Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Koffee without sugar?

-By Swetha Amit
Time for yet another cup of coffee, in this case cups.

Back on air is the lively tete talk with Karan Johar, ‘koffee with Karan’. The show is very popular for its laugh riot and witty talks with the celebrities. It is an appealing program which is popular among the youngsters. Bringing together the several Bollywood personalities indeed provides an action packed drama on small screen. The second part promises some even more sizzling star pairs which is awaited eagerly by all.

It started off by bringing in Kjo’s favorite people who go way back to his debut film and his first hit. The famous trio coffee beans in the form of Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerjee were all set to add flavor and their own aroma to the show. It seemed like the host was with his family as he considers them to be. It began as a discussion about the media created cousin rivalry which was denied by both the actresses. Discussing and dismissing all those rumors, it seemed like the reunion of the Kuch kuch hota hai stars after 10 years.

Kajol was at her bubbly best, almost replaying her role in the movie with tongue-in cheek comments. Shahrukh retained his cheeky self and appeared pompous at times, while Rani remained her quiet self amidst all that idle chatter and giggles.

The rapid fire round provided some interesting moments and evoked certain hilarious responses. The program consisted of drama, gossip, glamour, masala and spice-all ingredients needed to go with a good cup of hot coffee. What this coffee cup lacked was the main ingredient being the essence of sweetness. The excessive digs at times proved to go slightly overboard which wasn’t funny every time.

The further episodes are expected with more exciting star pairs. Will this show continue to provide bitter coffee or will it be a case of coffee without sugar? Time will tell.
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