get admitted. When I did, I was asked to continue doing my squats and duck walks.  I kept myself active. Before I knew it I was taken inside the delivery room and at 8:15 m I was blessed with a baby girl.

It was a great day as it happened to to the birthday of our favorite sports person- Sachin Tendulkar. This was something which my husband and I secretly hoped for. Secondly it was  a normal delivery which meant I could go back to my normal routine in a weeks time. I am thankful to my trainer Rama who helped in keeping me fit during my pregnancy. I had gained only 5 and a half kilos which I lost as  soon as I delivered.  I didn't have to buy any maternity clothes. I am back to my old shape now. I m glad I didn't face any cravings that would give women nightmares with regards to their post pregnancy weight. Feeling fit and fine by Gods grace, I hope to start training for my next marathon soon.

Some tips for pregnant women to battle those unwanted bulges:

1. Keep yourself active throughout your pregnancy. A 30 mins exercise is a must, be it walking, swimming or yoga.

2. Keep your doctor informed about your fitness regime.

3. Battle those cravings using the powerful tool of will power. Diet plays a key role in helping you get back in shape post delivery. Healthy eating is highly recommended and dismiss the myth of eating for two. A good proportion of eggs to start your day with followed by green veggies, curd, salad and complex carbs in the form of brown rice/ rotis makes a difference. 

4.Avoid sweets, cakes and junk food like pakoras, batata wada and chips.Chocolates and ice-creams should also be alienated. 

5. Continue your routine as pregnancy is just a state of being and not an illness.