Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lo(ve) Behold!

-By Swetha Amit
Spring has arrived. Birds looking at one another coyly chirp their flighty duets. Trees seem to bloom with colorful flowers and evergreen leaves. It’s bright, sunny and devoid of any tears from the usually moody clouds. The skies seem to celebrate this lovely season as well, with the sun giving its brightest smile.

Heart shaped balloons waving out to the crowd below, mushy cards, lovable little soft toys, and red roses glowing all over; love is certainly in the air. It’s a pleasant sight to see couples of all age groups hushed up in their own rosy world. Whispering sweet nothings, small romantic gestures of presenting a small card or a gift has caught up like a viral fever amongst these twosomes.
Cakes, candies and candles seem to lighten up the whole environment. The energetic, vibrant red color seems like a carpet of passion that has embraced these souls into one. Cupid’s arrow has certainly struck the world bringing in the most sought after emotion LOVE. Yes Valentines Day has arrived once again, only to spread the message of romance all over.

February 14th embarks the most romantic day of the calendar. A legend behind this day is about a revered person called St.Valentine. Many stories are believed to be the cause for the origin of this beautiful day. It is said have originated in Rome. Romans were said to have employed only unmarried men in their army which was opposed by this individual. Some say that Valentine was in love with a girl to whom he wrote letters from jail and was crucified on this day. This holy priest was known to have advocated this deep feeling which is celebrated world wide every year.

The valentine virus is catching up in the Indian subcontinent, depicting the positive influence of the western world. An opportunity to express true feelings for the significant other has been grabbed with much awaited eagerness. Teenagers are excited and nervous about the prospect of confessing feelings to their ‘crushes’. The slightly older age group of the young adults plan their parties or romantic candle-light dinners. Youngsters are seen carrying flowers, chocolates and valentine message cards all around. Moonlight walks by the beach, springing surprises with exuberant gifts or a catching up with a romantic flick exhibit the tender moments of these loved ones. Proposing to their prospective partners propels many to symbolize their love into the institution of marriage on this blossoming day.

Age certainly is no barrier when it comes to expressing this deep emotion by careless whispers. It’s a pretty picture to see the old aged reliving their youthful days again. Walking down the memory lane evokes the wistful thoughts of those fond times together. Cooking a tasty meal or playing soul ballads indeed can melt even the hardest of hearts. Such soft melodies bring a slight smile to even the grumpiest grandpa or a grumbling grandma. Cruising down the park or spending time alone can indeed rejenuvate these matured citizens to the fullest. A day which conveys the extent of how much one loves the other.
While people part of a cozy twosome enjoy this blissful day, there are others of the singles club who feel left out of these celebrations. Love is a feeling which can be extended beyond just ones significant other. Family and other single friends can spend this day together with as much pomp and joy as the others. An all girls/guys day out or a family dinner can work wonders for these otherwise ‘low feeling’ individuals.

The utmost care and the unlimited supply of romance can extend beyond just the V day. Why only on Feb. 14th and why not on all 365 days in a year. Telling others of how much they mean to us eliminates the ‘being taken for granted’ and insecure feelings that occurs as sudden spurts in ones mind. If only this ‘love struck’ attitude spreads like wildfire, the world is devoid of evils hounding the humans. Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, hatred and terror can easily be conquered by spreading this message of Valentine.

Love, don’t hate, embrace and not attack are certain principles that can be applied amongst our human clan. Spreading love all over will ascertain more peace in the world and promote a healthy binding between varied cultures and continents. If only the significance of this selfless emotion is understood will there be an end to terrorism and killings of the innocent. So let us all gather and spread this motto of “make love and not war.” Some day the earth will turn out to be a better paradise than a world of living hell. Happy Valentines Day.
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