Monday, June 18, 2007

Father figure

-By Swetha Amit
While mothers are those who nurture the tree, fathers form the strong roots which bind the little flowers, fruits and tiny branches into one big family tree.

Father figure is that unmistakable soul providing the rock solid support for his kith and kin on an eternal basis in every possible way. They stand apart with their inherent charismatic aura around them embarking them to be the evident leader of the pack.

My dad is truly one in every aspect. A self -made successful businessman who I look up to, with immense pride. As I trace back memories of his perseverance and innumerable sacrifices, my feelings portray an inexplicable mixture of joy, sadness and admiration. Joy- as I share a vital part of his triumph. Sadness as his profession demanded considerable amount of his precious time away from me. Admiration-as I cannot help but gape in wonder at his strong, confident demeanor accompanied with a never say die attitude.

A lone child of his and is known as the apple of his eye. I was thoroughly spoilt in every manner possible right from the time my meek little self could latch on to his protective hand. Every little demand of mine would be met dutifully. I recall the unforgettable days when he would pick up and drop me to school whenever time permitted. He would ensure the best for me with respect to everything. Fiercely protective like a lion of its cub, he wouldn’t let anyone lay a finger on me.

Often I would have mystified him during my turbulent adolescent years as I failed to understand his over protectiveness which stifled me many a time. His persistent anxiety about my academics made me realize the importance of it today. Though he is known for his short fiery temper, he would simmer down as quickly as it erupted and regain his normal composure.

As a proud father he would swell with pride with every successful endeavor of mine even today. Even when I would encounter dire straits, he would in his unique way assure me of the bad phase passing as quickly as its occurrence. In his own way, he provided the emotional support and understanding in the most unexpected of moments which I treasure. Though I was pampered excessively by him, it gave me the new found confidence as I entered my young adulthood. In its peculiar way, it provided me with a fair share of independence.

I might not share the most common of interests with him, yet there remains the exceptional bond with him which cannot be deciphered in many words. His unconditional affection for me at times makes me take him for granted. His stoic support has given me the needed inner strength. His words at the appropriate moments have portrayed such solidarity that it can even boost an ant to face an elephant without batting an eyelid.

Having seen him through the best and worst times, He’s one epitome of a survivor who believes in the art of letting go and moving on. Many have whizzed past his life like fair weathered winds, yet that has never obstructed him from reaching his ultimate goal. He’s my mentor, a friend in need off late and my role model and teacher who in spite of his flaws manages to emerge as a perfect stature of what a father should be.

At times it baffles me to hear about the dark on goings in the world about how fathers treat their kids shabbily that deprive them out of a heavenly home in many aspects. Going by such instances, I am indeed lucky to have had abundant love showered upon me and wish the same for everybody else.

Fathers are ones who look at his dearly through the childhood days to being annoyingly over protective in our teen years and later to turn into our living lessons whom we learn a lot from. Others' experience teaches us a lot more than books do. The best comes from what we call our very own. Our worldly wise fathers have a lot to teach us to mould us into better individuals who will carry on the next generation. It is important that considerable amount of time is spent with them with every opportunity given.

Buildings of great heights stand proud with the strong foundation. Father figures are those rock solid foundations who have built up the family and will enable them to reach great heights always .
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