Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Yuvi war

-By Swetha Amit
This is in reference to the incident that took place in Yuvraj's Singh's party in December. The yuvi war seemed to be flashing all over the news channels.

Apparently the "Yuvraj" name wasn't the only common thing between the warring men. According to the reports, Yuvraj Mahajan's girlfriend was snatched away by the cricketer which resulted in a brawl between the two. This verbal and physical combat caused a police complaint to be lodged, only to be withdrawn later by both their respective mothers who seemed to VOICE their cries a little loud to the media. This has gone as far as the infamous cricketer being summoned to the court.

It was reported that our mid-order batsmen hit his namesake very hard. It’s a pity that such force and aggression is absent in his batting in the most crucial one day internationals. If only his bat did the hitting, the men in blue would not have let Indians go into blues.

Anyways, this gets one to wonder about the girl who seemed to have escaped the media glare. Isn’t it equally her fault too for having left the side of Yuvraj Mahajan and hooking on to Singh? In the society, men who get into a brawl over a girl are always seen in bad light. The girl escapes as the "innocent victim”. Is it only because she is the fairer sex? Doesn’t seem FAIR is it?

Though I feel strongly about woman related issues, belonging to this gender, I also believe that in every circumstance, it isn't necessarily the man's fault always. Cases like infidelity and two -timing are with the mutual consent of both the genders.

So why blame men alone?

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