Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A MAJOR set back?:Jai Jawan

-By Swetha Amit
In this era, entertainment seems to dominate the media coverage. It’s a shame to see real news taking a back seat. The bravery of Major Manish Pitambre is one such instance.

He is the one who lost his life in a terrorist encounter. Major Manish H Pitambare got information from his sources about the terrorists' whereabouts. Taking immediate steps, he attacked the camp. His valiant act of killing Hisbul Mujahidin's most wanted terrorist 'Sohel Faisal’ in Anantnag, cost him his life.

Such a man indeed deserves a noble farewell, by performing the due rites needed of such an honorary individual. India and the news channels seem to be forgetting, that they and the 'celebrities' are leading their page 3 lives thanks to the soldiers who are fighting across the borders. While such people are enjoying the ‘cool’ comforts sitting inside their air conditioned homes, there are jawans fighting against terror in the biting cold. If not for the magnificent protection of these army men, words like ‘safety’ would be alien to us citizens. Is it not our duty to even think of these brave warriors for even a minute?

Media which hypes up lives of the stars and other socialites, fail to even acknowledge the presence or absence of the REAL heroes. While the same channels cover an elaborate section of an actor pleading for his life as being the only bread winner for his only daughter, the families of the tragic real life superheroes who sacrifice their lives for the country, leaving behind their 18 month old daughter and wife find no place in the national news. Don’t such people have feelings too? After all no one can replace a son/husband/father.

It’s high time such courageous acts are given its due position and importance and not just the engagement ceremony of two stars or gifting exuberant, luxurious vehicles to one another. Such acts of valor by our jawans indeed deserve an applause and appreciation. These warriors are no less than celebrities in any manner. Respect and appreciation shown to them for their unselfish acts deserve nothing less than our salute. As Indians, let us pay tribute to these departed souls and may they rest in peace.

Jai Jawan!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a matter of shame that the indian media chose to go after the colour of Sanjay Dutt's shirt who incidently is a former drug addict convicted under the arms act rather than a valiant jawan,a selfless super patriot and a father of a 18 month old who didnt think twice before he embarked on the mission for the country.It is an unpardonable offense if this shaheed is not given due importance.shame on the indian media !!
Jai jawan !! jai hind !!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Yup shame on them alright.They seem to be after the celebrities and entertainment segment.Soon there will no room for anything other than page 3 personalities at the rate at which they are going.

7:24 PM  

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