Monday, June 25, 2007

Rain rash

-By Swetha Amit
Nature is known to have its dark side as well. The recent spells of showers in the maximum city has provided a stage which has proved the enactment of the monsoon melodrama in a negative role.

This is no mystery to millions that it’s been raining cats and dogs for the past one week. The harshness of these stormy spells has extended up to places like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, apart from Maharashtra.

The low lying areas are reported to have submerged under water. The fast- paced city is forcibly coming to a sluggish movement. It has once again managed to bring a standstill to the bustling activities, affecting the road, rail and air traffic in the process. The lashings have ruthlessly plundered innocent lives and the baffled individuals are helplessly trapped between the devil and the deep sea situation on a literal basis.

These alarming conditions in Mumbai have begun to ring a warning bell in the minds of people. It’s shocking, to see the slum dwellers, who seem to be the worst affected by this uncontrollable catastrophe. It is pitiable to see such beings deprived of their homes and their loved ones as well. It’s a terrifying plight to see the rising levels of water creating havoc and leading to increasing death tolls.

Travelling down the not so pleasant memory lane brings back horrifying instances and the anticipated fear of the repetition of the dreaded 26/7.

It seems like the lesson from that fatal year has failed to be learnt and measures implemented for the betterment. Year after year, miserable conditions continue to prevail, leading to fatal land slides, injuries, ill health. And sadly this is just the beginning so far. At this rate the heavy showers are bound to leave several heavy hearts behind.

It makes one to ponder about the government's involvement to combat such grave conditions. They claim to be better equipped to face the fury of the incessant monsoons, but it’s all in vain. The poor visibility caused by the rough weather conditions has apparently extended up to their foresight as well!

Isn’t it time that the concerned authorities take serious measures to improve civic conditions to bring about relief and betterment of handling such crisis? Prevention is better than cure is a philosophy which is applicable to various situations, especially those of affected by nature.

Should every year be a living hell for the citizens? It certainly is not a case of an unexpected or unpredictable arrival of the monsoons. In fact the expected rainy season should propel the concerned authorities to take precautionary steps to ensure safety for the localites.Its not enough if one stands on the Dias to make inspiring magnificent speeches of improving drainage and road conditions in the metros. Actions speak more than words and it’s evident in such instances.

Considering the fact that Mumbai is one of the heavily populated metros, the priority of the government should be to channelise funds and ensure proper resource mobilization to improve infrastructure.

Is it fair on us folk to continuously suffer the consequences due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the government for failure of encountering the rash rain?

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