Thursday, June 21, 2007

Andha kanoon

-By Swetha Amit
Love is blind’ the famous saying goes. However off late, the law is turning blind too.

The softness of the legal system seems to be increasing with the hardness of the alcoholic beverages. Several cases of drunken driving have surpassed negligence due to the lack of appropriate disciplinary action. Numerous instances have been reported in the past. It’s shocking to note the occurrence of 4200 such cases last year in Delhi alone, besides indefinite incidents in other places as well.

The latest episode in Delhi reported by the media has stirred a lot of indignant minds. A 22 year old was caught in such an act only to be let Scot free in spite of having taken two innocent lives. While the parents are psychologically bruised and devastated, the young lad seems to have escaped the necessary punishment needed as a corrective measure.

Many have lost their beloved due to these rash unfortunate mishaps. The worse state of affairs depicts the affected individuals deprived of attaining their deserved justice. Is it fair?

The flamboyant lifestyles of the youth especially after heavy pegs have resulted in rash acts with no concern for others. Affluence results in an arrogant attitude towards the law as the latter fails to have established its supremacy in the past. This result’s in an insensitive don’t care feeling towards the society. In the present stressful era, partying and socializing are indeed proving to be stress -busters from their hectic work lives. However, is it an impossible task for one to draw their limits and restrain from indulging in such destructive behaviour?

Or is it the inability of the law to take such catastrophic occurrences on a serious note? Is it portraying its unbelievable helpless stature? One indeed finds it hard to digest the fact of the controlling authority of the law unable to manage such imprudent acts.

Isn’t it essential that such instances are taken more seriously for the benefit of the society? Isn’t it unfair to let the accused lead a normal life while the affected parties are far from a lucid state? Does it seem fair for the rich and famous to be let off the hook? Do they not have their share of social responsibility like the rest? Why should innocent lives that have hardly seen the world close their eyes forever? Should the law be meek to the weakness of the desires of rash and drunken?

Education about the dire consequences by steering a drive in an alcoholic intoxication should be imparted, especially in driving schools. The effects of uncontrollable and rash driving should be imbibed into these impulsive minds of the youth. Perhaps sensitizing those to serve the family of the affected or visiting rehabilitation centers would bring a greater depth of understanding rather than putting them behind bars.

It’s high time that the law opens its eyes to such grim actions. It’s of immense importance for the law to shed the image of ‘Andha kanoon’in order to put an end to the loss of lives by drunken driving.
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