Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A black out of humanity?

-By Swetha Amit
“An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.” A saying by Mahatma Gandhi which is nothing less than reality. The movie Black Friday advocates the above statement. A shocking truth about the Mumbai 1993 blasts reveals it all.

Tracing back into this not so pleasant memory lane, brings back the nightmares of the horrifying incidents that still remain fresh in the human minds. That sunny afternoon on March 9th seemed to portray the normality in the functioning of the busy Mumbai city. A group of office goers grabbing a bite of the roadside chaat; a sweeper exchanging a cheerful greeting with his fellow mate. A vendor calling out loudly to the passers and other people bustling about to get back to their busy schedules. Not a soul realized that the next minute of a normal peaceful day could change events to a tragic ending.

The sudden loud explosive sound in the BSE continues to echo in the ears of people even today like death bells. The man made volcano disrupted the numerous lives causing a mental anguish amongst millions. It was ironical to see the smiling faces a second ago portray an extreme form of misery and anguish. Individuals were seen holding their loved ones in their arms, with a helpless and a shocked expression. One question continued to linger in their minds”Who is the cause for this mishap?”

Chaos and turmoil was what engulfed the bustling city as the blasts occurred at several places on a continuous basis. Even buses, cars and scooters weren’t spared. Popular hotels were ripped apart in a second. Alarm, fear and insecurity set in among several localites. The feeling of one not being safe even in their own homes took a toll on the uncertain individuals. This unexpected series of events baffled the police as they set on an immediate mission to catch the culprits behind this criminal offense.

The prolonged process involved nabbing the gang of terrorists one by one. It was a ruthless act to elicit information out of those stuttering mouths, by using their families as a stake. Wives and children of otherwise cold blooded criminals are weaknesses that stir the emotions within them. It’s an irony that such family loving people could cost other’s kith and kin an eternal separation by their felonious act. It’s even more astonishing to see such acts being justified as revenge of past events using the name of God, by these human terrors.

Torturing those criminals in the cold cells was indeed a severe punishment for causing an irreparable psychological damage to many. While the bottom of this case was got to, with 100 out of the 122 being convicted, nothing can compensate for the loss of precious lives. It was like revenge after revenge, leading to a lot of bloodshed in the process.

Deceasing innocent lives alienates the principles of non violence and brotherhood preached by our father of the nation. It makes one wonder what wars actually emphasize? Power or the fact of ‘might is right’? Does it always have to be a sword in answer to a sword? Man made communalism eradicates the secular nation left behind by our freedom fighters. It is this difference that causes the never ending murders, bomb blasts and terrorism in our country. Is it all worth it? Where are love, care and the humane feelings? Do they still exist? In other words, does Black Friday depict the black out of humanity?

Something to ponder about.

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