Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mesmerizing Maldives

-By Swetha Amit
Its six months since I got married. As clich├ęd as it sounds, time flies. Tracing into the memory lane of this half yearly period, brings back pleasant encounters with the sun and sand, not to mention my soul mate on a romantic island. My honey moon in Maldives was indeed an unforgettable experience.I had heard lots about this exotic location haunted by foreigners all through the year and was looking forward to this trip.

As I reached this mesmerizing destination, my expectations were far from being dashed. It was love at first sight as I rode on the waves in a speed boat to the resort tucked away deep into the ocean. The massive lagoons of different depths and varied shades of blue and the exploration into the underwater coral garden made it an ideal tropical destination. However these islands had more to it than what meets the eye.

Situated to the South West of Sri Lanka, Maldives consists of about 87 exclusive resort islands and Male being the capital. Dhivehi is the language spoken in most parts, however one can converse in English to make themselves understood and their stay easier. Fishing and tourism play a major role in contributing to the economic industry. A false belief of being stranded on an island with nothing much to do by many, is unfounded as one is faced with the options of various water sports that can be accessed by tourists at their respective resorts.

As I walked along the waves, I felt a strange bond with the ocean which seemed calm on the outer face, yet a deep mysterious tinge to it which made me want to explore this mass body of water. I extended my step further and was amazed to see the flora and fauna of the water kingdom that literally took my breath away. Zillions of fish, with all shapes, sizes and colors were seen swimming in groups that emphasized the community living of these species. A whole lot of coral reefs made their enchanting mark in the ocean.It was a wonderful time, taking a romantic moonlight walk by the sea with the waves crashing upon our legs.

A fun filled adventure followed the next day as the sunshine enabled us to ride a water scooter on these friendly waves. It was followed by yet another wild expedition in the form of Parasailing. It was a feeling of "being on top of the world" as we glided against the clouds looking down at our new found friend. A glass bottomed boat trip and snorkeling gave us insight into the marine aquatic life.

As the trip ended, I looked back at the still waters, and made a silent pact of revisiting this place. This exotic location is a must visit for sea lovers, especially with a like minded and compatible partner. It definitely ensured the most memorable experience altogether that makes me want to go back there to relive those moments.

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