Friday, February 09, 2007

Backwater charm

-By Swetha Amit
Pitter-patter raindrops of the seasonal monsoons welcomed me into their divine abode. As I set foot into this paradise, my feelings were no less than being on seventh heaven. Pearl like water droplets spread out in abundance on this evergreen plain carpet. Driving down the smooth roads from Cochin to Kumarakom, I could see the coconut trees waving out a cheerful hello with their long leaves. Wanting their “new guest” to feel at home, they gestured me to quench my thirst with their hard fruit coolant.

Little did I know, I would encounter more enchanting experiences from this magical endeavour.I eagerly awaited the famous backwater cruise from Kumarakom to Allepey.I reached this beautiful retreat tucked away behind the green cascade of grassy curtains. The water sparkled with a purity portraying its inherent glow. I seated myself on the boat, which sailed across this channel accompanied by the boatman’s chirpy chatter about the place. Transit into this different world, taught me the simplicity of things that could bring about exuberant elation. It gave me a vision of the scenic countryside which seemed like an artist’s picturesque creation coming alive.

White ducks were seen swimming along in groups. Their playful ‘quack’ jibes at one another could amuse a delightful watcher. Birds with their musical voices formed their own orchestra. The sporty kingfisher did its graceful jives to catch a fish, in turn mocking at the fishermen below. Weeds and long stems seem to pop out in patches, adding vibrancy to the colorless stream.

Cruising further, I encountered old bridges towering above, along with other trees which shielded me from the occasional glare of the sun. Small thatched huts adorned the banks, providing a homely touch to this otherwise wild habitat.Fisherfolk ventured out to catch fish for their evening supper. Flashing their wide grins at me depicted their innocence which touched me for some strange reason. It instantly made me take my camera to capture their spontaneous friendliness as memoirs of this adventurous escapade. I also got a glimpse of other boat house rides with passengers getting a feast of this backwater beauty. Glancing at these placid waters made me wonder about the ironical, stark contrast of nature’s personality. On one side it provides a soothing balm to the wrecked nerves and on the other hand, wrecks the same nerves by lashing out for some unknown reason.

Nearing my destination, I was shown the famous Kerala’s yearly boat race point which was a popular source of entertainment. The orange radiance of the sinking sun caught my attention as it bid farewell to rise in the other side of the globe. My journey too ended as I thanked the boatman for the unforgettable ride and prepared for yet another transcend in Allepey.I looked back at this charming backwater with admiration which seemed to twinkle back at me. It felt like paradise had kissed earth leaving me feeling on top of the heavenly world. After all it’s a part of Gods own country isn’t it?

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