Friday, June 01, 2007

The reign of the rain

It is that time of the year again. Darkened clouds begin to form groups wiping away the smile on the sun's face. The great battle begins, as these united forces combat the glare of the fierce sun, coming to the rescue of the living beings affected by this eternal furnace. Relenting to retire for a while, the rather reluctant sun finally agrees to crown the new form of nature which will shower and pour its affection on us who are eagerly beckoning it.

Yes the reign of the rain has indeed begun.

The first spell of showers greets us pleasantly by going pitter patter on our window panes .Waking up to their friendly wake up call, our morning drowsiness gets dispelled as we view this mystic beauty of the rains. A sense of freshness engulfs us as our nostrils pick up the fragrance of the just-wet soil.

It is indeed a treat to the eyes to see the teary link between the sky and earth with an occasional gale of wind, taking our breath away. Colorful umbrellas dance away to glory rejoicing the arrival of their long lost friend. It draws parallels to the delighted peacock doing a little jig with the onset of these rainy spells. Vibrant raincoats adorn people which form a protective layer from the monsoons.

Acting as a cool refresher from the blazing sun, it quenches the thirst of the parched grounds below. It waves goodbye to all the water problems by full (filling) its duty. It provides an excuse for sipping cups of hot beverages, giving one an opportunity to laze at home with loved ones.

The most popular concept of romance is derived by such spells of showers from the skies in the great Indian Cinema. Whether it is Kajol doing a perky "Mere khwabon mein"from the blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya le jaayenge or "Ghanan ghanan" from Lagaan, rains have portrayed different concepts of the heavenly spells. They indeed hold a certain charm for the creative minds thereby streaking out in every art form.

It is a wonderful phenomenon to see the falling raindrops causing the sprouts of green grass here and there. It appears as if nature has done a cleansing act, with everything looking newly washed, and taking away the dirt, dust and grime.

However a sense of relief as well as a streak of anxiety crosses our minds at the same time.
It is all well while nature is in its kindest form to us humans and not throwing up its inexplicable fury. This eliminates its beauty to take up its ugliest form. The extreme cases of such a temper are examined as follows.

26/7: The unforgettable tragic day in the form of nature's fury, bringing a standstill to the usually fast paced city of Mumbai. Great showers from the skies created havoc in the lives of people. It was a sad plight as the citizens were stranded at various places, helpless, anxious and yearning to get back to their loved ones, praying hard to appease the rain gods to spare them out of further disaster. It was most disheartening to see rains and floods preying on innocent lives causing an eternal separation from their families and friends.

Similar conditions of floods over the years in several parts of the country have caused the homes of millions. Confusion in the minds of people is like water flowing out of a dam. This is to fathom the reason for us to suffer as victims of the battle between the unseen forces and Mother Nature. Are we the pawns used in this great game of chess? We are forever seeking answers to one big question: why is the creator such a cruel destroyer?

Ordinary Homo sapiens like us can only appeal to the Nature and the Almighty to save us from the unpredictable and unknown wrath.

It is hoped that the pitter patter raindrops of the monsoons remain a beauty and not turn into a beast. Let the rains be a reason and season to smile and not make us go senile.
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